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  1. data/luafiles514/lua files/skillinfoz/skilldescript.lub
  2. data/luafiles514/lua files/service_usa(or service_korea)/ExternalSettings_usa.lub MaxLevelTable = { BaseLevel = 99, BaseLevel3rd = 175, BaseLevelExtend2 = 160, BaseLevelUpperJob = 175, BaseLevelHomun = 175, BaseLevelDoram = 175, JobLevelNovice = 10, JobLevelSuperNovice = 99, JobLevelBase = 50, JobLevel2nd = 70, JobLevel3rd = 60, JobLevelExtend2 = 50, JobLevelUpperJob = 60, JobLevelDoram = 50 } Change it to your blvl and the exp bar will be fixed.
  3. His designs are good, but when I needed him, he told me he was busy and he couldn't help me at the moment. I waited 1 month and I didn't get response, then I started to send messages to him here and facebook, he visualized all the messages and didn't respond any of them. Really rude from his part cause we made a deal, where he would support me if there's any problem with the website that I BOUGHT. Unfortunatelly I had to pay someone else to fix those things for me. Btw, I'm still waiting for any response or any apologise
  4. 5 months without getting support for what I bought, I had to pay other person to fix a bug for me. I do not recommend.
  5. servers.php ~ Edit VPS IP / Db Username / Db Password / Db Name<?phpreturn array( // Example server configuration. You may have more arrays like this one to // specify multiple server groups (however they should share the same login // server whilst they are allowed to have multiple char/map pairs). array( 'ServerName' => 'FluxRO', // Global database configuration (excludes logs database configuration). 'DbConfig' => array( //'Socket' => '/tmp/mysql.sock', //'Port' => 3306, //'Encoding' => 'utf8', // Connection encoding -- use whatever here your MySQL tables collation is. 'Convert' => 'utf8', // -- 'Convert' option only works when 'Encoding' option is specified and iconv (http://php.net/iconv) is available. // -- It specifies the encoding to convert your MySQL data to on the website (most likely needs to be utf8) 'Hostname' => 'VPS IP', 'Username' => 'Database Login', 'Password' => 'Database Password', 'Database' => 'Database Name', 'Persistent' => true, 'Timezone' => null // Example: '+0:00' is UTC. // The possible values of 'Timezone' is as documented from the MySQL website: // "The value can be given as a string indicating an offset from UTC, such as '+10:00' or '-6:00'." // "The value can be given as a named time zone, such as 'Europe/Helsinki', 'US/Eastern', or 'MET'." (see below continuation!) // **"Named time zones can be used only if the time zone information tables in the mysql database have been created and populated." ), // This is kept separate because many people choose to have their logs // database accessible under different credentials, and often on a // different server entirely to ensure the reliability of the log data. 'LogsDbConfig' => array( //'Socket' => '/tmp/mysql.sock', //'Port' => 3306, //'Encoding' => null, // Connection encoding -- use whatever here your MySQL tables collation is. 'Convert' => 'utf8', // -- 'Convert' option only works when 'Encoding' option is specified and iconv (http://php.net/iconv) is available. // -- It specifies the encoding to convert your MySQL data to on the website (most likely needs to be utf8) 'Hostname' => 'VPS IP', 'Username' => 'Database Username', 'Password' => 'Database Passwordk', 'Database' => 'Database Name', 'Persistent' => true, 'Timezone' => null // Possible values is as described in the comment in DbConfig. ), // Login server configuration. 'LoginServer' => array( 'Address' => 'VPS IP', 'Port' => 6900, 'UseMD5' => false, 'NoCase' => true, // Hercules account case-sensitivity; Default: Case-INsensitive (true). 'GroupID' => 0, // Default account group ID during registration. //'Database' => 'ragnarok' ), 'CharMapServers' => array( array( 'ServerName' => 'FluxRO', 'Renewal' => false, 'MaxCharSlots' => 9, 'DateTimezone' => null, // Specifies game server's timezone for this char/map pair. (See: http://php.net/timezones) //'ResetDenyMaps' => 'sec_pri', // Defaults to 'sec_pri'. This value can be an array of map names. //'Database' => 'ragnarok', // Defaults to DbConfig.Database 'MaxBaseLevel' => 150, 'ExpRates' => array( 'Base' => 100, // Rate at which (base) exp is given 'Job' => 100, // Rate at which job exp is given 'Mvp' => 100 // MVP bonus exp rate ), 'DropRates' => array( // The rate the common items (in the ETC tab, besides card) are dropped 'Common' => 100, 'CommonBoss' => 100, // The rate healing items (that restore HP or SP) are dropped 'Heal' => 100, 'HealBoss' => 100, // The rate usable items (in the item tab other then healing items) are dropped 'Useable' => 100, 'UseableBoss' => 100, // The rate at which equipment is dropped 'Equip' => 100, 'EquipBoss' => 100, // The rate at which cards are dropped 'Card' => 100, 'CardBoss' => 100, // The rate adjustment for the MVP items that the MVP gets directly in their inventory 'MvpItem' => 100 ), 'CharServer' => array( 'Address' => 'VPS IP', 'Port' => 6121 ), 'MapServer' => array( 'Address' => 'VPS IP', 'Port' => 5121 ), // -- WoE days and times -- // First parameter: Starding day 0=Sunday / 1=Monday / 2=Tuesday / 3=Wednesday / 4=Thursday / 5=Friday / 6=Saturday // Second parameter: Starting hour in 24-hr format. // Third paramter: Ending day (possible value is same as starting day). // Fourth (final) parameter: Ending hour in 24-hr format. // ** (Note, invalid times are ignored silently.) 'WoeDayTimes' => array( //array(0, '12:00', 0, '14:00'), // Example: Starts Sunday 12:00 PM and ends Sunday 2:00 PM //array(3, '14:00', 3, '15:00') // Example: Starts Wednesday 2:00 PM and ends Wednesday 3:00 PM ), // Modules and/or actions to disallow access to during WoE. 'WoeDisallow' => array( array('module' => 'character', 'action' => 'online'), // Disallow access to "Who's Online" page during WoE. array('module' => 'character', 'action' => 'mapstats') // Disallow access to "Map Statistics" page during WoE. ) ) ) ));?>
  6. Hyoru

    Spider Web Limit

    Oh, thank you. I thought it was a source edit. Sorry.
  7. Hi. How can I increase the limit (3 to 5) of Spider Web? Thanks in advanced.
  8. Hey ya! I'm wondering if it is possible to remove rebirth from the job master. I don't want a job master that in a click you turn into transclass. Novice -> 1st Class -> 2nd Class -> Transclass. e.g.: Novice -> Swordsman -> Knight -> Lord Knight Thank you.
  9. Hyoru

    3rd Skills

    Thank you. Were you able to do this?? Nope. Hexing clients is a very difficult task, few people know how to do it.
  10. Hyoru

    3rd Skills

    Hello. Is it possible to remove a skill from 3rd job tab and put it in the 2nd job tab? e.g.: I want to add Cloaking Exceed to Assassin Cross. When I add the skill, it will show in the 3rd job tab. I want it to show in the 2nd Job tab. Thanks in advanced. Hyoru.
  11. Folder: db/pre-re (or re)/ mob_db.txt Poring: 1002,PORING,Poring,Poring,1,60,1,36,20,1,8,1,2,5,6,1,1,0,6,5,10,12,1,3,21,0x83,400,1872,672,480,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,909,7000,1202,100,938,400,512,1000,713,1500,512,150,619,20,0,0,0,0,4001,1 Example: 909 = Jellopy Change it to 607 (yggdrasil) and poring will drop ygg instead. Just find the item ID and change to what you want. @edit Don't forget to use the command @reloadmobdb after edit.