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  1. A que você preferir. Qualquer data.grf oficial funciona como base. Sim, é possível utilizar a do bRO. Com a data.grf do bRO não é tão atualizada quanto a do kRO você pode acabar tendo alguns problemas com alguns arquivos aqui ou alí mas nada complicado de resolver ( geralmente é só adicionar os arquivos que faltarem na grf do seu servidor ). Se você se refere à versão do Nemo recomendo utilizar a última versão disponibilizada. Se você se refere a qual data do executável você deve usar... aí depende do que você quer. O Hercules suporta até os novos clients 2019, porém, eu só recomendo um client tão recente caso você pretenda utilizar as novas funcionalidades que existem neles. Caso você pretenda buildar um servidor pre-renewall, por exemplo, pode ser interessante utilizar um client mais antigo (2015).
  2. I've tried a lot of non-target skills and also it did not work, Functor. I assume i should just hold a key in order to get the skill spam. Could you please check it, please? Client version: 20180621aRE
  3. Thanks, Functor. I will test again with those specific skills and reply back if i find anything wrong.
  4. I use 20180621a version. Tried to spam some target skill and aoe skills (safety wall, storm gust, bash, bowling bash, fire bolt, etc..). I just put the skill in the hotkey bar, pressing assigned button and holding it.
  5. Could you check it? Maybe there is some additional instruction to make it work.
  6. Pressing a key and holding it does not make the client use the skill multiple times. (I did not feel any change enabling this patch). Do we need to do anything else aside patching to make it work?
  7. I can't wait to see it too. 100% interested!
  8. Sorry asking again, but can nobody help? :c
  9. Hi guys. how are you doing? I'll be brief. I've been trying to implement the Multi-Hit Critical for certain skills since kRO have implemented it a while ago but i've got some erros that i don't know how to fix. I followed this pull from rathena and tried to reproduce it in Hercules source. Everything looks pretty fine unless this part bellow. Seens like they have a check for every BDT. // crit check is next since crits always hit on official [helvetica] if (is_attack_critical(wd, src, target, skill_id, skill_lv, true)) wd.type = DMG_CRITICAL; if (is_attack_critical(wd, src, target, skill_id, skill_lv, true)) { if (wd.type&DMG_MULTI_HIT) wd.type = DMG_MULTI_HIT_CRITICAL; else wd.type = DMG_CRITICAL; } So i tried to add the "is_attack_critical" function just to make it work but still getting some errors. Can anyone Support me? Bellow you can check everything i've add to my source: Skill.c else if (strcmpi(type, "IgnoreDefCards") == 0) { if (on) { sk->nk |= NK_NO_CARDFIX_DEF; } else { sk->nk &= ~NK_NO_CARDFIX_DEF; } } else if (strcmpi(type, "SkillCanCritical") == 0) { if (on) { sk->nk |= NK_CRITICAL; } else { sk->nk &= ~NK_CRITICAL; } } Skill.h enum e_skill_nk { NK_NONE = 0x00, NK_NO_DAMAGE = 0x01, NK_SPLASH = 0x02|0x04, // 0x4 = splash & split NK_SPLASH_ONLY = 0x02, NK_SPLASHSPLIT = 0x04, NK_NO_CARDFIX_ATK = 0x08, NK_NO_ELEFIX = 0x10, NK_IGNORE_DEF = 0x20, NK_IGNORE_FLEE = 0x40, NK_NO_CARDFIX_DEF = 0x80, NK_CRITICAL = 0x100, // Multi-Hit Critical }; Battle.h enum battle_dmg_type { BDT_NORMAL = 0, // Normal attack //BDT_PICKUP = 1, // Pick up item //BDT_SITDOWN = 2, // Sit down //BDT_STANDUP = 3, // Stand up BDT_ENDURE = 4, // Damage (endure) BDT_SPLASH = 5, // Splash BDT_SKILL = 6, // Skill //BDT_REPEAT = 7, // (repeat damage?) BDT_MULTIHIT = 8, // Multi-hit damage BDT_MULTIENDURE = 9, // Multi-hit damage (endure) BDT_CRIT = 10, // Critical hit BDT_PDODGE = 11, // Lucky dodge //BDT_TOUCH = 12, // (touch skill?) BDT_MULTI_HIT_CRITICAL = 13, // Multi-Hit Critical }; Also, i've added the clif.c and skill_db flags. Thanks in advance
  10. Hello Everyone I'll be brief. I'm not sure if It's a clientside issue or source issue so I ask the moderators to move this topic if here is not the aproppriated place! Issue#1 - Stalker Animation Information: Stalker become completely invisible for a few miliseconds after using North Wind or Wind Blade ( ninja skills ) ( not only clientside as you lose the target if mouse if pointed to the stalker.) Also, it only happens to FEMALE stalker. How to reproduce: Copy North Wind ability ( or Wind Blade ) and use it. After the cast completes and char uses the skill, the female stalker will get invisible for some miliseconds, avoid being seen and targeted by other players. I thought it could be Sprite issues but i've been trying 4 or 5 different sprites packages and still happening, so I'm considering asking for help. ScreenShots of the issue can be found on my imgur account ( since I can't up more than 0.01mb imagens in here ) : https://imgur.com/gallery/UBNff Issue#2 - Assassin Animation Information: Assassins look like they are using only one dagger even when they are using TWO of them. Also, only other players can see this issue. How to reproduce: Dual login, equip two diferent daggers on ann assassin ( like knife and main gauche ). Then start attacking any mob and watch it though the other RO Windows ( another character ). It will look like the assassin is using only one dagger when it's really using two. I thought it could be Sprite issues but i've been trying 4 or 5 different sprites packages and still happening, so I'm considering asking for help. Considerations: I'm using 2015-11-04 Client version; I DID NOT make any custom modification which could generate those issues; I've already checked lua files, sprites files and nothing got fixed; Any help is welcome, Thanks <3
  11. Thansk. Fixed like a charm.
  12. Hi there, I've experienced a problem in my server about using melee skills. I'll be brief: When you use any melee skill ( like mammonita, bash, etc ) without having range to use it, the character move until it's 1 cell away from the range necessary to use the skill. Below you can see a small vídeo of the problem. Teste.mp4 Does anyone know what can it be? I have tried apllying diferente patches on nemo ( even patching only the recommended ) and still having this issue. I'm using 2015-04-11 client
  13. Sigh~ Got it. There we go: Those shadow chaser costume looks awesome. http://www.mediafire.com/file/aw1vn3p96gtuknc/Shadow_chaser.rar Talking about sprites, does anybody have female sura sprites with the head bug fixed? I've tried a lot of different sprites and all seems to be spliting the head when i use critical explosion.
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