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  1. Good luck. On the side note, kRO still uses itemInfo.
  2. It's because the plugin (https://github.com/dastgirp/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/npc-duplicate.c) has changed it's syntax So, do the following in campfire.txt, Change duplicatenpc("Campfire#CF", "Campfire", sprintf("CF_%d", [email protected]_char_id), [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], 0); to duplicatenpc("Campfire#CF", sprintf("Campfire#CF_%d", [email protected]_char_id), [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], 0);
  3. Show the output of the command "map-server --load-plugin mapcache --rebuild-mapcache"
  4. Just a bit of advice, Don't do that. If you don't know what's been changed in server side or client side, then you are not the owner, instead it seems like you would be just sponsoring and the main developer would feel like admin. You will be very easy target if someone want to ruin your server.
  5. @WhiteEagle just have the solution to your problem. If you have another error, please elaborate with screenshots if needed. If you need to change Guild size no matter skill level, just change #define BASE_GUILD_SIZE to some high number
  6. Good point, will implement this if possible.. Will check on this
  7. I want to contact with you but I cant send you a PM, please give some other way to get in touch. Thanks!

  8. New clients don't let player customise initial stats
  9. Which BG you entered? It might be specific to one type of BG
  10. You haven't enabled plugins from conf/plugins.conf Those are custom commands that are implemented in plugin, and would show no error once plugin is enabled