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  1. just reffer to the classic trunk like rathena and change the coordinates of the npc to the classic one
  2. how do I revert back the first job change quest to the ones like in the classic with the jobchange quest that has a test? like in thief job change you'll have to hunt for gooey mushroom?
  3. how do I change the @refine level back to maximum of +10? thankyou
  4. Hello! does anyone of you have the old hunter job change quest? I really need it on my classic server. Thankyou
  5. Gmkira

    quest emoticon

    how could I make an NPC display an emoticon ques like in iRO?
  6. no problem bro, hehe goodluck in your studies
  7. mga 3 to 4 months ang mgnda pa dun may on the job training sila kaya maiaapply mo siya in actual
  8. sa informatics bro dun ako galing kumuha ako ng BSIT dun tapos nung time na tinatamad pa ko magwork(syempre gusto ko pa magpasarap sa buhay) kumuha ako ng short course na IT sa kanila which is computer programming NC-II ok naman dun
  9. can someone provide a video guide on how to setup the robrowser? because the guide in the robrowser.com is a bit confusing. thanks!
  10. Welcome to our new friends from pRO! 03/31/2015 We are happy to welcome a new group of players to the iRO community, who are joining us from the pRO server, which has ceased operation this week. We are migrating the accounts of pRO players who have signed up for an opt-in program to our soon-to-come Thor server. This new server and the migration will be happening at the end of April, so keep an eye out for announcements when we get closer to server open. Thor will be based on Renewal mechanics with WoE times that are more convenient for players in the Southeast Asian region.
  11. what langtype should I use?
  12. need help, how can I remove the "please enter your birthday" thingy when deleting a character? thanks in advance.
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