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  1. Hi. That's a training dummy. 😄 Spawn is located in npc/re/mobs/towns.txt. //== Prontera, Training Dummy Area ========================= prontera,251,77,0,0 monster Lv 50 2409,1,5000,0,0 prontera,259,77,0,0 monster Lv 50 2409,1,5000,0,0 prontera,251,66,0,0 monster Lv 100 2410,1,5000,0,0 prontera,259,66,0,0 monster Lv 100 2410,1,5000,0,0 prontera,251,55,0,0 monster Lv 150 2411,1,5000,0,0 prontera,259,55,0,0 monster Lv 150 2411,1,5000,0,0 ~Kenpachi
  2. Kenpachi

    Buff Scroll

    Hi. More than one itemskill() invocation per item is not support due to the mechanics of server-client-communication. When using the item, the first itemskill() invocation makes the server send a packet (ZC_AUTORUN_SKILL) to the client. Now the item's script isn't attached to the character anymore and thus the second itemskill() invocation can't be executed. Use sc_start() for the first skill, to "fix" this. I have to investigate how Aegis handles this, since there are official items which cast more than one skill. For example Angeling Potion (ID=12350). item Angeling_Potion event OnConsume: SkillToMe AL_BLESSING 5 Skill AL_ANGELUS 5 return ~Kenpachi
  3. Hi. The error is caused by this line: setd getd("[email protected]"[email protected]),getcharid(3); The value of [email protected] is 1. Thus getd("[email protected]"[email protected]) returns the value of a variable with name [email protected] Since [email protected] is not a string variable, a number is returned and causes an error in setd(). I assume your intention was to set [email protected] to the return value of getcharid(3). setd("[email protected]" + [email protected], getcharid(3)); ~Kenpachi
  4. Hi. You have to change the backgroud color from white to magenta (#FF00FF). See https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/wiki/Spriting. ~Kenpachi
  5. Hi. In src/map/script.c: Add this: BUILDIN(get_unique_id) { struct map_session_data* sd = script_rid2sd(st); if (sd == NULL) { script_pushint(st,0); return false; } script_pushint(st, sockt->session[sd->fd]->gepard_info.unique_id); return true; } Below: BUILDIN(resethate) { struct map_session_data *sd; if (script_hasdata(st, 2)) sd = script->id2sd(st, script_getnum(st, 2)); else sd = script->rid2sd(st); if (sd != NULL) pc->resethate(sd); return true; } And add this: BUILDIN_DEF(get_unique_id, ""), Below: BUILDIN_DEF(openlapineddukddakboxui, "i"), Don't forget to re-compile. ~Kenpachi
  6. From what I've been told, there's no in-game error. It's just spamming the server console. ~Kenpachi
  7. Hi. That should be fine. But don't forget, that IDs 4001-4219 (job classes) and 19001-20000 (clones) are reserverd. ~Kenpachi
  8. Hi. Add this: if ([email protected]_id < 5001 || ([email protected]_id > 5859 && [email protected]_id < 30000) || [email protected]_id > 31000) { dispbottom("---------------[Morpho Helper]---------------"); dispbottom(" "); dispbottom("Sorry, this headgear was not designed for this headgear slot."); dispbottom(" "); end; } Below: if (([email protected]$ == "upper" || [email protected]$ == "middle" || [email protected]$ == "lower") && [email protected]_id <= 0) { dispbottom("---------------[Morpho Helper]---------------"); dispbottom(" "); dispbottom("Invalid headgear ID."); dispbottom(" "); end; } ~Kenpachi
  9. The only timer related modification I found in this PR is that now 0 is passed for data when assigning ud->walktimer. Prior to this PR, the amount of added ticks was passed. From: ud->walktimer = timer->add(timer->gettick()+i,unit->walktoxy_timer,bl->id,i); To: ud->walktimer = timer->add(timer->gettick() + timer_delay, unit->walk_toxy_timer, bl->id, 0); //TODO: check if unit->walk_toxy_timer uses any intptr data From: ud->walktimer = timer->add(tick+i,unit->walktoxy_timer,id,i); To: ud->walktimer = timer->add(tick + timer_delay, unit->walk_toxy_timer, id, 0); unit_walk_toxy_timer() doesn't use the data parameter, but at least unit_stop_walking() uses the TimerData->data field. I can't tell if those changes are causing the error, yet. Unfortunately I'm unable to get that error popping up while debugging. 😥 ~Kenpachi
  10. Hi. According to the error message your quests contains more than 3 objectives which isn't supported. ~Kenpachi
  11. Hi. The ViewData-block in mob_db(2).conf is used to diguise a monser. (Former mob_avail.txt functionality.) Remove that block and use the monster's ID in npcidentity.lub. For example: JT_SKOLL = 3067 ~Kenpachi
  12. Hi. @4144 The failed assertion for deleting unit_walk_toxy_timer timers was reported to me several times since https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/2546 was merged. https://herc.ws/board/topic/18060-mob-bug/#comment-94997 From Discord: From PM: ~Kenpachi
  13. Hi. Add this: // Required item ID/amount for morphing. .morpho_req_id = 501; .morpho_req_amount = 1; Below: // Equip IDs - Change these to the ID numbers of the hat you wish to designate as the Morphing hat .top_morpho = 25092; .mid_morpho = 25093; .low_morpho = 25094; And replace: if ([email protected]$ == "upper" || [email protected]$ == "middle" || [email protected]$ == "lower") { if ([email protected]$ == "upper") { morpho_id_top = [email protected]_id; setlook(LOOK_HEAD_TOP, [email protected]_id); } With: if ([email protected]$ == "upper" || [email protected]$ == "middle" || [email protected]$ == "lower") { if (countitem(.morpho_req_id) < .morpho_req_amount) { dispbottom("---------------[Morpho Helper]---------------"); dispbottom(" "); dispbottom("You need " + .morpho_req_amount + "x " + getitemname(.morpho_req_id) + " for morphing."); dispbottom(" "); end; } delitem(.morpho_req_id, .morpho_req_amount); if ([email protected]$ == "upper") { morpho_id_top = [email protected]_id; setlook(LOOK_HEAD_TOP, [email protected]_id); } ~Kenpachi
  14. Hi. Client-side the skill IDs are defined in skillid.lub. ~Kenpachi
  15. Hi. Script: <" monster("this", -1, -1, "Ifrit", 1832, 1); "> ~Kenpachi
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