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  1. Hi Dastgir,

    How may i replicate the refresh button for RodEx? 
    because every time i delete an email, it wont refresh the list/removed in client's email list


    Francisco Apuado

  2. This is not the correct forum to ask these kind of questions.
  3. Hello i would like to start my own ragnarok private server. Would you able to help me to start.?

  4. It's from lua files(client side): towninfo.lub and signboardlist.lub
  5. Dastgir


    *savepoint("<map name>", <x>, <y>) This command saves where the invoking character will return to upon 'return to save point', if dead or in some other cases. The two versions are equivalent. Map name, X coordinate and Y coordinate should be perfectly obvious. This ignores any and all map flags, and can make a character respawn where no teleportation is otherwise possible. savepoint("place", 350, 75); so use this to alter the save point of character if player is online: savepoint("prontera", 156, 191)
  6. Hi,

    Could you help me out on Discord?

    Ill added you, my name there is Bl4....


    I want to ask you if you could help me with your battleground plugin. I successfully installed the plugin but there are some bugs inside the bg.

    thanks for reading

    hope to here from you:)


  7. Dastgir

    Facebook Share

    Did I posted this entirely as mine? Or did I just copy pasted? Obviously it was modified before sharing it here.
  8. Updated to latest hercules (2019.11.17) https://github.com/dastgirp/HPM-Plugins/commit/9e709b5c62843dddfd5dd226802f584292b57deb
  9. Your map-server is not started. Start map-server separately and show the logs, we can help you that way
  10. Not Yet, Once the topic is approved in rA, I will make sure to release it for rA as well
  11. This seems more like a hide and seek event rather than BG mode
  12. Does that happen randomly or configured in script? And how much increase in rewards?
  13. Will look into it, but I feel, something new would be interesting for players.
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