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  1. Hey Dastgir! Thanks for the guidance. I re-arranged the position of my plugins and it works perfectly now. Thank you! @4144 thank you as well.
  2. Hi 4144, thanks for your reply. I tried adding it and got lots of errors when I run the map server. Can you confirm that this is not correct?
  3. With this one, I used bonus2 and got similar if not the same. bonus2 bAtkEnemyVit, 5, 1000;
  4. @Dastgir not working on the latest stable version. If you have time hopefully you can update this awesome addition.
  5. For the wings you created it's not a garment wing it will only work on head low. Loc: "EQP_COSTUME_HEAD_LOW" If you want garment wing search for it in the forum you'll see how to add them.
  6. Having this warning using the latest stable version. Hope @AnnieRuru can update this awesome plugin
  7. Having the same problem and try to notice that it's only happening when using skill. It doesn't happen on Normal ATK.
  8. Hi 4144, thank you for your reply as well. Just want to clarify Im doing it on ItemInfo.lua (client side). <ITEM>Red Potion<INFO>501</INFO></ITEM> <--- this is crashing on 2018-04-18b client that I used. So probably a client issue that needs hex? just want to ask if there's another client (newer) that might support this.
  9. Kuys, thanks for the reply. I'm adding it in ItemInfo.lua file. I tried <ITEMLINK> but it's rendering as text while <ITEM> seems to be working except that when I clicked the link client crashed.
  10. I tried using <ITEM>Red Potion<INFO>501</INFO></ITEM> and it showing a link to the item but clicking it will crash the client. I know it's client limitation and I can't find diff in nemo to fix this issue. Is there anyone who knows a 2018 client that <item> works? I'm using 2018-04-18. Thanks!
  11. Anyone here has a solution for this problem? The sprite is reverted back to a normal sword sprite if wearing both weapons at the same time. Only works if one item is equipped. or this is a client limitation?
  12. Wow! Goodluck Kuys! Hope you can finish it soon.
  13. Awesome Scripter! He's very talented and knows what he's doing. WIll help you until your script is bug-free. I just hope he'll be available soon to accept more projects. I will definitely avail his service again soon if available.
  14. Please discard. I was able to access upaste. I thought it's down didn't load at first.
  15. Hi AnnieRuru, Can't access the updated file. Can't find it in your repo as well. Do you still have the updated version of this? I have an instance using this 😅 Thanks!
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