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  1. Söel


    Its new client feature. No idea if you can fix it D: Oh.. ok, thanks for the support.
  2. Hello, how the plugin , I'm totally lost in its operation , installation and etc...
  3. Söel


    missing all the files , but I could reset, now I have another doubt in my client the alt+q was separated from alt+a, and prefer to be alone together in alt+q, you know how to fix this?
  4. Söel


    First problem solved , there is still this one.
  5. Söel


    Hello, I have a small problem within the game, to open the visual item tab the following error appears , then click the right button on an item also appears an error. Follow the prints of the errors. Hexed: 2014-10-22bRagexe Data: https://github.com/ROClientSide
  6. Söel

    Para DATA

    Queria evitar esse trabalho UHAEUHAUEAE
  7. Söel

    Para DATA

    Olá, Alguém aqui tem uma pasta data atualizada disponível? ou sabe de algum link para acesso a mesma?
  8. Yes, they are men's hair, you can close that I have found the problem, forgot to mark the 64k option in hexed.
  9. The hair are in the correct locations, Male is ³² and Female is ¿©, you ta confusing things not?
  10. [Data]1=ryoungcolor2.grf << (hair style)2=ryoungcolor.grf3=newprontera.grf4=data.grf The hair is also correct in PMA, could be due to the pallets? I use the Kamishi paid.
  11. Directory: /data/sprite/Àΰ£Á·/¸Ó¸®Åë/¿©Female heads (described as per the iRO "Features>Characters" page) FILENAME DESCRIPTION1_¿©.spr "Archer" hair2_¿©.spr "Novice" hair3_¿©.spr "Merchant" hair4_¿©.spr "Swordsman" hair5_¿©.spr "Acolyte" hair6_¿©.spr "Thief" hair7_¿©.spr "Magician" hair8_¿©.spr No class; long in back, short bangs9_¿©.spr "Alchemist" ahir10_¿©.spr "Assassin" hair11_¿©.spr No class; short, bowl cut12_¿©.spr "Priest" hair13_¿©.spr "Monk" hair14_¿©.spr "Dancer" hair15_¿©.spr "Knight" hair16_¿©.spr "Hunter" hair17_¿©.spr "Blacksmith" hair18_¿©.spr "Wizard" hair19_¿©.spr "Sage hair"20_¿©.spr No class; hair spreads out at tip21_¿©.spr No class; Short curled bangs with side hair22_¿©.spr No class; Wild hair, goes outward23_¿©.spr No class; Short hair, curles on each sideDirectory: /data/sprite/Àΰ£Á·/¸Ó¸®Åë/³²Male heads (described as per the iRO "Features>Characters" page) FILENAME DESCRIPTION1_³².spr "Swordsman" hair2_³².spr "Novice" hair (Ewww, kill it!)3_³².spr "Merchant" hair4_³².spr "Acolyte" hair5_³².spr "Archer" hair6_³².spr "Thief" hair7_³².spr "Magician" hair8_³².spr "Knight" hair9_³².spr No class; short, curls up on the side10_³².spr "Priest" hair11_³².spr No class; short, feathered hair w/ giant forehead12_³².spr "Sage" hair13_³².spr ?? (Unused mystery head with a beard)14_³².spr "Bard" hair15_³².spr "Assassin" hair16_³².spr "Hunter" hair17_³².spr "Blacksmith" hair18_³².spr "Wizard" hair19_³².spr "Monk" hair20_³².spr No class; short hair with long bangs21_³².spr No class; Wild hair, flys out in all directions22_³².spr No class; Messy, short hair23_³².spr No class; Messy bowl cut
  12. I'm trying to add new hair on the server however I am not succeeding, someone can help me with this? // Valid range of dyes and styles on the client.min_hair_style: 0max_hair_style: 102min_hair_color: 0max_hair_color: 10000min_cloth_color: 0 max_cloth_color: 10000
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