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  1. They're the same OS, the only difference are in the hardware. The difference in software would have to be that the old machine had versions of .net 3-4.5 while the new one only has 4.5 Not sure if that's even going to help anything, but i doubt it makes any real difference.
  2. @@zackdreaver What do you mean checked setup/opensetup? On my side, those are both present, and are at the default settings. In fact, back when I messed up my diffing, they keep popping out. Which was really annoying. As for my video card being present, I don't have any other means of video processing other than my video card. It's an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 btw. I also have 32 gigs of ram, just putting it out there. As for the UAC, those were the first things I did. I even experimented with default settings, to no avail. The app still plain crashes.
  3. @@zackdreaver I find myself in the same exact situation. In fact, I hexed every client I found, even fixed the nil issues, only to find this happening. The app simply stops responding and crashes. After investigating, some of these clients would work on my older, decrepit computer, but wouldn't in my new, almost bleeding edge computer. Just in case you were wondering, I was using the exact same folder with the exact same files in them, but on two different computers. Meaning? Something was missing I suspect it to be a C++ redist containing runtime files. I have yet to test this but am currently downloading the 2013 redist. If this fails, the recommended redist is 2008, which I will try later on, should 2013 fail. Hopefully though, it doesn't. I find it odd though, I have VS2013, which should include it's runtime files. Will be testing nonetheless. Update: I have redist for 2005 all the way to 2013. This means I'm missing something else. I'm at a loss at this point. Just in case it matters, my net framework is 4.5
  4. bonus2 bSkillAtk,n,x; Increase damage of skill n by x% (supports skill names) implemented via item script?... You can also increase max skill level?
  5. Nah, I don't like any of the renewal settings, I just needed the updated DBs and such so I have RE enabled, but everything else is commented, I double checked. I also tried this on different settings, like enabling the renewal ASPD, disabling it, having the var cast on etc. And yes I re-compile my kit. Maybe it has something to do with item ID?
  6. - Just wanted to know if anyone has successfully implemented a custom weapon without having the problems that I am encountering. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  7. - Okay so hi guys, I'm new to Hercules. Anyways, Section 1: Data • weapontable.lua • iteminfo.lub • Item.db Section 2: Problems Once weapon is equipped, attack speed drops to 50 aspd. Note that weaponless, you start at 160. This doesn't happen with other weapons. Note: Tested with all classes. Weapon can't be dual wielded. Would be much appreciated if anyone could explain custom weapons to me. Currently, if I wanted them to be useful, they have to be coded as an accessory and completely omitted from the weapon lub. But my perfectionist blood prevents me from doing that. I end up wanting to do it properly, they are otherwise not implemented. Anyways, If anyone could shed some light into this. Thanks in advance.
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