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  1. Don't know if it's new, sorry. Seen in twRO (Taiwan official server). Anyone have an idea what the button below the cash shop does? Thanks!
  2. good holidays @ everyone. and remember to drink with moderation 🙂
  3. Did you solve your issue? I know what the problem is. The program is comparing the item name rather than the item ID (AegisName) to determine the NumClass. So in your case since your data files are in Chinese, and the item_db.conf is in English, the program won't find any match and set all NumClass to 0. It was happening to me, I had to translate my item_db.conf to the language I wanted the itemInfo.lua to be.
  4. I do not see any reason to remove it, just like Yommy said it is not hurting anyone. If no one is going to add something to the topic, I may move it to rejected area.
  5. I think it would be nice to have it as an optional parameter.
  6. This do happen on official servers?
  7. mkbu95


    Bumping here. I agree that it could be better documented, but the format is just fine IMO, it could get a rework to fit the new formats Hercules has been implementing over the last months. Anyone want to add any thoughts on this?
  8. Anyone else noticed that after 2013-08-21, the diffed hexed doesn't open or it is just me doing something wrong? I also noticed this on 2013-07-28. Maybe something changed? Any ideas @Neo?
  9. Can someone help finish the packet list for 2013-08-14aRagexe? I have no spare time to do more of this right now. Link for download the hexed is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1s1ztad92lt3l6j/2013-08-14aRagexe.zip Diff is here: http://www.mediafire.com/?41x92fxkav5t4cr Partial list of packets (what I've done so far): http://pastebin.com/ihZtR5X2 Packet encryption keys: http://pastebin.com/MJU6BtwR PS: If you look in the hexed headers you will find 'k3dT' in a section name, but I only did that so it would work fine with xDiffGen2. So don't bother him or ask for his support regarding this file; thanks. If you add new packets post here or send me PM I will try to see it as soon as possible. Thanks.
  10. I tested 2013-06-05 and 2013-08-07, 2013-06-05 works fine,but 2013-08-07 seems have some wrong msg. For example, the title of server selection window, it display "Possible escape area."(line 2084 from msgstringtable.txt), but it should be "Select Service:"(line 2083 from msgstringtable.txt). And I press the "join" button on Login Window, the client will crash. I found the line on msgstringtable.txt that is mismatching on 2013-08-07 Between: You cannot use this item with your current level.# and Enable Battlemode# I put something like: mydebugmsg# And everything I tested was back to normal. Not sure if bugged something, but I'm almost sure it is this message that is missing. @edit Also, can anyone help me here? I got the packet for the new bank system, but it is not available. Anyone knows in which version the bank system might be available? I'm using 2013-08-07
  11. This is very nice. Shame it is on Visual Basic :/ I'd rather go with C# Anyway, you just transform the strings, which are now in images so they could be translated. Example: LogOn, keep, exit, etc
  12. This commit create so many possibilities. *-*
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