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  1. Update your herc to latest, it will solve the problem
  2. So a full price shop? This can be achievable currently with dynamic shops.
  3. Yes, Because rAthena does not reset the NextBaseExp and NextJobExp variable to 0 when you reach max level. You will need to change that line to check BaseLevel != MaxLevel
  4. Dastgir

    LF Developer

    Approved. Good Luck
  5. Are you using hercules? Also try the script from https://github.com/dastgirp/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/NPC/RebirthSystem.txt
  6. Dastgir


    Charms run everything inside "Script" tag when item is in inventory
  7. Hercules does support basic vip. Modifying ModDrop and ModExp will change the experience gained and drop rate for that specific account.
  8. - script VIP script FAKE_NPC,{ OnPCLoginEvent: if (#AccountVIP >= gettimetick(2)) { ModExp = 100; ModDrop = 100; } else if (getgroupid() == 2) { ModExp = 150; ModDrop = 150; } end; } function script F_TicketAddVip_3 { #AccountVIP = gettimetick(2) + (60*60*24*3); ModExp = 150; ModDrop = 150; mes "[ ^990099Geovani^000000 ]"; mes "You received 3 days of VIP Account!"; close; } Try this
  9. You can use any server which you like, choosing a hosting depends on how big you think your server will be and the location of players ofcourse. You can go with AWS (many location choices), but you need to add elastic ip (to have static IP). You can go with budget VPS hostings (OVH, budgetVM, etc.)
  10. As I see you are running server on your pc, so clientinfo would expect for your pc, but for others, your wan ip would work fine. Try checking in other pc with your wan ip.
  11. Hello, I have some errors ExtendedBG for Hercules (with eAmod BG modes) and would like to know if you are still supporting the system?

  12. Hi Dastgir,

    How may i replicate the refresh button for RodEx? 
    because every time i delete an email, it wont refresh the list/removed in client's email list


    Francisco Apuado

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