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  1. Hi, I have a Question a little bit advanced. Wich is the process to decrypt packages comming from the original server? I m using Yommy's packet parser to see the packets on an oficial client, but all they are encrypted. Thanks ,
  2. Hi , So in hercules just now is working or is something like a plugin? Regards
  3. WTF this is amazing. Im on drugs or is just a dream?
  4. Im not sure if OnPCLogoutEvent triggers the character that is going out the game..... Myabe your problem is cause the script have not a RID attached to it and cause that works on NPC, cause a NPC Triggers a RID on talking with it. I would recommend use ONPcLoginEvent Whetever, the solution should be using attachrid Script command or wth doevent "<NPC object name>::<event label>";
  5. Really Good Aproach men. But the query time is not affected on perfomance? Regards
  6. Hello dear friends, I really dont know how is going RO this days, so just now I have some Questions for servers admin that could help me in the road to open a new RO Server . 1. Whats is the key to get a good number of users in 1 or 2 month? 2. Based on experiences, how much earning are you getting from your servers and how much is your server users number daily? 3. Wich is the popular server configuration this days? Low, Mid, High Rates? 4. What is the best RO Client Protection this days? 5. What client version is highly recommended this days? 6. What stuff (NPC , Scripts, Bg) are the players looking this days in a server? 7. There is new users (Kids around 14 - 17 years) on your server or are veterans? Im will be really gratefull with your answers guys Thank u
  7. Thank you so much ! I had bad defined debugging directory. now works like a charm !
  8. Hello guys, There is a way to debuggin variables of source codes in visual basic? Cheers
  9. haha Oh my God, I have to learn korean fast
  10. Hi, Im trying to understand. I know that emulator is based on K-RO. I would like to help resolve issues on emulator repository, but I get stucked on a problem-. How do you guys do to get information about the game? I mean if you go to issue tracker in github you can see for example an issue like this. https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/issues/241 However there is a lot of things to do, how do you guys get the correct information to solve this features? Are you playing real Korean RO or you just have a secret wiki ?? xD haha Cheers
  11. Are you good programmer? Are you good designer? Do you know how to draw illustrations, sprites etc? Then contact me
  12. There is a way to get that sprites O.O ? That is just amazing
  13. Yep, It could work, but , well I just was looking for a solution that reflect real status of my server info... I mean current enabled maps, enable items, items right description and that have the posibility of an advanced search as RMS or MC have. gues I will have to make custom develpment. Thank you so much Guys !
  14. Thank you anyway. I said Amensai Because the creator on footer
  15. There is a way to get RO db for private servers? like http://db.irowiki.org/db/ There is some existing script or similar? Thank you
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