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  1. Thats interesting and a good observation. To be honest I never did a lot of woe because me and my group were to small to be of any significance in woe but I can see how it is the funnest aspect, pvp is always is.
  2. Yea agree if it was an exact copy and I guess people think it is an exact copy which probably is why those servers fail. DotaRO was a combination of both games as the MOBA map was basically just a battleground or another version of woe in the world of Ragnarok. Anyway DotaRO probably isnt the best example of good MOBA integration or integration of other features into rag but its an easy example to point to. From the ones I have played on that were heavily customized servers like MetaRO or PokemonRO they have all failed. Its just odd that most people dont even try them because they deem it to be to different or far fetched but I guess its because most of them have misconceptions about those servers. Maybe they just need better names and a lot more videos to show gameplay.
  3. PokemonRO has gone down and in case you didnt play it I considered it to be very innovative and in a way was a completely different game. Even some servers that were basically rag but heavily modified such as the server MetaRO made by boxlunch never took off. There are a couple of DotaRO's, the only one that seems to be up now or in development is a Portuguese server? at http://dotaro.net/. So do you think a casual styled RO game like a MOBA RO will fail? Do the remnants of the Rag community not want to play something that is that customized? Or was the delivery just flawed?
  4. Tzuridis


    Im a little confused, Ive never really dealt with event labels. Slave.txt Item script { autobonus "{}", 1000, 1000, BF_NORMAL, "{ addtimer 1,"slave::Onhaha"; }"; },{},{ killmonster strcharinfo(3), "clonecheck::On"+ getcharid(0); sleep2 3000; if ( isequipped(5304) ) end; killmonster strcharinfo(3), "clonecheck::On"+ getcharid(0); } Messing around didnt really do much, uhm. 1. What do I have to change to make it so it works? ( just trying to test clone before I change it to summon "" #; ) 2. I havnt been able to test it because I cant get it to work but would summoncheck or spawncheck replace clonecheck? Or does clone check for both?
  5. Tzuridis


    {} { if(slavele <= 3) summon "Slave",1569,"9999999"; } { sc_end sc_all; } 2 questions: 1. How can I make it so the onequip script works correctly? Note 2. How can I remove slaves/spawns/summons on unequip? An answer to either question can solve the problem Thank you
  6. Oh nevermind figured it out
  7. Yup that works, so you have to put the name and the id# hmm... Since this works I dont really need the NPC ones then . One more question though { summon "High Priest Margaretha",1643; }, {}, {} <-On unequip how could I unsummon/desummon?
  8. Hello I was wondering if anyone ever messed around with applying summon to an item. Or possible npc exclusive skills to items. I kind have a few questions: { summon "--ja--",-1; }, {}, {} 1. The script sort of works, the character does the skill call homuculus but nothing is spawned so my question is what exactly did I do wrong to that script? onequip doesnt do anything either. 2. Also does addtoskill not work for NPC exclusive skills? I know bAutospell does (#1186) is it possible to make NPC_SUMMONSLAVE or NPC_SUMMONMONSTER work with autospell? It doesnt work with the code Ive tried. 3. How would I define mob id for addtoskill or bAustospell NPC_?
  9. Yup was just tabulation error, if anyone wants the script here you go. Thanks for the help guys
  10. Hi, Im trying to enable pvp on mvp maps. So I input each map id in pvp.txt in npc/map flag. I think in rathena somewhere in conf there was an option for this and I couldnt for hercules but oh well. Anyway this is the script I have so far. It doesnt work though and theres probably a very easy solution to this. Any idea what Im doing wrong? Also it looks misaligned here, but on my server all the mapid, mapflag and pvp are all aligned.
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