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  1. First thing first you need to learn how to play this game, because without knowledge in the ragnarok, its hard for you to catch up.
  2. #define AUTOTRADE_PERSISTENCY src/config/core.h Did you already disabled this?
  3. Try to contact S1 Lykos FB Page : s1 Lykos | Facebook
  4. What client version you are using? because based on my experience, when I used 2015 client, after-casting delay is bit off even you used bragi and make the skill 0ms after casting delay.
  5. Based on the conf/map/battle/monster.conf // Show hp bar on monsters? (Note 3) // NOTE: only works on client 2012-04-04aRagexeRE onwards // 1 = Show hp bar on all monsters except Emperium and MVP // 2 = Enable hp bar on Emperium // 4 = Enable hp bar on MVP // (Default: 1) show_monster_hp_bar: 1 The monster bar is working on me. You cannot see HP of the monster unless you will hit it.
  6. yup, even you put 100ms, still some skill has a after cast delay because of sprite animation and client version you used
  7. Check you grf files, maybe you used a gear that doesn't have a sprite in your GRF, also check your diff in your client
  8. delay_rate : 100 - meaning you have minimum of 100ms after-casting delay in all skills vcast_stat_scale : 530 Your Total Dex * 2 + your total int Example : Dex : 100(2) = 200 Int : 100 = 100 Total = 300 I think this is only applied for renewal (vcast_stat_scale)
  9. Happy new year hercules family and community

  10. For me, I used OVH, it easy to manage if you know hos to setup your VPS and easy to contact them
  11. as you can see, i just copied the same code below the sharpshooting, so it will work, i will not affect other skills because it has a BREAK on the end If other skills still in bug then maybe there something wrong with the skill behavior, i just test it on the latest svn and i didnt experience this kind of bug, im using 2013, 2015 and 2019 client
  12. Try this one, i didnt test it yet Find this line in src/map/skill.c case NC_FLAMELAUNCHER: if (sd) pc->overheat(sd,1); /* Fall through */ case SN_SHARPSHOOTING: case MA_SHARPSHOOTING: Then replace with this one case NC_FLAMELAUNCHER: if (sd) pc->overheat(sd,1); /* Fall through */ case SN_SHARPSHOOTING: case MA_SHARPSHOOTING: if(sd->weapontype != W_BOW){ clif->skill_fail(sd, skill_id, USESKILL_FAIL_LEVEL, 0, 0); } else{ skill->area_temp[1] = bl->id; map->foreachinpath(skill->attack_area,src->m,src->x,src->y,bl->x,bl->y, skill->get_splash(skill_id, skill_lv),skill->get_maxcount(skill_id,skill_lv), skill->splash_target(src), skill->get_type(skill_id, skill_lv), src, src, skill_id, skill_lv, tick, flag, BCT_ENEMY); } break; after editing, please recompile and check it ingame if this code will fixed your problem, dont forget to make as solve
  13. All i know is bonus bAtkRate is not calculated bonus atk stats, it will add on your true damage
  14. Kuya Jeo

    FCP Strip

    You can use @Dastgir Plugin Here is the link https://github.com/dastgirp/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/fcp_bypass.c
  15. This is my first time to develop 3rd Job Server Is 2017 ragexe is good enough for 3rd job server? Or do you guys have other or better ragexe that is good for 3rd job server Thank you in advance
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