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  1. it's actually easy to interpret the errors in your case. For the specialeffect2, that command is already depracated. You can read the notice or check the link below to learn more about the deprecated commands. active_transform is not a recognized command under herc as far as I know. I got a feeling that you copied the script from rathena.
  2. So you're telling this error should be ignored under windows? I'll try to give it a run on debian and I'll see if the errors exist. By the way, this is from the original herc repo, no actual modifications. I'd be glad if you could reproduce the issue, since this kind of error already existed and resolved long time ago and it seemed to reappeared again. Thanks.
  3. Tried different client versions and still giving the same issue. The particular skill that caused this error is Body Relocation.
  4. @4144 Now that you've given a repo link for packets, do you happen to know any repo for downloading 2017 clients?
  5. So I've opened up a ticket like a couple of days ago and I think nobody responds to the opened tickets on github under fluxcp. I'm still wondering how come ipv6 isn't supported...
  6. So I had this scenario today where if you're using an IPV6, for some reasons voteforpoints and probably fluxcp cannot log the ip address of the account, which also makes voteforpoints unlimited! It can only log/record ipv4 addresses, and this is something that alarms me. Help? Yes it is confirmed that Fluxcp doesn't log ipv6 addresses too. Ouch! Is there a workaround?
  7. If there's no way nemo can work with these certain patches, is there an alternative way to do the patching using a different tool or something and maybe some few tuts?
  8. Okay, so I got rental cards. When they are removed by the card remover npc, the rental time disappears, making the card permanent. Is there a way how to restore the remaining rental time to the card when it gets removed? Thanks
  9. I'm raising this topic again. Is there any way to detect if the item is a rental so it can just be easily denied?
  10. Thanks @Dastgir I changed hosts and encountered this problem, glad you're a life saver!
  11. That may be because card remover (at least, the one from Malangdo Island) deletes the equipment and then creates new items. That means that previous card was deleted from players inventory and was created a new one. That is the reason you have your card without rental. Before the deletion, npc should check if attached card has rental state. I don't figure a way to do that check, but maybe with getinventorylist() command, but it would be something weird thing. Yeah I noticed about that, thats how the card remover works by nature. Maybe is there a way to block rental cards from card remover npc? And about the cards not being returned after rental item expiration..I'll take a look on the link you've provided. Thanks. Edit: I took a look on the link you gave me and I think it isn't recommended by now. Sad though.
  12. I already reinstalled it for the 7th time around and still it's not adding up credits.
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