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  1. Beep me on discord: Meister#9013
  2. Discord : Weistony#9013 Skype: cstc.obsidian
  3. So you want to disable OBB/OPB or any gift box to be opened when inventory's still full?
  4. Added sample illustrations and works of our dear graphic artist. Status of our services both development and graphics = Available.
  5. MG Graphics and Development Services STATUS : AVAILABLE Are you currently looking for a team to build your server? Someone who could attain your needs? Try us now! SERVICES OFFERED • Server Setup ( rA / herc ) - Basic Setup : starting at 5$ - Full Server Setup : starting at 20$ • Flux CP / Forum Setup ( IPB / phpbb / vB / Vanilla ) - Starting at 10$ • Patcher Setup ( Thor ) - Starting at 5$ • Web Design ( PSD only - w/ Code coming soon ) - Complexity dependent : starting at 20$ • Banners - Basic (Non-Animated) : starting at 5$ - Advanced (Animated/3D/etc) : starting at 10$ • Patcher Design and Code - starting at 15$ • Splash Site Design and Code - starting at 15$ • Loading / Login Screen - starting at 5$ • Wallpapers HD 1080p - 3240p - starting at 40$ • Script Service - starting at 10$ • Server Support - starting at 10$ • Advertising - 1 month advertising service : 20$ • Illustrations Renders : starting at 10$ - Additional fees may be acquired on your order depending to the complexity of the design. Custom Illustration : starting at 15$ - Tell us what you have in mind. • Other GFX Works - Contact for price. PAYMENT METHODS We accept paypal, bank transfer, western union and moneygram. Products done will only be released after payment still previews can be requested. Payment Conditions For big projects, payments on every quarter progress of the project will require payment before continuing. AGREEMENTS 1. Your identity, idea of product will be kept with highest confidentiality. 2. Every quarter of the product will not be allowed to retailed without our permission to do so. 3. Support from our service are free-of-charge. 4. Any changes or additional ideas on any on-going project will cause an additional cost. If you entertain suggestions, the team would offer if needed for better results. Always be sure to finalize the idea before starting the project. 5. Finished product/s will be sent right after payment. Previews can be requested. 6. Payments done are non-refundable. Please be vital to this thread for any changes to happen. Changes will happen without prior notice. WAYS OF CONTACT Skype : (Send me a private message) More ways of contact will soon be offered. Sample Illustrations by: Mayopix Designs Just a wallpaper Renders: [Free-to-use] More freebies will be coming soon.. We don't have any works yet on any server since we just started.. Soon we'll have some. We also provide graphic illustration such as renders of chibi characters. MG is a partnership of Mayumi Designs and Grindome Development Services. (MG is still a tentative name)