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  1. Plugin adds it, your plugin is not enabled as well. (Check HPMHooking as well) Also, the stacktrace shows pc_bonus instead of pc_bonus2, make sure the item doesn't have any other bonus to test this properly.
  2. Dear Dastgir,


    I am currently using your published work "noview".

    I wonder if I would like to disable view to own character not just only other player but the player who use command himself


    How would I do that please suggest,

    Right now I need to use 2 plugin which are 1.hatless and 2.noview in order to disable everyone view hat


    I think It would be awesome if I can combine it into one

  3. Trader are different from normal shop, and will not work with trader
  4. just add .bg_change with 1, till it has reached .bg_common[0], then revert it back to BGT_CTF. its simple
  5. Do you offer Basic Server and Client Setup? Installation and configuration of files in my VPS until the server is running? if Yes how much?

  6. English please, and no, plugin isn't going to be converted to rA, they sure have several topics on how to add these bg. Because they are out of scope. @listenbg, @bgstart or @bgstop isn't neccessary to add a BG System.
  7. fyi, if you don't know, the current state of encryption does this too, you can just put encrypted files and it will work with any patcher. having other extension, is just addition (.thor is not official extension, it's new file format for thor patchers). As Ai4rei said, encryption of grf is pointless. I would like to see any progress on patcher before checking other features.
  8. Are you creating patcher or client mod? Grf encryption just by patcher is not possible. Sorry, I am just confused, what exactly are you creating?
  9. That doesn't do anything. What you are talking is related to GRF Encryption. What you said before is: Encrypted patch is stored, it downloads and decrypts in local to merge it with grf? See? It serves no purpose as they can get it from grf itself.
  10. Encrypted patches are of no use, it will just add extra processing for decrypting when patching.
  11. It's weird choice from community to choose patcher as most of the patchers are already customisable. Required features of patchers: 1) Patching (inside grf and outside grf) 2) after patching complete, click start button to launch the client. Additional Features (existing in current patchers): 1) Notice View (where owners can update the changelog,news,etc) 2) Customisable buttons (add button image anywhere in patcher and do action like start exe / open url) 3) Customisable backgrounds (all elements in patcher can be configured) Features which doesn't exist in patchers, but some pServers do: 1) Integrated login from patchers. 2) Deleting files from grf (there exists lua to do so for new clients, but not sure if it deletes from inside grf or outside grf) 3) Account details shown in patcher. 4) Master Account logins and selection of child accounts to login I can't think of what features a patcher should have that existing patchers can't do, apart from SSO login
  12. I don't think it's possible, some clients read eventitemslotcounttable.txt if I am not wrong. But why not some tool for conversion of slots into itemInfo format?
  13. Oh Great, Can I integrate them with my bg scripts? https://github.com/dastgirp/eBG/
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