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  1. GRF Editor. Install it. Select your GRF files, ItemInfo.lub files, where is your pre-re folder located, and try to use it, with GUI it's much easier to edit / add something new. Just need to try (always do backups first). Try to play with it. It's easy. Optionally you can try to use something like this: https://herc.ws/wiki/Custom_Items As far as I know - nope yet. No, it's not done. On your screenshot there is errors with applying the patch. Most easier way to apply a patch - just open the patch with VSCode editor, it will highlite green text that need to paste, and red text that need to find in the file. Just use search feature in your text editor and replace. But there must be some understanding what are you doing and for what. Better idea: tell me what do you want to do? answer above. Also, as far as I know - patches from different emulators not compatible. Also -> emulator source code changed frequently. And if you're for example found a patch on herc board below for example 2018 year, there are high chances that this patch require changes to make it work and make it compatible with the emulator current source code. (because code changes overtime). Also, hercules has some benefits over rathena: Not need to download and install 8GB of Visual Studio for re-compiling the emulator.
  2. All questions address to the topic. On your screen you don't have char-server.exe. The only way for fixing the problem - check -> do you have char-server.exe in your emulator folder or not? If not - please check your antivirus software and return back it from quarantine. I know about the issue, for some reasons only microsoft detect some virus inside the char / login / map servers. I have sent false positive reports to the Microsoft, and waiting for their reaction.
  3. This is common problem, when you have pre-installed MySQL server on your system. Turn it off, or remove (uninstall) mysql-server that you have on your PC. 3306 Port usually used by pre-installed windows version of MySQL. The Offline pack contain all required servers and files for running the emulator. Optionally you can use Process Hacker tool to identify which app using 3306 port. I don't really know why this happen. You can try to install this: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oR6LryiU-UX97Xrq2fnD7gNU1W_kcx7M (for x64 install x64 version, not both) It might help, who knows. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oR6LryiU-UX97Xrq2fnD7gNU1W_kcx7M better to use this. In the background on your image I see that you have already running emulator. You can't make work 2 emulators on the same PC at the same time. (char, login, map servers). Looks like these episodes are not fully implemented into the Hercules. I do not know how to help here. Need to ask devs here on the forum about these missing features. As far as I remember the content mentioned by you already implemented, just need to properly port it to hercules. I don't know why this happen. I can confirm this. Only MS detect it, all others (60+ antiviruses) does not detect anything, because there is nothing to detect at all, it's open source. Everyone can try to re-compile it from source code and will get the same results. I have sent false positive report to microsoft, and re-created a new version of package with latest updates, but these files also detected. I hope in few days or weeks Microsoft will solve the problem. Sorry, looks like the content not implemented here, nothing to do with this. The only thing what we could do - ask someone who motivated and have skills to implement it for everyone on the board and push to the repo. Update 07 March 2020. Changelog: no files changed, only implemented all updates up to: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/commit/9106bbab19b4feaa4623a3b8e5d59e08ef73b640 commit. recompiled source code and re-packed into archive emulator files no changes on client or server-side (database). Note: inside the update you can find: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/sql-files/upgrades/2020-01-24--01-09.sql the file, this file NOT applied to your database for supporting the feature. Apply it manually with phpmyadmin (login (root, no pass)) select database, and import the SQL file, and the patch will be applied.
  4. Yes, renewal. ALT+Q costume tab, please check it. This can be a map-server crash. For some unknown yet reasons I can't upload a debug version of the emulator which will help easier to track where problems happen and why the emulator crashed. Anyways, try to use the 08_ folder from the package (with the installer of redistributables). Also, a few minutes ago, I did update for 01_emulator.rar (google drive link only) with re-compiled manually by myself older version of VS Solutions (not latest one). I hope, it will solve the problem, but not tested. Answer above. The answer above in the message. As far as I remember this is original behavior. Please check the conf/battle/skill.conf or like that file, I remember there was a setting for this mechanic. To be honest, installing VS2015, not a solution. The package must be stand-alone, this is some kind of problem with the herc solution files as far as I understand. Anyway, I have made several changes (answer above), please try, might be useful. You can import manually missing files into your game database (main database) by using PHPMyAdmin. I don't remember, afaik - no. My answer above. The second link - it's an old version of the emulator, that's why it works.
  5. I have recompiled all emulators (pre-re and re ones) for Release Mode, usually I deliver in debug mode, but for some unknown reasons it's does not work for you. (I tested it on some 3rd party PC the archive, and it was working). Try to download 01_emulator.rar again, and try again. Should work fine.
  6. If you have x86 system (usually no, but who knows): https://www.sendspace.com/file/21awau If you have x64 (most likely): https://www.sendspace.com/file/7x4713 Download, run, it will automatically install all missing Microsoft C++ Redistributables for your system. After that, try again run the game client.
  7. Update, only changed emulator part (you can just download 01_emulator.rar file, and replace with your current one (make backups first).
  8. Thank you for reports. I will check and will fix all reported issues (if i will be able to) within the next update of the package.
  9. You don't have to change the game client, it works fine for a long time. Like dastgir said, there is nothing that can help. Uninstall grf editor and install it again, and try again. What about data.grf inside kro client, it can be potentially compressed by lzma, but I'm not sure what exactly compression in use of data.grf, there only 2 choice or lzma or no modifications at all Afaik no
  10. This is common issue with the MySQL server. (broken tables) because of turning off OpenServer incorrectly (like shutdown PC or laptop). Try to click on the green flag -> advanced -> console Now in console enter: mysqlcheck -u root --auto-repair --check --all-databases Hit enter and all tables will be repaired automatically. Now try to start your emulator and repeat the problem, I think the problem will disappear.
  11. Please, next time add /where the output (enter the command to the chat) to display where are you now. Because without a map and coordinates of the map where you stand, it's very hard to understand the problem that you said. https://www.divine-pride.net/ and irowiki Confirm, I did not know it earlier. I hope the admins will implement so important parts of the episode soon. Which dungeon? Tell me the map or better give a link. Yes, some content is luck here, but I hope with a time everything missing will be added. As I see not too much missing, I can't promise, but maybe someday when I have really free time, I can dig in and implement missing parts if someone will not do it before me. In settings try to change webserver port from 80 to 91, from 443 to 447, and try again. Also, you can change what to load, and change nginx to apache for example. Also, you need to install process hacker and check, maybe some app bound to a port what used by a OpenServer (3306, 80, 443)
  12. links and emulator and everything in the package has been upgraded to the latest versions and applied the latest patches, everything tested and works perfectly fine.
  13. Possible. But require source changes.
  14. As you see on the video above, the compiler works PERFECTLY fine on Windows for Hercules. I think this small and very easy to use thing will be very helpful for people which care about their storage, and bandwidth. Idea Create a package of code compiler for the emulator, which took up little space, and will as portable as possible, it will not require installation, and which can be stored on a USB flash drive. Download Link: MEGA or Google Drive (189MB) How to use? Like on Linux, but on windows (thx to Cygwin) Download, extract, run start_console.cmd cd D:\path\to\your\emulator make clean && ./configure && make server wait when compilation will finish ./run-server.bat make sure that your SQL server is working fine (if you don't have any install, or take OpenServer from RO offline pack) If you wish to run a server outside the Cygwin environment, you need a lot of dlls copy-paste from /bin/ folder to emulator I give up to finish it and fix rAthena compiler issue (because the issue with CMake files, they are weird), because I have no time and it's out of my interest. Extra Notes Request: please, someone who can fix the rAthena to make work with this release. 189MB compiler is very helpful, because not need to download 1.9GB for lite MSBuild, and ~8-9GB for Visual Studio. Feel the difference. Note: cygwin always slower than original native code. Note: rAhena can't compile with -stl=c++11, use -stl=gnu++11 Note: even with this -stl=gnu+11 you will get a crash a char-server, if you are a developer, try to debug it by yourself and fix, this is rAthena issue, not a package issue. Note: tested: hercules, eathena, brathena, 3ceam -> works fine without any issues, even in gdb mode.
  15. First of all, you do not need a lot of SDK's. You need just one, if you do not know what to install just hit the "Install C++" button in VS Installer while installing the software, that will be enough. Now, to fix your problem, open Hercules-15.sln and right click on solution (inside VS Studio) -> Retarget Solution -> Okay. Now try to compile your emulator.
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