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  1. =General *Elemental Update Part 1 -This is the start of a series of updates that focuses on fixing up the elementals -system. Due to the system being coded in 2010 with very little info on the -elementals, how they work and are handled, and how things were coded, the system -will have to be completely redone which will take a lot of work to do. - -The work load will be spread out between updates to make it easier to keep track -of changes in the updates. This first part focuses on adding missing checks in -the code for elemental entitys and other similar checks needed to perform -functions for this kind of entity. *Updated Visual Studio 2008 project files. -Would update the 2010 ones too but I don't have that version installed. *attack_walk_delay *attack_direction_change *clear_skills_on_warp *auto_counter_type *land_skill_limit -Added mercenarys and elementals to these configs by default. *MAX_MERCSKILL increased to 41. -This should of been increased long ago when MER_INVINCIBLEOFF2 was added. *Added a bunch of missing code that should resolve some hidden issues with the -elementals. What all it fixes im not entirely sure. I just know they should -be there. *ZC_EL_INIT *ZC_EL_PAR_CHANGE -Updated these packets. *Added some stuff to prepare for future updates to elementals. =Skills *EL_WILD_STORM -Fixed a issue where the caster's ASPD didn't increase properly.
  2. =General *Added the "item_auto_identify" config setting. -This setting allows equips dropped by monsters to drop in a identified state. *Added new skill and status tags and ID's. *MAX_ITEMDELAYS increased to 20. =Database *Did a few updates in the item database. -Fixed the long range damage bonus for the Elven Bow. -Added the 30 days version of the Boarding Halter Box. -Added the syrups which are basicly stronger HP/SP potions. -Added the Green Apple Ring. *Added item usage delays for ygg berry and ygg seed. -Its disabled by default since its a RE thing but there for those wanting balance. =NPC *Updated 3ceam_jobchange with checks for mounts, falcons, wargs, and carts. -Now players will have to remove these things from their character before changing -jobs to prevent certain possible issues. Also to future proof if more jobs come -out in the future. =Skills *NC_PILEBUNKER -Added the Engine Pile Bunker to the check. -Now there's a total of 5 pile bunkers. *EL_TROPIC *EL_CHILLY_AIR *EL_WILD_STORM *EL_UPHEAVAL -Recoded these skills. -The success chance and level of bolts casted is now affected by master's JobLV. -Wild Storm now increases the master's ASPD by 5. -Upheaval now increases the master's MaxHP by 5 * SummonLV.
  3. =General *Added some new skill tags and ID's. *MAX_SKILL increased to 5079. =Mobs *Updated the LV and HP for GUILD_SKILL_FLAG. -Big thanks to Optimus for the replay files. =Jobs *Renewal Era Jobs +Added stat bonuses for new job level caps. =Skills *SR_CRESCENTELBOW +Recoded the skill. -Effect is now triggered on physical melee attacks both regular and skills. -Effect will not trigger on attacks from boss monsters. -Formula updated. Damage from the ratio part is affected by normal means like -the caster's ATK, enemy's DEF, etc. and the fixed damage after can't be reduced. -The ratio part of the damage is forced neutral for now. (Need a confirm if it is) -Skill now ignores the enemy's flee. This is a counter skill after all. -Enemy takes the full damage and the caster takes 10% of what the dealt damage is. -Knockback range increased to 7 cells. -Now deals's knockback damage if pushed into a wall. *SR_LIGHTNINGWALK +Recoded the skill. -Now only triggers on physical ranged attacks. -Caster will now warp to the attacking enemy and face the direction of the enemy. *GD_CHARGESHOUT_FLAG +Updated cooldown to official. -Big thanks to Optimus for the replay data showing this.
  4. =General *The following battle config settings defaults are changed.... +base_lv_skill_effect_limit: Changed from 175 to 200. +job_lv_skill_effect_limit: Changed from 60 to 70. *Fixed a issue where unequipping a costume robe would make regular robes with a -visual ID not appear. =Jobs *Renewal Era Jobs (Jobs introduced during RE era) +The following caps have been increased.... -Base Level: 200 -Job Level: 70 (Except for Summoners) -Job Level: 60 (Summoners Only) +Note: The stat table for levels 176 to 200 is unconfirmed, but following the -formula on how stat points are given per level for levels 151 to 175, I likely -got it down to what should be official. +Note 2: The bonus stats for job levels 61 to 70 (51 to 60 for Summoners) for -these jobs will be added in a later update. =NPCs *Fixed a issue where some renewal era jobs couldn't get pass the barrier on the -6th floor of thanatos tower. =Skills *WL_SUMMON_ATK_FIRE *WL_SUMMON_ATK_WATER *WL_SUMMON_ATK_WIND *WL_SUMMON_ATK_GROUND +Fixed a issue where having a base level below 100 would break the damage. *RA_CAMOUFLAGE +Fixed a issue where the status was ending too early when doing a regular attack. +The ATK/CRIT/DEF adjustments will now start after the status is active for over -a second. *SR_TIGERCANNON +Fixed the SP damage to be 10% of the damage dealt. +SP damage is now displayed on impact. -Note: I searched through official descriptions, aegis data, and the 2011 update -documents and nothing tells me if the SP damage is only on the target or all -enemys hit. So for now it will affect all enemys hit until I get a official -confirm. *SR_KNUCKLEARROW *Recoded the skill. -This fixes the issues with the knockback direction and how the knockback damage -is triggered. It also removes the fixed delay between the 2 hits and sets it -to your ASPD. Aegis didn't appear to have any fixed delay on this. *GN_CARTBOOST +Recoded the skill. +Damage increase is now treated as mastery damage. (Confirmed in aegis scan) -This damage increase applies like other masterys and works on all attacks. +Status can now be ended by Decrease AGI and Quagmire. +Decrease AGI can also be removed by recasting this skill.
  5. where can i download your latest 3ceam, and does it support the 3rd job without renewal mechanics?

  6. =General *Increased the MAX_QUEST_DB to 4000 to support all the latest and future entry's -in the quest database. =Database *Added emoticon entrys to the const file. *Added tons of new entry's to the quest database. -This is basicly the entire database replaced with rAthena's quest database. -I only removed the unused columns. They will be added in on a later update once -support for them is completed. This does not mean these new quests are playable -yet as I still need to add their NPC scripts in. =Skills *RK_SONICWAVE *RK_HUNDREDSPEAR *RK_IGNITIONBREAK -Fixed a issue where having a base level below 100 would break the damage.
  7. =General *Fixed a issue that can cause clients to crash on map load or cause lua errors. =This was caused by the ALL_QUEST_LIST3 packet. I was unaware of how much its -structure can change depending on the number of objectives detected. -Big thanks to 4144 for explaining to me how it works. - -Note: Players will still experience lua errors when quests like the endless -tower (ID's 60200 and 60201 for example or anything in the 60k range) is -active. This is not a packet issue.
  8. =General *AC_ACCEPT_LOGIN4 -Updated the packet code to pad in the unused parts of the structure. *ZC_ALL_QUEST_LIST3 *ZC_ADD_QUEST_EX *ZC_UPDATE_MISSION_HUNT_EX *HC_NOTIFY_ZONESVR2 -Added support for these packet. *npc_chat_sub -Applied a fix to the function that should resolve issues with npc script -commands like the defpattern function. Credits to 15pieces for the fix. =SQL *Updated 3CeAM_svn876.sql to update the guild position mode value to smallint. -This is required since the value for guild storage permission is higher then 256. *Added 3CeAM_svn882.sql which changes the guild storage mode value to smallint. =Skills *NJ_HUUJIN (Wind Blade) -Corrected the cast time.
  9. =General *Added the latest tags and ID's for skills and status's. *MAX_SKILL increased to 5078. *MAX_GUILDSKILL increased to 20. =Database *Added a new monster entry used for the skill Charge Shout - Flag. =Guild *Added 3 new skills to guild skill tree. -Note: These are disabled for now until I feel its the right time to enable them. -Plus need to confirm if Charge Shout - Beating is learned the same way as all -the other guild skills. With only 50 skill points and needing 51 to max out all -skills I feel its best to wait for more info. =Jobs *Expanded Super Novice -Applied the 2019 update that reworked the job. -MaxHP/MaxSP pools updated (hope I got it right). -Bonus stats for job levels 51 - 65 added (tho default max is 60 here for now). -Updated the skill tree and added 3 new skills exclusive to the job. -Note: The 3 new exclusive skills are not learnable/usable on a -2018-06-21aRagexeRE and requires a newer client which at this time is not -supported. Make sure your client's lua files are up-to-date to display -the new skill tree or many of the skills will appear in the misc tab. =Skills *NV_BREAKTHROUGH *NV_HELPANGEL *NV_TRANSCENDENCE -Added support for these skills.
  10. =General *Fixed a issue where having friends on your friends list would soft lock or -crash the client. This fix is for the 2018-06-20/21 client.
  11. =General *Cleaned up some code. =Skills *WL_FROSTMISTY *WL_JACKFROST -Fixed a issue where under certain odd conditions the damage might miss. *WL_CRIMSONROCK -Updated damage formula. -Adjusted knock back behavior. -Fixed a odd issue with the skill being used on ice walls. *SC_TRIANGLESHOT *LG_OVERBRAND_BRANDISH -Fixed a issue where the target would get pushed back depending on its facing -direction when it should be depending on the caster and targets position. *SR_CURSEDCIRCLE -Recoded the skill. -Now requires 1 spirit sphere before casting. -Item pickup/drop is now blocked for both caster and enemies. -Now uses a array to keep track of all affected enemys. -Status now checks every second to see if the affected target is still in AoE -range. If outside the AoE the status will end. -Status now ends if the caster dies, if the caster uses any skills, if outside -the AoE, or if the duration ends. -Does not affect boss monsters. *GN_BLOOD_SUCKER -Recoded the skill. -Now uses a array to keep track of all affected enemys. -A max of 3 can be active at a time. -Caster no longer does repeated skill cast actions while active. -The status now ends if the caster dies, is farther then 12 cells from the -caster, or the duration ends. *GN_CRAZYWEED *GN_CRAZYWEED_ATK -Fixed a issue where the caster did repeated skill cast actions when casted. *RL_C_MARKER *RL_H_MINE *SJ_FLASHKICK -Fixed a issue where the status was not removed from monster's when the caster dies.
  12. =General *changedress *nocosplay -Added support for these client commands. -These remove body costume outfits like xmas, summer, hanbok, oktoberfest, etc. *Removed some code thats no longer needed. -Gravity found a way to prevent client crashes when displaying body costume's -while the body style value is set to 1. =Skills *HT_TALKIEBOX *RG_GRAFFITI -Fixed a issue where the skill didn't work at all. -This issue was caused by a packet related issue that affected 2013-12-23 and -newer clients. Sad that this went unnoticed for 5 years. *LG_TRAMPLE -Added success chance. -Updated the list of traps it destroy's to official. *SO_EARTHGRAVE -Fixed a issue where it didn't hit hidden enemies. *SU_SV_ROOTTWIST *SU_SV_ROOTTWIST_ATK *AB_CONVENIO -Added support for these skills.
  13. =General *Added support for the 2nd range of monster ID's. -Usable ranges are now 1000-4000 and 20020-24000. *Player clone ID range increased back to 1000 clones max. -The range has been moved over to the 2nd monster ID range and now uses -ID's 23000-24000. *Added some code for helping with the loading of the 3rd NPC ID range. *Stablized clones for Kagerou/Oboro/Rebellion/Star Emperor/Soul Reaper.
  14. =General *Now supports 65k item ID's. -Technically the max is now 65535 but 65k sounds cooler. -This is confirmed to work with the 2018-06-21aRagexeRE and should work with older -clients. Be sure to apply the SQL update 3CeAM_svn876.sql. -Make sure to backup your server before running. *Now saves guild storage permissions. -It only alows setting it but its not yet coded to set if a NPC allows acces or -not. This will be coded in a future update. =SQL *Updated main.sql to allow cards to work in the 65k range. *Added the 3CeAM_svn876.sql file to update card slot entrys to support cards in -the 65k range. =Skills *GD_GUILD_STORAGE -Skill Tree Requirements updated. -This is the final time its being updated since I now have official info on -its requirements.
  15. =General *Applied the Arch Bishop 2018 update. *Fixed the itemlist command to tell if a item is equippled to the ammo slot. *Cleaned and optomized some code. =Database *Updated the Ancilla item to its new behavior. =Jobs *Arch Bishop -Skill tree updated with 2 new skills. -AB_EUCHARISTICA is still enabled for a few reasons. -First, packet capture data shows its still enabled in the skill tree. Not sure -if its acturally learnable. Likely not. 2nd, some private server's will still -be using older clients with older skill tree data. 3rd, this is a private -server emu. I think leaving it enable would be a extra for the job. - -Note: A 2018-06-20RagexeRE or newer client is required for the 2 new skills to -properly show up in the skill window and also display properly when casted. -All other skill updates should work fine with older clients. - -Note 2: AB_CONVENIO doesn't work yet and will be coded in on the next update due -to how complex the code for it will be. =Skills *AB_JUDEX -Damage formula updated. -Fixed a issue where the splash AoE size was bigger then it should be. *AB_ANCILLA -SP cost reduced to 10%. -Ancilla item behavior changed. Using it now gives a buff for 60 seconds that -increases healing rate by 15% and SP recovery rate by 30%. -Fixed a issue where SP was consumed on skill fail due to lack of blue gemstone. *AB_ADORAMUS -Damage formula updated. -Is now a enemy targeted splash AoE. -SP requirements updated. -Now checks for Acolyte and higher jobs for gemstone requirement removal. (Confirmed) -Status apply behavior updated to official. -When the status success chance triggers, it will apply adoramus version of -decrease AGI (duration not halved on players) and remove regular Dec-AGI -if found active, and apply blind at 100% success chance (reduceable by normal -means). Durations are now official for both status as well. *AB_LAUDAAGNUS -Success chance of removing debuffs updated. -No longer gives buff that increases VIT. -Now gives buff that increases MaxHP. *AB_LAUDARAMUS -Success chance of removing debuffs updated. -No longer gives buff that increases LUK. -Now gives buff that increases critical damage. *AB_RENOVATIO -Is now a self casted splash AoE. -AoE only affects party members in screen-wide range. -SP requirements updated. -Now heals 5% MaxHP every 5 seconds but won't heal if player is undead element. -No longer deals damage to undead. *AB_EXPIATIO -Now bypasses both DEF/MDEF. *AB_DUPLELIGHT -Damage formula updated. -Melee damage part now deals ranged damage. -Both duple sphere's now have seprate success chances of triggering, allowing for -one or both to trigger. *NC_STEALTHFIELD -Fixed a issue where it made those affected immune to damage. *SR_DRAGONCOMBO -Corrected stun chance to official. -Looks like they didn't keep the increased chance. *SO_STRIKING -Corrected when the operations the CRIT increase is applied. *AB_VITUPERATUM -Added support for this skill.