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  1. hi @@Tokeiburu i'm Use Grf Encryption in Grf Editor but not Encryption all file in grf
  2. Hi @Tokeiburu I want you to build a new feature in the grf editor. I want to grf editor view file .str animate and export to png or gif.
  3. Creat by. ACT EDITOR Tools Thanks for a great tool @Tokieburu
  4. item_db2.conf // ============================================================= /* { Id: 30047 AegisName: "Android_Naruto_Scroll" Name: "Naruto Ninja Scroll" Type: 5 Buy: 20 Weight: 100 Sprite: 30047 Loc: 1 View: 30047 }, */ delete Sprite: 30047
  5. Can you please rephrase that question? I don't understand what you're trying to say here ;x. The "sprite type" field from ActOR has been removed on purpose because it serves no real purposes in Act Editor. Ok, I got it thanks
  6. need set sprtype in tools act editor
  7. My brother, he was doing this. and I Edit script form
  8. Save .Gif want to see the character of the program. ex.