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  1. I want to contact with you but I cant send you a PM, please give some other way to get in touch. Thanks!

  2. New clients don't let player customise initial stats
  3. Which BG you entered? It might be specific to one type of BG
  4. You haven't enabled plugins from conf/plugins.conf Those are custom commands that are implemented in plugin, and would show no error once plugin is enabled
  5. @Virtue @fiction Fixed in https://github.com/dastgirp/eBG/commit/4b601d351507a112d627c14717d37ca114e3974f @Axl Fixed it in https://github.com/dastgirp/eBG/commit/2a5ebb57525fb17a36913b423a9282cab18248d7 (Now BG/WoE Items can only be consumed by skills in BG/WoE Maps)
  6. https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/466 But this is not implemented yet as there's concern of DoS Attack
  7. Yes, there has been update to herc, will update plugins soon
  8. I must say good concept, however the map should be little dark (maybe change the model to little dark colors since I have no idea if light would affect models). Also for doram, I believe there's lua file named externalservice which can be used to disable that slot.
  9. Hello ? 

    I Need your Service.

  10. What KirieZ said is right, but you should also keep in mind attachrid is not necessary as at one time, 1 player can only have 1 attached script, instead some modification to command would be more effective in terms of performance and reliability