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  1. I would like to change the @follow command so that it is only available on the same map and aborts when changing the map as long as it is used by a GM level below 90. To block @follow on some maps, a custom mapflag "nofollow" would be helpful to keep the settings simple. Can anyone do this?
  2. Thanks for your time and helping guys.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yea, i searched a while but found nothing. I have now tested older clients and they work. I am looking for a client that is fine with live servers and can use the mapInfo_true.lub system. Atm i use the 2019-06-26bRagexeRE and for Zero 2019-06-26_3aRagexe_zero
  4. Hey guys, Does anyone know how to fix this error? Infomations: Client Version: 2019-12-24_5aRagexe_zero Compiled with: ./configure --enable-packetver=20191224 --enable-packetver-zero Zero Client downloaded and patched. Translated Files tested: Zackdreaver and Asheraf (original files too)
  5. Thanks Dastgir. Why is not this basically present in hercules? Just a question. PS: I get now the error message: parse_simpleexpr: unmatched ')' in this line here and the part with "(" while(array_count"("[email protected]$,2))
  6. You Need edit this too: src/char/int_guild.c around line ~ 866 g->max_member = BASE_GUILD_SIZE + inter_guild->checkskill(g, GD_EXTENSION) * 6;
  7. Gives here in hercules anything what is similar with "countinarray" from rathena? *countinarray <array name>{[<start index>]},<array name>{[<start index>]}; I Need this for this part here: setarray [email protected]$[0],"Kill Mantis","Kill Bees","Kill Soils","Kill Porings"; [email protected]$ = "NULL"; while(countinarray([email protected]$[0], [email protected]$) != 2) [email protected]$[rand(getarraysize([email protected]$))] = [email protected]$; switch(select(replacestr(implode([email protected]$, ":"), [email protected]$, ""))) { case 1: mes("mantis"); close; case 2: mes("bees"); close; case 3: mes("soils"); close; case 4: mes("porings."); close; }
  8. Hey, can anyone help me please to make this working? It should be checked if a quest with the number 1 to 10 was accepted. Not like: if ($GQuest_1 .. if($GQuest_2 …
  9. @bWolfie, thanks for your solution, but the problem is, how are the kills counted by all the members?
  10. It's possible to make quests countable for the whole Guild? Excample: Someone start a Guild quest (Kill 100 Mantis), all Guild mates can kill them too (without being in a Party)
  11. Thank you for your answer. I have always tested it with the RagexeRE. I have now found one that works (2019_02_13lRagexeRE), but I'm still not completely satisfied with the patches that are possible. Oh, I did not know that. Thank you for the information. The CDClient.dll from the Input folder, right?
  12. Hey, I have already tested several client versions and always get the same error message. Here the Informations: Client Version: 20180621 Patches: And here is the error: Can anyone help me please?
  13. The Item random option system works fine. But your plugin for the refine drop will not work anymore because the structure has changed. This line here: struct item_drop *mob_setdropitem_post( struct item_drop* retVal, int nameid, int qty, struct item_data *data ) { That's why I asked you if you know what needs to be changed to make the refine drop work again. The error says that something is wrong here: HPExport void plugin_init( void ) { addHookPost( mob, setdropitem, mob_setdropitem_post );
  14. Hey AnnieRuru, may I can ask your help again. After adding the random option system, the refine drop dont work anymore. I changed this: struct item_drop *mob_setdropitem_post( struct item_drop* retVal, int nameid, int qty, struct item_data *data ) { to struct item_drop *mob_setdropitem_post( struct item_drop* retVal, int nameid, struct optdrop_group *options, int qty, struct item_data *data ) { to get no errors. But no items are droped with refine level Can you please fix this? Thanks in advance <3
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