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  1. check on official kRO files, (data.grf)
  2. Just get the file of 3rd job aura then rename it, then replace the old default aura of 99 level into 3rd job
  3. I rather used MYSQL Lines because im putting it on the database If you want to add +3 Days it should be like this DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL 3 DAY)
  4. Got a solution. thnx anyway i use DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL 1 DAY) instead of using gettimestr("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S",21)
  5. I want to add +1 Day or +3 Days in this one.. gettimestr("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S",21) Can someone know how to add? Thank you guys
  6. git version is the version of the hercules emulator you used.
  7. Change all the custom_weapon name int ohellrevolver it must be like this [Weapon_IDs.WEAPONTYPE_hellrevolver] = "_32000" WEAPONTYPE_hellrevolver = 110 the 32000 is the item ID number
  8. Adding Custom Weapon needs the Following.. data/luafiles514/lua files/datainfo/weapontable.lub Something like this, check each code where to place it WEAPONTYPE_Custom_Weapon = 110 [Weapon_IDs.WEAPONTYPE_Banryu] = "_32000" [Weapon_IDs.WEAPONTYPE_Custom_Weapon] = Weapon_IDs.WEAPONTYPE_SWORD Then in your item_db2.conf { Id: 32000 AegisName: "Custom_Weapon" Name: "Custom Weapon" Type: "IT_WEAPON" Buy: 20 Weight: 1000 Atk: 150 Range: 1 Loc: 2 Slots: 4 WeaponLv: 4 Subtype: "W_1HSWORD" Job: { Knight: true } Refine: true Script: <""> }, Then in iteminfo.lua [32000] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Custom Weapon", unidentifiedResourceName = "Custom_Weapon", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "Unidentified item, can be identified with [Magnifier].", }, identifiedDisplayName = "Custom Weapon", identifiedResourceName = "Custom_Weapon", identifiedDescriptionName = { "" }, slotCount = 4, ClassNum = 110 }, ofcourse your sprite should be same name with what you put in weapontable.lub
  9. please provide your git version so that we can find a solution
  10. Try to change this in src/map/unit.c and find this line of codes if (unit->walk_toxy_sub(bl) == 0 && (flag & 2) != 0) { set_mobstate(bl); return 1; } then change this into if (unit->walk_toxy_sub(bl) == 0) { if ((flag & 2) != 0) set_mobstate(bl); return 1; } then compile
  11. Fixed.. Adding skillratio damage on cr_grandcross to boost it.. anyway it really annoyed me about this skill formula..
  12. Im having problem with the Grand Cross, my items are full GC type but it seems there's something wrong with the damage output.. i got only 500 per hit... i found some GC Tyoe videos and damage is very high like 2k+ per hit using the item i used. i found this on battle.c ad.damage = battle->attr_fix(src, target, wd.damage + ad.damage, s_ele, tstatus->def_ele, tstatus->ele_lv) * (100 + 40*skill_lv);/100 then i change the (100 + 40*skill_lv)/100 to (300 + 100*skill_lv)/100 but damage is the same,. im running pre-renewal,
  13. https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/commit/e6936d2db256d0feffc858f88ce170b2b766eddd Found this new released.. maybe this will fixed the problem
  14. Im using the latest git of hercules and 2017-06-14b I notice something strange, all looter mobs not looting and mob stop moving.. can someone help me or did someone experience this kind of bug?
  15. I agree with KirieZ, its not good to use any POINTS system and buy an item thru fluxCP unless you have a filter that if the player is online ingame, player cannot buy an item in account cpanel, the best way you can do it, make other tables then store the data on the new table and player will get the item thru a npc.
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