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  1. The last field is the event field. U can declare a event who will call when the monster is died. But why it is 1 sometimes idk. References: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/wiki/Permanent-Monster-Spawn Rynbef~
  2. OnMinute10: query_sql( "SELECT `account_id` from `char` where `online` = '1'", [email protected]_id); for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]_id); [email protected]++){ attachrid [email protected]_id[[email protected]]; If(strcharinfo(3)=="amatsu")mes "Hello and welcome in amatsu"; close2; detachrid; end; } It's should work. I have wrote it on my mobile phone. Rynbef~
  3. It will not working cause no player is attached. Strcharinfo needs a player attached. The same is the "mes" and "close" script command. If u want to message player every 10 minutes in amatsu u have to attach every player and check then the map per strcharinfo(3) and message them. Rynbef~
  4. But now the connection to the MySQL server works and it don't getting refused. U need to create a user and allow connection from any host (remote/external too) and it should works fine. The src code error will removed after the connection is correct. Rynbef~
  5. Change the Bind Address from to ur public address and remove "skip-networking" or comment it out. Cause the port is open but MySQL refuse the connection from external if u dont change it like I told u (on top of this answer). Rynbef~
  6. If u using a website outside ur local network u have to use ur public ip address. U can find on https://whatsmyip.com and this u need to add to ur Flux Config. But maybe ur IP Address changes some times therefore it's better to configure a dyndns server at ur router. Then u can insert ur dns instead of ur ip. And on ur router u need to allow incoming connection to port 3306 (MySQL port) and for the ip of ur Webserver (cause of security). U need to change the access of the database to "%" (any host) and on the configuration u need to allow external access. Best regards, Rynbef~
  7. When the npc is already disabled u can't send close(). U need to send it previously like using a timer. Rynbef~
  8. The functuality of the mob_avail.txt was moved into the mob_db.conf. There was added a few new fields for the "View Data" u can find the informations in the mob_db.conf documentation of ur server files. Or at GitHub: Documentation of the mob_db.conf Rynbef~
  9. I think u could insert the npc file to ur Herc folder and if errors prompt take a screen and post it here, so we can help u. Rynbef~
  10. IP based restrictions aren't good and easy to bypass. If more than one of a family plays on ur server only one will get a freebie and the other of the family will get nothing. U should use one of the Hackshields. So u can restrict it by the unique ID or Mac addresses Rynbef~
  11. U need to generate a new map_cache. u can use the WeeMapCacheGenerator insert the new izlude to the map_cache.dat a pop-up will prompt "Are u sure u want override the existing?" press "Yes" and save it and upload to ur server. Just restart and everything is fine. Rynbef~
  12. Insert ur server IP at the Config files Char_ip and else. Use the server IP and not the local ip or localhost. The ip u insert into the xml file. And remove the slashes. U don't need to bind the ip. Rynbef~
  13. Directly under for-Loop initialization add this line: if([email protected]==4)continue; Idk if Hercules have this command. It should skip the loop on 4 and continues on 5. Rynbef~
  14. Rynbef


    That's rly helpful for users who can see it at a npc and no longer need to calculate it and for server owner to check if all effects (race or ele resistant) works. U do not longer need to attack with the item and without the item. I will add size and skill resistence too and others like freeze resistance. Thanks
  15. It's don't seem so. Better use Gepard shield.
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