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  1. Block char Commands for them
  2. Try it. Most of the script should work
  3. Which Rogue skill are you talking about, If I am not wrong, "AllowReproduce" only restricts "Reproduce" Skill and not "Plagiarism" skill, so skills can still be copied via "Plagiarism"
  4. Check script commands: rodex_sendmail_acc and getunits Basically, Iterate over all getunits(BL_PC, ...) and save the account ID's in an array and then use those accountID to do any operation you like, like sending rodex mail (rodex_sendmail_acc command), or you can even use charID to send rodex mail(rodex_sendmail). It's not required to save Array, and instead you can directly loop over getunits and use rodex_sendmail command inside the loop.
  5. You should really consider changing the client. It might be that client is not stable or you have not diffed with enable custom grf. Just don't edit data.grf, because most people patch their kRO along with private Server, so better to prevent it rather than fixing those issues later
  6. There might be several reasons such as 1. Your grf editor might be saving in different compression method 2. Grf might have corrupted while saving. Anyways, it isn't recommended to modify data.grf and all your modifications, even modifications to original files should be in custom grf, as data.grf can easily get updated while patching kRO
  7. Updated https://github.com/dastgirp/HPM-Plugins/commit/82c428fc5e1177cb724c4ea48d8668d3fdee2caf
  8. You are using 2018-06-20eRagexeRE.exe But diffed with PACKETVER 20191002?? those should be same
  9. For pre-re: python itemcombodbconverter.py --mode pre-re > item_combo_db.conf For re: python itemcombodbconverter.py --mode re > item_combo_db.conf then move the item_combo_db.conf to your db folder
  10. first install python using "apt-get" or "yum", depending on your system and then use python scconfigconverter.py If script needs argument, you can add it as usual by appending at the end of command separated by spaces
  11. Open browser from game https://herc.ws/board/topic/14743-browser-in-game/
  12. Can you try it without your custom grf? (Just clientinfo.xml), so that it can be known where the issue lies. Most probably it seems like some luafiles might have wrong encoding or outdated kRO.
  13. In itemInfo, ClassNum should be the same value as in accessoryid. Also make sure your client supports high viewID.