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  1. rans

    Restriction to @item

    Thanks!, i'll try this later
  2. Can i request for @item restriction for example you cannot @item certain items. I have written a script that will return true/false but it doesnt work if the user input item Constant. https://pastebin.com/bvYqDXhB function script NoItemProduce { .input = atoi(getarg(0)); setarray(.disabledItems,501,512,503); if(array_exists(.disabledItems,.input) ){ dispbottom("This item is not available for item producing",C_RED); return true; } return false; }
  3. Is there anyway to force a client into 60fps? I'm using 20160203 client. at first login i will get 60fps. but when i move around map. I will get frame drop then the fps will be cap for 30fps. Sometimes when i "alt-tab" (clicking outside the window) and then alt-tab into game the fps will get 60 again. but after moving around it will drop to 30. Tested on maps like prontera,morroc and other payon fields. I've tried to use D3D HAL and my GPU. but same result EDIT: im using 1600x900 resolution. but i tried to use 800x600 resolution. seems to be not dropping frame on lower resolution. EDIT #2: this issue only happens for window mode, not for fullscreen
  4. How can i disable Tarot skill to destroy the equipment even if the target has FCP? I already set the protection sc_config.txt to be undispelable but it still destroy the equipment
  5. don't know if this is a bug or intended. if for example you have a sleep(sometimes also in gettimetick) in your script and player immediately logout while there is a sleep waiting in that player he won't be able to reconnect. the server will throw him a "Server still recognizes your last log-in. Please try again after a few minutes" the player will not be able to connect for like 30-60 seconds. Whats weirder is this only happens to low end machines. (i tried it on a kvm 4gb 2core - and this behavior ddnt show.) tested this using the latest herc the way i tested this is I use the npc/custom/healer.txt and added a sleep 1000 right after the variable inits. spam it then quickly character select.
  6. This seems to be a problem with my Host. but still unresolved commenting for future reference
  7. Hi, Its broken on the lastest version of herc. it doesnt compile and showing error something about you cant declare struct on statement.
  8. Can anyone please make a plugin for this? A Guild Master Professor can use emergency call while walking. but only if he is soul linked. thanks!
  9. Im not sure if this is the right section or should be move on client. It happen randomly but more often in my server (version v2019.05.05+2 ) client (2018-04-18bRagexeRE) as you can see here. My character is already logout, but the map-server is still reading my character for like a minute before it kick the character. even if i try to login i will get this message. for several times. Usually it should kick the player inside if i re-login, right? but this one won't kick the player i have to wait for like a minute before i login. this is a big problem in my server when WOE because they have to relog right after they use guild skills. i already set the option drop_connection_on_quit: true
  10. So all my custom robe sprite went missing (in-game view) but on alt+q and character select it shows. spriterobename.lub spriterobeid.lub but all default sprite robes seems to be working fine. only the custom have problem. is there added steps in adding sprite robes?
  11. I see the patch being "successful" for 2018 clients but im not so sure about if its already fixed because last month i tried 2017 clients with enable 64k but after 30+ hstyle in-game will randomly crash. I dont really know how to exactly reproduce but it just happen randomly. anyone here already tried the patch in newer clients?
  12. Hi, Im not really familiar with Git or i mean im newbie. I just want to know how could I create my own repository of hercules but will still get update from the main repository of hercules when i git pull? if you could elaborate of what and how to do it specifically it would be very appreciated. thank you!
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