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  1. data/luafiles514/lua files/service_usa(or service_korea)/ExternalSettings_usa.lub MaxLevelTable = { BaseLevel = 99, BaseLevel3rd = 175, BaseLevelExtend2 = 160, BaseLevelUpperJob = 175, BaseLevelHomun = 175, BaseLevelDoram = 175, JobLevelNovice = 10, JobLevelSuperNovice = 99, JobLevelBase = 50, JobLevel2nd = 70, JobLevel3rd = 60, JobLevelExtend2 = 50, JobLevelUpperJob = 60, JobLevelDoram = 50 } Change it to your blvl and the exp bar will be fixed.
  2. servers.php ~ Edit VPS IP / Db Username / Db Password / Db Name<?phpreturn array( // Example server configuration. You may have more arrays like this one to // specify multiple server groups (however they should share the same login // server whilst they are allowed to have multiple char/map pairs). array( 'ServerName' => 'FluxRO', // Global database configuration (excludes logs database configuration). 'DbConfig' => array( //'Socket' => '/tmp/mysql.sock', //'Port' => 3306, //'Encoding' => 'utf8', // Connection encoding -- use whatever here your MySQL tables collation is. 'Convert' => 'utf8', // -- 'Convert' option only works when 'Encoding' option is specified and iconv (http://php.net/iconv) is available. // -- It specifies the encoding to convert your MySQL data to on the website (most likely needs to be utf8) 'Hostname' => 'VPS IP', 'Username' => 'Database Login', 'Password' => 'Database Password', 'Database' => 'Database Name', 'Persistent' => true, 'Timezone' => null // Example: '+0:00' is UTC. // The possible values of 'Timezone' is as documented from the MySQL website: // "The value can be given as a string indicating an offset from UTC, such as '+10:00' or '-6:00'." // "The value can be given as a named time zone, such as 'Europe/Helsinki', 'US/Eastern', or 'MET'." (see below continuation!) // **"Named time zones can be used only if the time zone information tables in the mysql database have been created and populated." ), // This is kept separate because many people choose to have their logs // database accessible under different credentials, and often on a // different server entirely to ensure the reliability of the log data. 'LogsDbConfig' => array( //'Socket' => '/tmp/mysql.sock', //'Port' => 3306, //'Encoding' => null, // Connection encoding -- use whatever here your MySQL tables collation is. 'Convert' => 'utf8', // -- 'Convert' option only works when 'Encoding' option is specified and iconv (http://php.net/iconv) is available. // -- It specifies the encoding to convert your MySQL data to on the website (most likely needs to be utf8) 'Hostname' => 'VPS IP', 'Username' => 'Database Username', 'Password' => 'Database Passwordk', 'Database' => 'Database Name', 'Persistent' => true, 'Timezone' => null // Possible values is as described in the comment in DbConfig. ), // Login server configuration. 'LoginServer' => array( 'Address' => 'VPS IP', 'Port' => 6900, 'UseMD5' => false, 'NoCase' => true, // Hercules account case-sensitivity; Default: Case-INsensitive (true). 'GroupID' => 0, // Default account group ID during registration. //'Database' => 'ragnarok' ), 'CharMapServers' => array( array( 'ServerName' => 'FluxRO', 'Renewal' => false, 'MaxCharSlots' => 9, 'DateTimezone' => null, // Specifies game server's timezone for this char/map pair. (See: http://php.net/timezones) //'ResetDenyMaps' => 'sec_pri', // Defaults to 'sec_pri'. This value can be an array of map names. //'Database' => 'ragnarok', // Defaults to DbConfig.Database 'MaxBaseLevel' => 150, 'ExpRates' => array( 'Base' => 100, // Rate at which (base) exp is given 'Job' => 100, // Rate at which job exp is given 'Mvp' => 100 // MVP bonus exp rate ), 'DropRates' => array( // The rate the common items (in the ETC tab, besides card) are dropped 'Common' => 100, 'CommonBoss' => 100, // The rate healing items (that restore HP or SP) are dropped 'Heal' => 100, 'HealBoss' => 100, // The rate usable items (in the item tab other then healing items) are dropped 'Useable' => 100, 'UseableBoss' => 100, // The rate at which equipment is dropped 'Equip' => 100, 'EquipBoss' => 100, // The rate at which cards are dropped 'Card' => 100, 'CardBoss' => 100, // The rate adjustment for the MVP items that the MVP gets directly in their inventory 'MvpItem' => 100 ), 'CharServer' => array( 'Address' => 'VPS IP', 'Port' => 6121 ), 'MapServer' => array( 'Address' => 'VPS IP', 'Port' => 5121 ), // -- WoE days and times -- // First parameter: Starding day 0=Sunday / 1=Monday / 2=Tuesday / 3=Wednesday / 4=Thursday / 5=Friday / 6=Saturday // Second parameter: Starting hour in 24-hr format. // Third paramter: Ending day (possible value is same as starting day). // Fourth (final) parameter: Ending hour in 24-hr format. // ** (Note, invalid times are ignored silently.) 'WoeDayTimes' => array( //array(0, '12:00', 0, '14:00'), // Example: Starts Sunday 12:00 PM and ends Sunday 2:00 PM //array(3, '14:00', 3, '15:00') // Example: Starts Wednesday 2:00 PM and ends Wednesday 3:00 PM ), // Modules and/or actions to disallow access to during WoE. 'WoeDisallow' => array( array('module' => 'character', 'action' => 'online'), // Disallow access to "Who's Online" page during WoE. array('module' => 'character', 'action' => 'mapstats') // Disallow access to "Map Statistics" page during WoE. ) ) ) ));?>
  3. Hyoru

    Spider Web Limit

    Oh, thank you. I thought it was a source edit. Sorry.
  4. Hi. How can I increase the limit (3 to 5) of Spider Web? Thanks in advanced.
  5. Hey ya! I'm wondering if it is possible to remove rebirth from the job master. I don't want a job master that in a click you turn into transclass. Novice -> 1st Class -> 2nd Class -> Transclass. e.g.: Novice -> Swordsman -> Knight -> Lord Knight Thank you.
  6. Hyoru

    3rd Skills

    Thank you. Were you able to do this?? Nope. Hexing clients is a very difficult task, few people know how to do it.
  7. Hyoru

    3rd Skills

    Hello. Is it possible to remove a skill from 3rd job tab and put it in the 2nd job tab? e.g.: I want to add Cloaking Exceed to Assassin Cross. When I add the skill, it will show in the 3rd job tab. I want it to show in the 2nd Job tab. Thanks in advanced. Hyoru.
  8. Folder: db/pre-re (or re)/ mob_db.txt Poring: 1002,PORING,Poring,Poring,1,60,1,36,20,1,8,1,2,5,6,1,1,0,6,5,10,12,1,3,21,0x83,400,1872,672,480,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,909,7000,1202,100,938,400,512,1000,713,1500,512,150,619,20,0,0,0,0,4001,1 Example: 909 = Jellopy Change it to 607 (yggdrasil) and poring will drop ygg instead. Just find the item ID and change to what you want. @edit Don't forget to use the command @reloadmobdb after edit.
  9. I only have warp/go delay plugin, but I used it for a long time and it never caused me trouble.
  10. I tried to install this gdb but nothing happens, and now I removed all custom scripts that could use Jobs, BaseClass, etc, and the error still there. It is possible that those characters that already changed job are bugged? I'm out of options Thanks for the help! And sorry if I took to long to reply, I'm out of time.
  11. I have no idea what is this error and it's crashing my server (Sorry if this isn't the right place) Please help! At first I thought it was some NPC error, but it crashed in many NPCs as rental, card remover, reset, etc.. Thanks advanced.
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