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  1. PTP admin This script credit to owner. can you help me to add scrip send zeny to account per account basis., and also instead whispering script make a NPC so anyone can avail. then the requirements to use the NPC is @cash points. silver account = 1.5M gold account = 3M premium acccount = 5M !issue whos character will receive the zeny. i think the best option here is to send thru thier bank system in account_data -> bank_vault . then if they renew the amount will just add the zeny to the bank also. vip.txt
  2. PTP admin. help me guys the script is not properly working i already change the sql table name from select to level to the group_id where stands group ID level. because this script came from rathena which is not compatible for hercules database. anyway my problem when i set the premium account the group ID value wont change but the others table is excuted. just the group ID is not affected by the script. vip.txt else // If the account is not already a VIP Silver one, add a new entry. { mes "Account ID: "[email protected]+"."; sleep2 rand(100,850); query_sql("INSERT INTO vip_silver (`account_id`,`account_name`,`start_date`,`end_date`,`status`) VALUES ("[email protected]+",'"[email protected]$+"','"+gettimestr("%Y-%m-%d",21)+"','"+gettimestr("%Y-%m-%d",21)+"','ACTIVE');"); sleep2 100; query_sql("UPDATE vip_silver SET end_date = DATE_ADD(start_date, INTERVAL "[email protected]+" DAY) WHERE account_id = "[email protected]+";"); query_sql("UPDATE `login` SET `group_id` = "+$VIPs_SilverAccLevel+" WHERE `account_id` = "[email protected]+";"); query_sql("UPDATE login SET `account_type` = 'SILVER' WHERE account_id = "[email protected]+";"); mes "Account "[email protected]+" added"; mes "successfuly!"; close; } } close; case 2: // Delete set [email protected]_1$,query_sql("SELECT account_name FROM vip_silver LIMIT 0,127;", [email protected]_1$); // query_sql can only display the first 128 lines of a table. This is so sad if ( getarraysize([email protected]_1$) == 0 ) { mes "There are currently no VIP"; mes "Silver accounts."; close; } else
  3. ill try thanks If ever , the one i mentioned the script i currently using is it possible to add or not ? or do i have to change the whole script ? thanks for the reply in advance.
  4. HI admin PTP , can anyone help me this script . is it possible to add the script for when they buy a prem account. they can use @go, @storage, @loot, @jump. for the certain time only that its set. BTW credit to the one who made this script i just saw this script around here in hercules.
  5. hi nag start na ako and nasa part na ako ng connecting the server to mysql pero ito nalabas saan po kya ako nag kamli finallow ko naman ung guide dun sa link>
  6. salamat. check ko. thanks
  7. admin pa help po ano po ba mga need ko to setup my own private server ibang iba na kase sa dati ang pag setup. please send me list ng mga need thanks po have a nice day!
  8. hi good day do you know how to setup ROBROWSER i will pay for the setup thanks and have a nice day!

  9. joven15


    do you habe files can u share the files! thanks
  10. Can anyone please help me im totally tried looking robrowser files and no luck for me i just wanna try to configure to my up coming RO . and i tried looking robrowser files but seems sourcode is down. can anyone pleaseee help me!!
  11. I have added the Old maps on map_cache also in my grf im using Rathena Newer Version on Github. when i try to go to morocc town. i got that error. i also change the old izlude and successfully working without error but when i try the old map i got error. all map are fine only morroc. Anycan help me ?? The error i receive is Block Attr "Korean Words" then -> RPGSTUDIO "few more korean words" Thanks in advanced!
  12. The requirements will be they need kill monster '300 poring, 100 poporing, 1 angeling, 1 deviling , 1 ghostring, submit 1 flying angel wing, 1 gemstone from tao gunka and 10M, after submiting the requirements or done the quest, the King poring will respawn at the said map prt_fild08, the one who quested the king poring will self announce where the king poring respawn, and also it will announce to all that the king poring is respawn without the map. the ID of the MOB 2508, much better if the script will have a control to where map i want to respawned, or so it will be random respawn map. also it will random 1 - 2 hours if the npc is now active with announce like the King Poring NPC is Activated. Thanks in Advanced!
  13. ye i saw some ppl posting it.
  14. the announce is showing but the size still the same. i want BIG TEXT when the announcer announce
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