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  1. I tried this but my client auto close when pressing alt+s. How about the others?
  2. I need some help. Can you share with me 20180530 or above ragexe or ragexere unpack client that can be diff with nemo patches including your enable 68k hairstyle .

    The exe I am using now is a patch one and whenever i tried use enable 68k hairstyle or Increase hair style limit in game iI get failed in step 1 - string not found.

    I hope you can help me

  3. Do you have a fix Enable 64k hairstyle not working on 2018-0530 client.
  4. Can anyone please share unpack 2018 clients.. and clients that can work with nemo..
  5. I dont know if the functor I add years ago was you anyway im interested of purchasing gepard shield pls add me..or probably check  we are already friends skype name is natassia.martinez

  6. Was the developement of the roulette system completed with no bugs?
  7. Thanks for the tip judas.. I'm gonna try that now.
  8. Phaige

    Updating hercules svn

    May guide po ba kayo on how to update hercules to the latest para mga baguhan sa hercules..thanks
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