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  1. Is 99 the max lvl for the Rebel Class? is there a way to update it to the new max lvl 175? or what can we do?
  2. Is this an exclusive Gepard system? xD can I take it to use it with mac addres?
  3. [Error]: script:callfunc: function not found! [int__]
  4. This script spawns mobs in normal payon dungeon 00, geffen and moscovia dungeon... not in the dup. maps, also it's dupplicating the NPC in the same map and position...
  5. update the mob_skill_db please...
  6. It shows an error in line 25, so it's not possible to run the converter... I found some bug reports on git about this, in any case i'm not able to understand... I tried, but it's just out of my control... sadly there's no other way. Faceworm nets instance is out of our reach
  7. Thank you, the question is; is there a guide to follow in order to transform the old mob_skil_db structure into the new for hercules?
  8. Hello, i wanted to know how it works the skill db converter tool in hercules, because i just downloaded the faceworm nest quest here, but it has the old skill db structure wich is not working anymore... so... That... Thank you!
  9. is there an update for the skill db new structure for this?
  10. This NPC has an error in renewal, for example I can't go to einbroch field 2 xD it says "This map is not enabled in renewal" and it stucks you there...
  11. Oh I see, that's why... I'm so sorry, I'll keep it in mind, thanks for the answer
  12. Hello, i was trying to update my server, I saw there are few updates in hercules's git, so when i did git pull, it updated something but when i checked the changes there was nothing :/ so, my question is... how to update even if i commited my changes? i'm on CentOS
  13. Could you please update the Event Points version? Also, ending the event with the command @wheel_of_fortune is not working.
  14. this is happening to me, how to fix it? i already updated kro and renewal...
  15. this is not working after new commits on hercules...
  16. So should i go to the last commit of ROenglishRE project? Edit: Nope, is not the iteminfo.lua, is the sprite... i changed now the version and it says "illegal format"...
  17. I got this with this client, if I use a 2015 (the stable recommended by Hercules) I don’t have any problem... I just wanted to try the new class but I wouldn’t have the doram summoners. Do you think it would get fixed if I change to another 2017 version? Or a recently 2015 version of the recommended... or if it’s a way to fix this?
  18. Hello everyone. I'm trying to fix this issue, it happens only with some items, i'm not sure about how many or which one of those... but i found for example Brigan, if a mob drops it or if i have it in the Inventory, and if i try to move it or touch it, i get this... Client crashes and says what it is in the picture... I tried to move the files from the data to my GRF, or find them on internet... but still not working... I'm trying with 2017-06-14bRagexeRE. I hope please, someone helps!
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