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  1. Thanks mate, for your existence.

  3. Try to use this and save as "sclientinfo.xml" as for the diff. (2018-03-07bRagexeRE) NEMO used: - Credits: @4144 else if all fails. try to review your connections in conf folder of server side/trunk/master file
  4. too vague, present your sclientinfo and diff used.
  5. can't quite understand how to do this. I tried changing the encoding in notepad++ but still doesn't work.
  6. is there a changelogs or some update news about the new and upcoming unpacked clients?
  7. I'm using N++ the only encoding available are Converting to ANSI,UTF-8 and so on. can't find the EUC-KR.
  8. @kevingunadi thanks man works like a charm. all frustrations cleared. thanks again mate.
  9. man.. that's what I'm missing then I've been tinkering the data folder for 3 straight days. I'm gonna try this later when I got home. thanks for the info man.
  10. What the..... I use @Asheraf's Recommended Data Folder Client Date: 22018-02-13aRagexeRE @4144's NEMO Updated Hercules Latest Updated KRO From Here: and the small fonts wont go away. man! Hahahahaha
  11. Regarding to these/this Matter. I already found out the problem it seems the langtype 2018 clients only accepts is 0. coz' if I tried to use Langtype 1 on a Patched 2018 Client and error occurs ("nil val something") and it seems the custom clientinfo.xml patch on NEMO doesn't work on 2018 Client. too much bug and errors on the new clients. if you're planning to release this on public it wont be an advisable decision. if you want stability use client dates under 2016. as of now I currently tinkering on 2017-05-17 seems less buggy. Thanks for the Info everyone.
  12. try to use the msgstring from secretdataz.