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  1. This is KS_PROTECTION, you must put the KS_PROTECTION on sc_config.conf SC_KSPROTECTED: { Flags: { NoClearanceReset: true Buff: true } Icon: "SI_ANGEL_PROTECT" }
  2. nope i used latest git, anyway i already solved it, im getting this error when i used blast mine on earth property monster.
  3. I dont modified PC.C and the hercules version i used is from github.. anyway i have other issues found, even in fresh git.. when i used @reloadscript frequently, map-server crashes
  4. Memory manager: Memory leaks found at 2020/04/24 14h16m11s (Git rev 'dd7f653b00239299cdecb7ca826c21e5957863da'). 0001 : pc.c line 9769 size 15 address 0x0xbd18154 Memory manager: Memory leaks found at 2020/04/24 19h15m46s (Git rev 'dd7f653b00239299cdecb7ca826c21e5957863da'). 0001 : pc.c line 9785 size 13 address 0x0xa747724 the map server crash p->value = aStrdup(val); line code 9769 and 9785 latest revision and no source modifications
  5. I found this error.. i dont know where it coming from since the server is live. using latest git, no modifications on source Edit : upon checking .. something about BL_MOB [Error]: --- failed assertion -------------------------------------------- [Error]: unit.c:100: '0' in function `unit_bl2ud' [Error]: ./map-server() [0x640090] [Error]: ./map-server() [0x629669] [Error]: ./map-server() [0x62eddf] [Error]: ./map-server() [0x62ee62] [Error]: ./map-server() [0x632c49] [Error]: ./map-server() [0x4af9d3] [Error]: ./map-server() [0x65524e] [Error]: ./map-server(main+0x2ea) [0x64f76a] [Error]: /lib64/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0x100) [0x7f267ccb2d20] [Error]: ./map-server() [0x408079] [Error]: --- end failed assertion ----------------------------------------
  6. I notice that mob_avail already removed in db folder, is there any guide on how to duplicate a monsters? thank you
  7. My players experiencing this kind of bugged, i have this permanent variables 1st Variable : #QuestAcquired 2nd Variable : #HOURLYPOINTS 3rd Variable : #CASHPOINTS then the values change or mixed or swap for example #QuestAcquired has a value of 30 and the #HOURLYPOINTS has 100 sometimes the value mixed or sometimes the value swap same goes with the #cashpoints and #hourlypoints EDIT : my script is just set #Variable,#Variable + value
  8. get_unique_id() is a part of gepard modification
  9. Check this topic, maybe it will help you https://herc.ws/board/topic/7296-in_array-for-hercules/
  10. OnClock0000: killmonster "yourmap","all"; yourmap,0,0,0,0 monster Poring 1002,300,0,0 end; OnClock1200: killmonster "yourmap","all"; yourmap,0,0,0,0 monster Poporing 1031,300,0,0 end; try this one
  11. I used clean hercules, im server is running now, i just wondering why my new diff not working on other players, i tried to use it on my test server without gepard and its working.. how about on the can deal players even if my char is dead... i just notice that something is blocking like im talking to npc so i cant deal players when my char is dead
  12. Addrid is not supported by hercules...
  13. Delete the old prontera.mcache on trunk/pre-re/maps then reload again your prontera map on putty, turn off first your server to make it sure
  14.  --> removed those.. probably because this is invalid script code
  15. I having a problem with my new diff client with gepard shield, i tried to use it and no auto close encounter in my part but when other use the the new diff client they encounter auto close client after gepard logo.. another problem is when the player is dead, they cannot trade or deal, this is using normal character thank you in advance
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