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  1. Hey guys. So, for some time I was creating an instance with interactive npcs, that walk around the map to give more immersion in the story. I was using a client 2018, so I tried it on a newer client in 2020 and it didn't work, so I went looking for where it was working to try to resolve it. maximum client that is working: 2019-05-08cRagexe (any client after that does not work.) I did the test on both rA and Hercules, i got the same result as shown in the video below. (Left does not work & Right work!) I am a few days trying to see if I can solve it but I have not succeeded so far. code used for testing: prontera,155,178,3 script testeeee 1039,{ sleep 1500; setarray [email protected][0],151,155,158,155; setarray [email protected][0],175,173,175,178; freeloop(1); while(true) { npcwalkto [email protected][[email protected]],[email protected][[email protected]]; set [email protected],([email protected] >= getarraysize([email protected]) ? 0:[email protected]+1); sleep 2500; } freeloop(0); end; }
  2. hi guys how do i change the formula of these statuses to be the same as pre-re? RE (based on weapon attack): bonus2 bAddClass,Class_All,20; PRE (based on AtkPower player): bonus2 bAddClass,Class_All,20;
  3. I was using this mod from the normal goddameit on windows (vs), but when I tried to compile in linux he accused the lack of a windows library: WINSOCK2.H would it be possible to convert the ping.c code for linux centos and maintain the same functionality? ping.c #ifdef _DEBUG #define new DEBUG_NEW #undef THIS_FILE static char THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__; #endif #include <WINSOCK2.H> #define DEF_BUF_SIZE 1024 #define IP_HEADER_SIZE 20 #define ICMP_HEADER_SIZE 12 typedef struct _ICMP_HEADER { BYTE bType; BYTE bCode; USHORT nCheckSum; USHORT nId; USHORT nSequence; UINT nTimeStamp; }ICMP_HEADER, *PICMP_HEADER; USHORT GetCheckSum(LPBYTE lpBuff, DWORD dwSize) { DWORD dwCheckSum = 0; USHORT* lpWord = (USHORT*)lpBuff; while(dwSize > 1) { dwCheckSum += *lpWord++; dwSize -= 2; } if(dwSize ==1) dwCheckSum += *((LPBYTE)lpBuff); dwCheckSum = (dwCheckSum >> 16) + (dwCheckSum & 0XFFFF); return (USHORT)(~dwCheckSum); } BOOL Ping(char* lpDestIP, int *nRet_, int *nTime_) { int nTime = 0; int ret = 0; char ICMPPack[ICMP_HEADER_SIZE] = {0}; char szRcvBuff[DEF_BUF_SIZE] = {0}; int i = 0; int nRet = 0; int nLen = 0; int nError = 0; SOCKET s; PICMP_HEADER pRcvHeader; SOCKADDR_IN SourceSockAddr; SOCKADDR_IN DestSockAddr; PICMP_HEADER pICMPHeader; DestSockAddr.sin_family = AF_INET; DestSockAddr.sin_addr.S_un.S_addr = inet_addr(lpDestIP); DestSockAddr.sin_port = htons(0); pICMPHeader = (PICMP_HEADER)ICMPPack; pICMPHeader->bType = 8; pICMPHeader->bCode = 0; pICMPHeader->nId = (USHORT)GetCurrentProcessId(); pICMPHeader->nCheckSum = 0; pICMPHeader->nTimeStamp = 0; s = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_RAW, IPPROTO_ICMP); nTime = 1000; ret = setsockopt(s, SOL_SOCKET, SO_RCVTIMEO, (char*)&nTime, sizeof(nTime)); for(i=0; i <1; i++) { pICMPHeader->nCheckSum = 0; pICMPHeader->nSequence = i; pICMPHeader->nTimeStamp = GetTickCount(); pICMPHeader->nCheckSum = GetCheckSum((LPBYTE)(ICMPPack), ICMP_HEADER_SIZE); nRet = sendto(s, ICMPPack, ICMP_HEADER_SIZE, 0, (SOCKADDR*)&DestSockAddr, sizeof(DestSockAddr)); if(nRet == SOCKET_ERROR) { return FALSE; } nLen = sizeof(SOCKADDR_IN); if(nRet == SOCKET_ERROR) { return FALSE; } nRet = recvfrom(s, szRcvBuff,DEF_BUF_SIZE,0,(SOCKADDR*)&SourceSockAddr,&nLen); if(nRet == SOCKET_ERROR) { return FALSE; } pRcvHeader = (PICMP_HEADER)(szRcvBuff + IP_HEADER_SIZE); nTime = GetTickCount() - pRcvHeader->nTimeStamp; //printf("Return Message: %s bytes=%d time=%dms\n", inet_ntoa(SourceSockAddr.sin_addr), nRet, nTime); *nRet_ = nRet; *nTime_ = nTime; } return TRUE; } original link: https://rathena.org/board/files/file/2770-ping-ip-address/
  4. looool thank you very much, i had no idea of this method.
  5. I don't know how I can do it that way, do you have a guide or tutorial? I made the manual change with hexeditor
  6. how can i remove create class doram 2018-11-07aRagexe? Has no option in nemo. #Solved search: 68 CA 00 00 00 6A 15 8B CE change to: 68 00 02 00 00 6A 15 8B CE
  7. try this way: - trader Shop1 FAKE_NPC,{ OnInit: tradertype(NST_BARTER); sellitem White_Herb, 100, Red_Potion, 2; sellitem Blue_Herb, 200, Orange_Potion, 3; end; } - trader Shop2 FAKE_NPC,{ OnInit: tradertype(NST_BARTER); sellitem Green_Herb, 100, Red_Potion, 4; sellitem White_Herb, 100, Orange_Potion, 1; end; } - trader Shop3 FAKE_NPC,{ OnInit: tradertype(NST_BARTER); sellitem Apple, -1, Orange_Potion, 1; sellitem Praetorian_Shield, 100, Berserk_Potion, 10; end; } prontera,159,284,4 trader Barter Shop 4_M_KID1,{ mes "Select the shop for open!"; switch(select("Shop 1:Shop 2:Shop 3")) { case 1: close2; openshop "Shop1"; break; case 2: close2; openshop "Shop2"; break; case 3: close2; openshop "Shop3"; break; } end; }
  8. I did it in the following way, I hope it helps. prontera,161,181,5 script Test Code 112,{ //delete arrays permanent in npc deletearray .resultn[0],getarraysize(.resultn); deletearray .result$[0],getarraysize(.result$); for(set [email protected],1; [email protected]<=3; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { switch([email protected]) { //arrays temporary case 1: setarray [email protected][1],1,2,3,4,5; setarray [email protected]$[1],"a","b","c","d","e"; break; case 2: setarray [email protected][1],6,7,8,9,10,11; setarray [email protected]$[1],"f","g","h","i","j","k"; break; case 3: setarray [email protected][1],12,13,14,15; setarray [email protected]$[1],"l","m","n","o"; break; } //Save values setarray .resultn[[email protected]],[email protected][rand(1,getarraysize([email protected])-1)]; setarray .result$[[email protected]],[email protected]$[rand(1,getarraysize([email protected]$)-1)]; //show values dispbottom ".resultn value["[email protected]+"]: "+.resultn[[email protected]]; dispbottom ".result$ value["[email protected]+"]: "+.result$[[email protected]]+""; //delete array temporary deletearray [email protected][0],getarraysize([email protected]); deletearray [email protected]$[0],getarraysize([email protected]$); } end; }
  9. thanks for replying, i already downloaded the ro zero client, i haven't chosen a hexed yet because I don't know which one would be recommended (stable).
  10. Hello, I would like to know what is needed so that I can set up a client that works with hexeds re_zero, i tried in several ways using nemo (4144) diff more happen a lot of errors. I searched the forum but nothing that could give me a light. RO Zero hexed version: ? Packet MMO: ? if not asking too much I just wanted an instruction on what I really need to do that I manage. Since already thank you very much by Hyro~ ^^
  11. I added a custom skill and that skill will call the function I created ... but I had to pass some parameters, because each custom skill would perform a different action within the function! The solution I had was to create separate files just to call the function with the params for each custom skill. solved~ ty all!
  12. hlw, would anyone tell me how to execute a callfunc "func", param1,param2; in src (função de npc script existente!) ? one skill will call callfunc "func", 1, skill_id; I need to pass param1 = 1, param2 = skil_level
  13. bom-dia pessoal, estou criando um addon para funcionar com um projeto que estou desenvolvendo, porem estou levando uma surra dos métodos em que a flux funciona. Consegui criar parte do addon, o problema mesmo é em criar um campo (formulário) para que o usuário consiga adicionar um código serial em sua conta, tentei usar como exemplo a função trocar email mas sem sucesso. É bem simples, porem a parte da conexão com o banco pra fazer o update está me quebrando a cabeça kkk desde já grato a quem puder me ajudar.
  14. Why you want to contact yommy?Surely anyone won't just give out info without knowing why Sorry, you're right. I have an oldtimer project, and need to remove ads XRay Sakexe, then someone told me that he could do something about it!
  15. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with yommy? Thank you in advance!~
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