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  1. // The rate at which equipment is dropped.item_rate_equip: 100item_rate_equip_boss: 1000000item_drop_equip_min: 1item_drop_equip_max: 8000 I can't test this right now since i'm at work, but wouldn't this set the drop rate of all boss equips to 80%? Although it would also set the max drop rate of ALL equips to 80% also, so if you only want it for bosses the only other way i can think of is manually setting them in the mob_db for every boss in the game.
  2. just need an updated kro installed and the files will be in the data.grf
  3. Still learning source stuff so this might be something simple that i just overlooked. i'm trying to make it so when a party kills a monster/mvp, each member of the party gets their own "roll" for the items. Example: 4 players in a party work together to kill a monster with a 100% chance to drop a jellopy and 50% chance to drop a sword. when the monster dies, all 4 members recieve a jellopy in their inventory (with @autoloot) or they can only pick up 1 off the ground, and for the sword each player has a 50% chance to recive it, so the chances are only 2 of the members in the party will recieve the sword when the monster dies. Any help with this would be awesome, thanks!
  4. in drops.conf: // The rate at which cards are droppeditem_rate_card: 100item_rate_card_boss: 0item_drop_card_min: 0item_drop_card_max: 10000 wouldn't this be the easiest way? it should set the rate to 0% chance for all boss cards to drop, you probably need this too: // Can the monster's drop rate become 0? (Note 1)// Default: no (as in official servers).drop_rate0item: yes haven't tested this though.
  5. iro classic doesn't have many updates that i know of, which is why the emulators don't have/need active dev branches. but if you are like me and like pre-re mechanics but want renewal features and content, i would suggest looking up official jro info, their version of renewal is the closest to pre-re mechanics but they keep up with content and features of other official servers like kro and iro.
  6. +1 would it be possible to attach these conditions to individual players or accounts? for example, a player has endless tower on cooldown but wants to help some friends with their run, normally the cooldown would block the player from entering the tower, but instead we can allow the player to enter and just disable drops and exp only on his/her character.
  7. yep, i remember i started to script it back when it was first added on kro, but i noticed iro has recently added this new novice grounds area in english so it might be better to just copy iro's version instead
  8. thanks! i wasn't sure if the few scripts i contributed were enough to be on the list :>
  9. i'm sad that i didn't see my name on the list even though its in some of the rathena/hercules files lol.
  10. Chilly


    soooo.... after disappearing from the RO scene for about 2 years now, i might be coming back. considering how long its been since i've done any scripting or database stuff, and how long its been since i've logged into kro or even kept up with the news, i doubt i'll be able to contribute much of anything yet. theres a number of reasons why i left the rathena community and then quit GMing, financial issues being the biggest reason along with lack of free time and some drama with a few mod/devs. i was never planning to come back to ro ever again, but with this new emulator and community, along with multiple requests from friends to finally make my own server, i might invite ro back into my life again (and hopefully not let it take over again). i see lots of familiar names already, along with some new ones, so i just wanted to say hi to everyone! i was told you guys are short handed with script/db devs, maybe after i get myself back up-to-date with everything i might help out a bit :>