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  1. i cannot find any release of faction on hercules sorry my bad i mean to say that u finally released it
  2. yep memory slasher Rocks its Simply Awesome
  3. NVM Fixed ^^ Here's The link if some1 need :P/ LINK Yea i Know my script sux but this works ^^
  4. Yep They are ^^ Songs
  5. hi guys, i made this script dunno y its not playing music prontera,119,199,4 script DJ Test 116,{ mes "What Song Would you like to play?"; switch(select("Still Worth Fighting For:Move your Body:Make a Move:None")) { case 1: playBGMall "002","prontera"; close; case 2: playBGMall "003","prontera"; close; case 3: playBGMall "004","prontera"; close; case 4: mes "Okay Bye Cya Later"; close; }} Regards,| Nash
  6. full version is paid service i guess Dastagir Already Realesed Free Faction on hercules ^^
  7. Any ideasHow can i fix it?
  8. Ahh thx for explaning that man ^^ now i get it
  9. lol i did add it there here see i can even warp to some of the maps
  10. Hmm i have it in grf btw some 1 guide me Where and How to change maps max count
  11. hi guys, i need a client packet extractor or something to extract packet from 2012-04-10 Client i wanna bot in a server hahahaha please help Regards, Nash
  12. MapServer Crashes if warp to rent_mb
  13. hi guys, i wanted to ask does this works with Hercules??