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  1. Thank you for reports. I will check and will fix all reported issues (if i will be able to) within the next update of the package.
  2. You don't have to change the game client, it works fine for a long time. Like dastgir said, there is nothing that can help. Uninstall grf editor and install it again, and try again. What about data.grf inside kro client, it can be potentially compressed by lzma, but I'm not sure what exactly compression in use of data.grf, there only 2 choice or lzma or no modifications at all Afaik no
  3. This is common issue with the MySQL server. (broken tables) because of turning off OpenServer incorrectly (like shutdown PC or laptop). Try to click on the green flag -> advanced -> console Now in console enter: mysqlcheck -u root --auto-repair --check --all-databases Hit enter and all tables will be repaired automatically. Now try to start your emulator and repeat the problem, I think the problem will disappear.
  4. Please, next time add /where the output (enter the command to the chat) to display where are you now. Because without a map and coordinates of the map where you stand, it's very hard to understand the problem that you said. https://www.divine-pride.net/ and irowiki Confirm, I did not know it earlier. I hope the admins will implement so important parts of the episode soon. Which dungeon? Tell me the map or better give a link. Yes, some content is luck here, but I hope with a time everything missing will be added. As I see not too much missing, I can't promise, but maybe someday when I have really free time, I can dig in and implement missing parts if someone will not do it before me. In settings try to change webserver port from 80 to 91, from 443 to 447, and try again. Also, you can change what to load, and change nginx to apache for example. Also, you need to install process hacker and check, maybe some app bound to a port what used by a OpenServer (3306, 80, 443)
  5. links and emulator and everything in the package has been upgraded to the latest versions and applied the latest patches, everything tested and works perfectly fine.
  6. Possible. But require source changes.
  7. As you see on the video above, the compiler works PERFECTLY fine on Windows for Hercules. I think this small and very easy to use thing will be very helpful for people which care about their storage, and bandwidth. Idea Create a package of code compiler for the emulator, which took up little space, and will as portable as possible, it will not require installation, and which can be stored on a USB flash drive. Download Link: MEGA or Google Drive (189MB) How to use? Like on Linux, but on windows (thx to Cygwin) Download, extract, run start_console.cmd cd D:\path\to\your\emulator make clean && ./configure && make server wait when compilation will finish ./run-server.bat make sure that your SQL server is working fine (if you don't have any install, or take OpenServer from RO offline pack) If you wish to run a server outside the Cygwin environment, you need a lot of dlls copy-paste from /bin/ folder to emulator I give up to finish it and fix rAthena compiler issue (because the issue with CMake files, they are weird), because I have no time and it's out of my interest. Extra Notes Request: please, someone who can fix the rAthena to make work with this release. 189MB compiler is very helpful, because not need to download 1.9GB for lite MSBuild, and ~8-9GB for Visual Studio. Feel the difference. Note: cygwin always slower than original native code. Note: rAhena can't compile with -stl=c++11, use -stl=gnu++11 Note: even with this -stl=gnu+11 you will get a crash a char-server, if you are a developer, try to debug it by yourself and fix, this is rAthena issue, not a package issue. Note: tested: hercules, eathena, brathena, 3ceam -> works fine without any issues, even in gdb mode.
  8. First of all, you do not need a lot of SDK's. You need just one, if you do not know what to install just hit the "Install C++" button in VS Installer while installing the software, that will be enough. Now, to fix your problem, open Hercules-15.sln and right click on solution (inside VS Studio) -> Retarget Solution -> Okay. Now try to compile your emulator.
  9. Current Version: 18 August 2019 Hercules Hash: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/commit/0edf2360b185f0e1c68bb6ddbbbe3720af5651b3 Download Links (~4GB): Download from Google Drive Download from FEX Download from CloudMail Download from 1Fichier Optional, full clean kRO game client (20190818): DOWNLOAD 2.9GB What is that? This is a newbie package that contains 1 click solution for launching hercules emulator in a single click. This package only for education. Do not use this package anywhere in production. This package good demonstration of how everything should be configured by yourself to make it work. We can find here a good guide on how to configure everything by yourself: http://herc.ws/board/topic/16521-how-to-setup-offline-server-for-personal-development-use/ What inside the package? You have 7 folders: 01_emulator = here emulators (pre-compiled and pre-configured) for RENEWAL or classic PRERE mechanics 02_client_side = here is your client-side what need to copy-paste to your clean kRO client 03_openserver = here is Open Server (mysql server where stored your game database and which required by the emulator) 04_useful_tools = here are different useful tools what you usually will need when will work with the emulator or databases 05_misc_repos = here are repositories from which it has built the client-side, and exe patched. 06_cmder = this is tool will be good for you to update emulator to latest version (and other files in misc_repos) 07_clean_kRO_client = this is clean kRO client (2018 somewhere in march updated), need for you to run your own RO copy. How to use all of this? extract files inside 01_emulator, 02_client_side, 03_openserver, 07_clean_kRO_client Now, what emulator version do you need? Latest (current official servers) (renewal mechanic (suras, dorams, etc classes)) or classic PRE-re (champion, high wizard, high priest)? Now if for example, you use PRERE mechanic (where is high wizard class, paladin, lord knights, and no 3rd classes) your steps is next: a.) go to 02_client_side\FOR_PRERE_EMULATOR\ b.) select all files in this folder (FOR_PRERE_EMULATOR) and copy (CTLR+C) c.) now go to 07_clean_kRO_client/clean_kRO_client/ folder and copy files here (overwrite if windows explorer will ask to do that). d.) now you need to run OpenServer (it's a server which stores all your player's data inside the database, required by the emulator) and run it. e.) Click on Red Flag -> Run the server, make sure in your tray you got Green Flag. f.) Now go to 01_emulator\hercules_PRERE\ and run: run-server.bat g.) Now go to your 07_clean_kRO_client/clean_kRO_client/ and run: 2018-04-18bRagexeRE_patched.exe Your emulator, your database, and the client are running. Now you can try to login into the game. About Accounts: How to make a GM account or how access database? For that, you need to click on Green Flag -> Advanced -> PHPMYADMIN In the login field of phpmyadmin enter: "root", in the password field enter nothing. (no password) Press enter or login, and you will be in the database. Databases well structured, so mostly always you need not edit too much there. How to make a GM account? You opened PHPMYADMIN. Now select your database, and find in this database table called: "login" Open this table, and find your account name, and you will see column "group_id". Edit number in this column (group_id) to 99. 0-99 = your GM level. 99 = super admin with all privilegies, 0 = simple player with no privieleges. Okay, everything working for me, what can I do next? My short answer: http://herc.ws/board/ Read all topics, read different guides, read info about NPCs Read info how to add NPCs, how to enable them, how to disable them Read /doc/ folder files inside your emulator folder Read wiki pages: https://herc.ws/wiki/Main_Page Do experiments and do not afraid to destroy everything or remove them. Just do mistakes and errors, it's how people learning something new, though mistakes. DO not afraid to do a lot of mistakes and ask questions. People will help you if you will try to help yourself first and will make good questions with some research before posting messages. What tools can I use for making everything much easier for me? Tools what you MUST have: - Grf Editor - Server Database Editor - VSCode / Notepad++ / Sublime Text / Atom (any of these editors and select always C syntax highlight for opened files) I want to play with my friends on my server The solution that you will find by the link below is a terrible solution. But usable for a small group of people who for education only want to launch their server ONLINE (for others). This is SUPER bad, and never do that, (it's weird, after the only time you will understand why). But if you still asking here is the link: https://gist.github.com/anacondaq/3eae8e4afb5d3c3880d08b95b2c54b78 =============================================== I want make a donation as a gesture of goodwill: =============================================== Ask administrators here: http://herc.ws/board/ If they accept donations or not, I found none donation link. Optionally you can always support next guys: 4144 for massive help to the current RO scene at all by his hard work. AnnieRuru for a lot of scripts, helping newbies on the forums http://herc.ws/board/staff/ - all these guys zackdreaver for a lot of efforts on a translation project and to all guys, scripters, mappers, etc players who spend their time, their efforts just for you to make everything free what you see here. Sorry if I didn’t mention someone. I need help with <something> There are a lot of talented developers, software developers, scripters, mappers, spriters, and many other people in this community. Check the link: https://herc.ws/board/forum/49-paid-services/ Also, I accept all questions related to the basic newbie stuff on the topic. Do not hesitate to ask even super stupid questions. But before asking something, try to do a very simple thing: Open google, in the search bar enter: "site:herc.ws" Then write your question or problem Hit enter and check all links that you see, maybe someone already solved your problem earlier.
  10. Yes, it's rude. But it's the truth (my guide bad too, btw). I did not say anything about you or anyone especially, but I reading many topics on another forum and found out that just a few topics are written not well (tutorials only I mean). Even for example just GitHub wiki pages for both emulators, it's so big pain to follow/understand/do... I think the guys who wrote it, even not tried to follow their guides at all. I tried, and can admit = they are wrong, and can be changed (when will have free time, and if my PR will not be rejected, I can change it) This what I tried to do with the offline pack, just throw newbies in water, not drive them through links for days \ for months in search of water. When you have everything ready and working, it's much easier for you to navigate the rest, do experiments, break everything, destroy everything, then start again, and again, and again, by doing many many many mistakes which learn more, then any guides posted on any forum. Yea, because I'm busy right now. Not sure if "something new" better. I checking github every signle day and read commits, changes, and I think after changing map flags, and touching other staff, rathena not stable at all right now, and have much more bugs, then before these changes. So 07 July 2018 = old, but not so bad. false =) How to update all components = explained. All tools included too. In short if it's something about emulator: run cmder git pull origin install VS 2017 (select C++) Open rAthena.sln (must be opened in VS 2017) Right click on rAthena Solution -> Retarget Solution -> OK Press CTRL+B Optionally if were changes related to sql: run OpenServer -> Click On it -> Phpmyadmin -> login to it -> select database -> import -> import update to your db. done, emulator update done, for all of this usually need not more then 3-5 mins. If rathena wouldn't be crazy and wouldn't use YAML, which is absolutely incompatible with many compilers properly without a lot of issues (i like hercules over rAthena because of such small issues) (they know what we're talking about), I'd also can deliver a portable compiler (250MB) for compiling the emulator, which would immediately help and compile the emulator and apply the necessary sql Updates (if necessary) So it's easy too. But again, i have nothing against your, or anyone else guides, if you write it = write, many people will find them useful. If you can, please edit Images in your topic, because right now they looks like: just change links to https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AnnieRuru/customs/master/server%20setup/Step%207a.png format.
  11. Because you screwed up my job and the people who use it, I have a duty to answer you here. All that you wrote here (very bad formatted to be clear) - I just did in the RO offline pack and saved a lot of nervous and time for a lot of people. Why someone needs to do all of these things in the topic, if they just simply download, run, and everything will work out the box just fine? I think you and many people like you don't understand why the topic exists. Because of the secret in simplicity. Key = Keep It Simple Stupid. While all existing solution = very bad. Another problem: super hard entry point for newbies for the next reasons: Almost all guides presented very hard to find (whole process) Or Not actual most of them Or Not accurate Or Not correct at all Or confusing Or do not explain things very simple Or boring to read Or authors do not give a heck to answer in their support topics at all. Or everyone run around money and want to keep the entry point as hardest as it possible for very primitive things. "pay me $$ I will set up everything". And I do not talk about 100000500000 problems what people will have due to different operating system/software bundle, antiviruses, firewalls, etc. It's what exactly done in this free package you don't need to pay anyone and will get absolutely ready emulator what you can run on your pc via single clicks without reading tons of useless weird structured documentation located anywhere (but not centralized and not structured) (or without documentation at all) with avoided pitfalls and everything else. You just run, and learn in practice while having a complete and ready product for doing mistakes, errors, and learn on them. I know already several guys which stuck on just setup process, and just right now write a lot of really great scripts, events, so on. I think you just don't understand a really important thing and don't care about newbies at all. For a lot of people super hard to learn something new without terminology or past experience. People learn on examples and real practice much faster, then if they will read tons of useless theory. And when even the theory isn't well designed, how can they learn something, even if the training/guides materials are extremely bad? Go to my topic and read it again. I wrote next there: Now, analyze what you wrote in your topic And compare with the text above. And now each mine new line = around 10-20 pitfalls/problems which will force people to stuck or even drop continuing doing what they begin to do. Is it "newbie friendly?" Do you even understand, that a lot of people have skype running, or different software which locks ports? Or antiviruses? Or simply don't know where to get the software? Or they do not even realize what patches need to select in NEMO if they completely newbies? Or they do ever hear about any great tools like SDE / GRF Editor? You saying about contribution. Where do you get the assistance from (contributors)? If the entry point is too high - you will not have a funnel of people who eventually become developers, scripters, mappers, etc. I'm sorry. Do you have a problem with that? Or what? You have not heard about portable solutions of webservers (USB-server)? Or everyone must make dirty their computers with unnecessary garbage, solve dependencies and conflicts over the installation of standard software? This is (OpenServer) super great software, one of the best in the market, which always just works and works just fine. Windows very good operation system, that why it has 90% of people on it. Because it's very easy to use, and you can just focus on work, instead of on reading how to do primitive things, what in Windows I can do by a single click. It does not work like that. The era when it was popular (torrenting/p2p networks) = over. If you need contributors = you need to grow them from newbies. Newbies -> scripters -> src devs -> contributors. You want newbies -> contributors. Cool, and how many messes you will see on issue tracker then? Or what they can share if they do not know how to setup server? imgur, keep links for years. Or you can use GitHub images properly =) Proper guide with what reason?) And for who?) And what people will get? wasted a lot of time on things, what they can always learn in real experience with 1 click solution?) How did you learn how to ride a bicycle, you first read a whole book about cycling, or you were just put on a bicycle, and then you were pushed, and then you learned how to ride after some falls?) This is exactly the reading of the book you suggest instead of just to sit down and ride, and in the process - to deal with everything, having an example when everything works, and thus (reading the manual) you cut off tens of thousands of people. I understand that Linux has imposed its thinking on you, but as you said yourself, 90% of users choose Windows over Linux =) Peace <3
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