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  1. Starting on r888 I begun work on getting the elementals working more like official after dodging it for a few years to work on other priority things. r887 is what set me off to work on this after I had to fix one of the effects they can place on the players. During r888 I added many needed checks and missing code to better help the handling for them and in r889 I added support for their sub-stats and fixed the Elemental Cure skill and a few other things that make it much easier to keep them alive and also make them more useful. During all of this I learned that the coding for the core parts of the system is very flawed and because of the amount of code that would need to be fixed I decided its best to just recode the entire system itself instead of going through every piece of code and try to fix it all. But doing so will be a massive task that I would have to spread out over a number of revisions due to the massive amount of changes that will happen and keeping track of it al for 1 revision isnt possible. Sadly this means that a few revisions will have to happen with the system not working. Not my norm when it comes to development but I have to do whats best in the long run. Because of this I focused on stable fixes first for the past 3 revisions and r890 is the last stable release ive released in preparing for the future. r891 and the next 5 to around 10 revisions will focus on the elementals recode which will mean unstable releases. So if your running a server powered by 3CeAM, its best to stay on and go no higher then r890 until I give the green light. You can get the update now by SVN update or downloading the "3CeAM r890 2018-06-21" pre-compile from the project page. So whats the plan during the recode? Below is what my plan is for doing this. Keep in mind that this is as is right now and could change during the recoding process.... r891 - Gut out all of the code for the elemental system and all of their status/skills. Its not just the system itself that needs recoding but all of the skills they can cast. So pretty much nearly everything except the type checks for BL_ELEM or elementals since those are fine. r892 - Recode everything for elemental.c and elemental.h. Summoning, its AI, database handling, timers and safety checks, etc.. r893 - Char server's saving for elementals. I will start with SQL support and then do TXT support as well since this is a major job related thing for Sorcerer's just like how homunculus are a major part for Alchemist. Both must be supported. Also the formatting for the elemental save data is getting entirely redone. There is a chance the SQL part for this update may have to be done in r892 as well with the core recode. r894 - Code in a few simple skills and work on the AI to prepare the system for checking which skill the elemental is supposed to be using depending on its type, summon LV, and mode. Other things that are needed will be code here as well. Hope to get things stabilized here. r895 - If all goes well then this update and those following will focus on adding in their skills. With 42 skills in total its going to take some time to get them all in. I estimate that this may take around 2 or 3 months to complete. If you want to see the progress thats been made you can click the link below to view a post I made not long ago showing the difference in the elementals sub-stats. You can also read a document I made from my research showing what all the elementals skills are able to do.
  2. The dark theme is really nice and is easy on the eyes. Not sure if its just me but im having a little difficulty telling the difference between read and unread post in different sub's. One's with unread posts show text slightly bolder but not enough to tell from a quick glance. Maybe the dark color around the text is overpowering it. There also was a dot on the side to help with this in the light theme. Think its possible to make the text a bit more bolder and have the arrows change into something for those with unread posts?
  3. =General *Regen rate adjusting for natural HP/SP recovery through status's and skills is -updated to support adjustments in multiples of 1%. -Why this was done in multiples of 100% before is just....ugh. *The "eleminfo" command now displays a elementals regen rate. -This is a temp thing and might be removed in the future once the recode is done. =Database *White Potion Z and Vitata 500 no longer increases HP/SP recovered through potions -and heal skills. They do now increase natural HP/SP recovery rates by 20%. *FAW's now have a 10% chance of dropping steel when killed. *Updated settings for elemental skills. -This is to prepare for the recoding of these skills. =Skills *SR_GENTLETOUCH_REVITALIZE -Recoded the skill. -Now properly increases natural HP recovery rate. -Now allows natural HP recovery while moving. -Natural HP recovery rate is not reduced while moving. *SO_FIRE_INSIGNIA *SO_WATER_INSIGNIA *SO_WIND_INSIGNIA *SO_EARTH_INSIGNIA -Level 1 now works on elementals. *MH_SUMMON_LEGION -Summoned monster's HP, MaxAttack, DEF, and ASPD is now affected by the homunculus -BaseLV and the skill level used.
  4. All of the Rebel's stuff works. I completed this job quite some time ago. And 3CeAM is a Pre-RE only emu. Check the post dates.
  5. I completely love 3ceam since its beginning developments. Im currently using your emulator and was having some issues with part of the build. I would love to speak with you regarding those errors. Im building it for a new Lowrate server. Thank you for your work.

  6. Back in March of 2010 (earliest I can find in 3CeAM's records) we started adding the first of the data found for the Sorcerer's elemental spirits and during the next few months other things like tags and ID's for skills, stats, and what else was added. During those first 6 months not much happened with them until September when Pakpil released a working version of the elemental system which excited many. During the next few months their skills and other functions were added and since then nothing else happened other then a few bug fixes. In May 2012 I did the Sorcerer 2011 update and noted that the elemental system would be worked on in a separate future update. But it never came due to many other things having a priority over it. Not only that but I didn't know much about them and detailed info on them was lacking. The 2011 iRO document had info, but it was small compared to what the entire system holds. And to top it off, the system with its current coding is kinda....meh. So I avoided working on it. But now that things are pretty much up-to-date and complete for all existing jobs and the latest jobs like Star Emperor and Soul Reaper, there really isnt much to do other then bug fixes and code cleanups. But after coming across some code for the status's that elementals give to allow autocasting bolt skills, I felt its time to tackle the system. Starting with r888 I spent a lot of time updating checks for them and figuring out how this entity is supposed to be handled and how to recode it in the proper way. Then with r889 came the 2nd update to them which brought huge changes. Took much longer since I was still figuring out how to handle them. That 2nd update made a huge difference with their sub-stats. I added a command to show their sub-stats so I could see if their being calculated correctly since there's no official way to see this. Seeing how well the command worked I decided to keep it in so player's can use it in other server's to see the sub-stats of their elementals. Below are 2 pics showing before and after the updates.... Before r889 After r889 Seeing this big of a difference I really want to do more to improve the system and make it work like official. But to do that I will have to recode the entire core of the system which will take a lot of time to do. Along with this, all of the skills that the elementals cast will need to be properly recoded as well and with that I wanted to know exactly how they work before doing so. Matter of fact, I want to know how everything works. So for around a entire week I spent most of my free time doing research by poking around in aegis files and its zone.exe and created a document containing all of the data and information ive extracted from the files. With the document now complete I will now share everything I learned from this research.... Elemental Spirits Information.txt I learned a lot of interesting things about the elementals but at the same time wondered what the hell they were thinking when they made this system. That thought popped in my mind multiple times which isn't good. I feel like they failed to make a proper logical system and kinda rushed it. But hopefully the current dev team at Gravity will rework it into a more proper system when they do the update for the Sorcerer's skills. But seeing that no dev note announcements were made yet and the fact that most of the existing 3rd jobs already got updates, Sorcerers will likely be last on the list due to the elemental system. Might not hear anything til mid or late 2020. Lets cross our fingers and hope for the best. Expect more major updates in the next few upcoming updates for 3CeAM.
  7. Please ask in a new topic for stuff like this and avoid necroing old ones.
  8. Support for these 2 jobs on their skills were completed in r861and the last update/bug fix was on r864. You will need a 2018-06-21 client or newer to play them.
  9. =General *Elemental update part 2 completed. *Added the "elemental" battle config file with a bunch of new configs in it. *natural_homun_healhp_interval *natural_homun_healsp_interval *natural_elem_healhp_interval *natural_elem_healsp_interval *elemental_masters_walk_speed *max_elemental_hp *max_elemental_sp *max_elemental_def_mdef -Added these new configs. *Added the "eleminfo" command. -This command allows one to see the stats of a summoned elemental. -Quite useful for seeing the build of your elemental and what to expect from it. *Added elemental tags and ID's to the mobid enum table. =Database *Cleaned up the elemental database. -Note: Won't allow blank lines. This will be fixed on the elemental system recode. *changed the required state "elementalspirit" to "elemental" for skill checks. =Elementals *Updated the behavior of the elementals. -Reduced the chase range to a proper 2 above the view range. -aMotion and aDelay behavior corrected to fix cropped attack animations. -dMotion reduced to 300. -Now has the same movement speed as their master. -Chance of autocasting attack skill when attacking increased from 2% to 5%. -Max follow distance from the master reduced from 6 to 3 cells. -HP/SP now recovers at a rate of 2% MaxHP/MaxSP every 3 seconds. -Sub-stats are now affected by the master's build. -Formula's for MATK, DEF, and MDEF are customized to be balanced for pre-re. -Formula for ASPD is official. The 2011 balance update document is wrong. -Note: Natural HP/SP recovery will be on no matter the mode selected for now -until the main system code is redone. =Homunculus *Fixed a issue where the attack speed was faster then what it should be. *Corrected a mistake that allowed them to do crits through regular attacks. -Turns out in official they can't crit. Its like this for any non player entity -unless its done through a skill that forces crit damage. Sorry about that. =Skills *SO_EL_CURE -Recoded the skill. -HP/SP recovery formula updated to official. -Old Formula: Recovers 10% MaxHP/MaxSP. -New Formula: Recovers HP/SP by the amount equal to what the master sacrificed. -Example: Master with 47997 HP and 4387 SP will recover the elemental by 4799 HP -and 438 SP. *MH_OVERED_BOOST -Now sets the homunculus and master's ASPD to a fixed value.
  10. =General *Elemental Update Part 1 -This is the start of a series of updates that focuses on fixing up the elementals -system. Due to the system being coded in 2010 with very little info on the -elementals, how they work and are handled, and how things were coded, the system -will have to be completely redone which will take a lot of work to do. - -The work load will be spread out between updates to make it easier to keep track -of changes in the updates. This first part focuses on adding missing checks in -the code for elemental entitys and other similar checks needed to perform -functions for this kind of entity. *Updated Visual Studio 2008 project files. -Would update the 2010 ones too but I don't have that version installed. *attack_walk_delay *attack_direction_change *clear_skills_on_warp *auto_counter_type *land_skill_limit -Added mercenarys and elementals to these configs by default. *MAX_MERCSKILL increased to 41. -This should of been increased long ago when MER_INVINCIBLEOFF2 was added. *Added a bunch of missing code that should resolve some hidden issues with the -elementals. What all it fixes im not entirely sure. I just know they should -be there. *ZC_EL_INIT *ZC_EL_PAR_CHANGE -Updated these packets. *Added some stuff to prepare for future updates to elementals. =Skills *EL_WILD_STORM -Fixed a issue where the caster's ASPD didn't increase properly.
  11. =General *Added the "item_auto_identify" config setting. -This setting allows equips dropped by monsters to drop in a identified state. *Added new skill and status tags and ID's. *MAX_ITEMDELAYS increased to 20. =Database *Did a few updates in the item database. -Fixed the long range damage bonus for the Elven Bow. -Added the 30 days version of the Boarding Halter Box. -Added the syrups which are basicly stronger HP/SP potions. -Added the Green Apple Ring. *Added item usage delays for ygg berry and ygg seed. -Its disabled by default since its a RE thing but there for those wanting balance. =NPC *Updated 3ceam_jobchange with checks for mounts, falcons, wargs, and carts. -Now players will have to remove these things from their character before changing -jobs to prevent certain possible issues. Also to future proof if more jobs come -out in the future. =Skills *NC_PILEBUNKER -Added the Engine Pile Bunker to the check. -Now there's a total of 5 pile bunkers. *EL_TROPIC *EL_CHILLY_AIR *EL_WILD_STORM *EL_UPHEAVAL -Recoded these skills. -The success chance and level of bolts casted is now affected by master's JobLV. -Wild Storm now increases the master's ASPD by 5. -Upheaval now increases the master's MaxHP by 5 * SummonLV.
  12. =General *Added some new skill tags and ID's. *MAX_SKILL increased to 5079. =Mobs *Updated the LV and HP for GUILD_SKILL_FLAG. -Big thanks to Optimus for the replay files. =Jobs *Renewal Era Jobs +Added stat bonuses for new job level caps. =Skills *SR_CRESCENTELBOW +Recoded the skill. -Effect is now triggered on physical melee attacks both regular and skills. -Effect will not trigger on attacks from boss monsters. -Formula updated. Damage from the ratio part is affected by normal means like -the caster's ATK, enemy's DEF, etc. and the fixed damage after can't be reduced. -The ratio part of the damage is forced neutral for now. (Need a confirm if it is) -Skill now ignores the enemy's flee. This is a counter skill after all. -Enemy takes the full damage and the caster takes 10% of what the dealt damage is. -Knockback range increased to 7 cells. -Now deals's knockback damage if pushed into a wall. *SR_LIGHTNINGWALK +Recoded the skill. -Now only triggers on physical ranged attacks. -Caster will now warp to the attacking enemy and face the direction of the enemy. *GD_CHARGESHOUT_FLAG +Updated cooldown to official. -Big thanks to Optimus for the replay data showing this.
  13. =General *The following battle config settings defaults are changed.... +base_lv_skill_effect_limit: Changed from 175 to 200. +job_lv_skill_effect_limit: Changed from 60 to 70. *Fixed a issue where unequipping a costume robe would make regular robes with a -visual ID not appear. =Jobs *Renewal Era Jobs (Jobs introduced during RE era) +The following caps have been increased.... -Base Level: 200 -Job Level: 70 (Except for Summoners) -Job Level: 60 (Summoners Only) +Note: The stat table for levels 176 to 200 is unconfirmed, but following the -formula on how stat points are given per level for levels 151 to 175, I likely -got it down to what should be official. +Note 2: The bonus stats for job levels 61 to 70 (51 to 60 for Summoners) for -these jobs will be added in a later update. =NPCs *Fixed a issue where some renewal era jobs couldn't get pass the barrier on the -6th floor of thanatos tower. =Skills *WL_SUMMON_ATK_FIRE *WL_SUMMON_ATK_WATER *WL_SUMMON_ATK_WIND *WL_SUMMON_ATK_GROUND +Fixed a issue where having a base level below 100 would break the damage. *RA_CAMOUFLAGE +Fixed a issue where the status was ending too early when doing a regular attack. +The ATK/CRIT/DEF adjustments will now start after the status is active for over -a second. *SR_TIGERCANNON +Fixed the SP damage to be 10% of the damage dealt. +SP damage is now displayed on impact. -Note: I searched through official descriptions, aegis data, and the 2011 update -documents and nothing tells me if the SP damage is only on the target or all -enemys hit. So for now it will affect all enemys hit until I get a official -confirm. *SR_KNUCKLEARROW *Recoded the skill. -This fixes the issues with the knockback direction and how the knockback damage -is triggered. It also removes the fixed delay between the 2 hits and sets it -to your ASPD. Aegis didn't appear to have any fixed delay on this. *GN_CARTBOOST +Recoded the skill. +Damage increase is now treated as mastery damage. (Confirmed in aegis scan) -This damage increase applies like other masterys and works on all attacks. +Status can now be ended by Decrease AGI and Quagmire. +Decrease AGI can also be removed by recasting this skill.
  14. where can i download your latest 3ceam, and does it support the 3rd job without renewal mechanics?

  15. =General *Increased the MAX_QUEST_DB to 4000 to support all the latest and future entry's -in the quest database. =Database *Added emoticon entrys to the const file. *Added tons of new entry's to the quest database. -This is basicly the entire database replaced with rAthena's quest database. -I only removed the unused columns. They will be added in on a later update once -support for them is completed. This does not mean these new quests are playable -yet as I still need to add their NPC scripts in. =Skills *RK_SONICWAVE *RK_HUNDREDSPEAR *RK_IGNITIONBREAK -Fixed a issue where having a base level below 100 would break the damage.
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