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  1. How to move iteminfo.lub to GRF for client to read??

  2. Use Nemo Patcher - "Always Call SelectKoreaClientInfo() (Recomended)", exe from 2017-07+ don`t support some language ( ExternalSettings_'lang'.lub ), and this patch fix the problem. Or easy way: rename folder name and file from LuaFiles514/Lua Files/service_korea/ExternalSettings_kr.lub to LuaFiles514/Lua Files/service_china/ExternalSettings_ch.lub New clients support next language: LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_korea\zero_server\ExternalSettings_kr LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_usa\ExternalSettings_usa LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_japan\ExternalSettings_jp LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_china\ExternalSettings_ch LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_taiwan\ExternalSettings_tw LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_thailand\ExternalSettings_th LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_indonesia\ExternalSettings_id LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_philippine\ExternalSettings_ph LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_brazil\ExternalSettings_br LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_france\ExternalSettings_fr
  3. This client support it "2015-05-13a" +
  4. This only works on client version 2015.
  5. I`ll sent you compiled server in PM.
  6. Install all upgrade files to your SQL scheme. Guide from rathena: Database Installation It is now time to install the pre-installed database files that will allow your rAthena server to connect to your MySQL database and properly store data, such as characters, items, and guilds. Open up MySQL Workbench to the home screen. [*] [*]Double click "localhost" on the left under the "SQL Development" section. (Image) [*]On the next screen (after a small loading bubble pops up), you will have access to the specific tables that were mentioned earlier. You will enter this screen in the future when you want to edit accounts and other things directly (not common). [*]We need to install a new "Schema", this is like a folder where all the database tables are stored. Click the yellow cylinder looking thing in the upper left to create a new Schema. Name it "ragnarok" - NOTE! Lower case is important here, make sure it is exactly "ragnarok". The server collation should be "Server Default". [*]Click "Apply" to create the Schema. A window will pop up with the actual commands that are going to take place; click "Apply" again to finalize your order. [*]Now right click 'ragnarok' under "Object Browser" and click "Set as default schema", a line will appear through it telling the browser that any commands you make now will be ordered to that Schema. [*]Next, click the button directly to the left of the one you just did, it says "SQL" with a tiny folder. Navigate to your rAthena/sql-files/ folder, and open the sql script file "main.sql". [*]You'll see a bunch of code appear, these are commands that will tell the browser to create plain databases for your rAthena server. Click the yellow lightning bolt in the upper left hand corner to execute it and allow it to finish (ensure you click the first lightning bolt, the one without a cursor symbol or a magnifying glass over it). [*]After it finishes, a bunch of executed commands will appear on the bottom of the screen. You can now expand the ragnarok schema to see a bunch of tables. (Image) [*]Now, do the same thing for a schema called "log", but open and execute logs.sql instead of main.sql. Ensure the tables are there as well. [*]Close the existing query tabs by hitting the "X" in the upper right of the tab. With the ragnarok tables still open, scroll down to the "login" table and RIGHT click it, then select "Edit Table Data". [*]Here you'll see existing account information that players can log in with to make characters. If you remember, the first account is the server communication account and it has the default password that you were asked to reset earlier. For our example we chose "FishUser" and "FishPassword". Enter these in the "username" and "password" field. And then create your first GM account by clicking where the word "null" is on the row with a ' * ' and enter "2000000" for the "account_id" field, with a username and password that you like. For this guide we chose a username of "AthenaGM" and a password of "12345" and a sex of "M". To enable full administrator GM, just set the "group_id" to "99". Zero out everything else.When you are finished it should look like THIS. [*]Hit the "Apply" button in the corner and then again when the code prompt appears. This should modify your tables. After it is done, you may close the SQL Editor by clicking the "X" on the tab at upper left corner. Hitting the "X" in the upper right closes the whole workbench. If you accidentally close it, just open it again. [*]On the Workbench Home Screen, click "Manage Security" under Server Administration. Select "[email protected]" and then click "OK". [*]The next screen is the security window. You want to add an account that your server can use to access the databases that is NOT the root account, for enhanced security. Click "Add Account" in the lower left of the default screen. [*]The login name needs to be "ragnarok", and the password we selected earlier for this guide is "Fish". The system will tell you how strong your password is... Fish is a very weak password. Leave the connectivity limit box defaulted and then hit "Apply" in the lower right. (Image) [*]You'll see the account show up in the left above root. Select it and then click the "Administrative Roles" tab. [*]Ensure that the "MonitorAdmin", "DBManager", "DBDesigner" and "BackupAdmin" are checked. Some of these will select themselves based on what you click. Then click "Apply". As a note, this step isn't entirely necessary but provides increased security. The simpler step is to just give the user all privileges by clicking the "DBA" option at the top. (Image) [*]Click the "Schema Privileges" tab. [*]In this tab, click "ragnarok" and then click the only available button, which is "Add Entry...". [*]Leave "Any Host" selected and change Schema to "Selected Schemas". Then select the "ragnarok" schema and hit OK. [*]At the bottom, hit "Select 'ALL'" to enable all database privileges for this Schema. This allows your ragnarok user to have access to all the tables in the schema of the same name. In other words, it allows your server to read/write the tables in the database you made. Make sure you click "Save Changes". [*]Do the same for the "log" schema you made. When you are done it should look like this. Congratulations! You have successful installed the MySQL database and are ready to run your server! See below for further adjustments.
  7. Try upgrade your SQL schemes. Something changed in packet?
  8. Use full script: prontera,153,152,1 trader TestCustom2 4_F_EDEN_OFFICER,{ OnInit: tradertype(NST_CUSTOM); sellitem Red_Potion,2; end; /* allows currency to be item 501 and 502 */ OnCountFunds: setcurrency(countitem(Red_Potion),countitem(Orange_Potion)); end; /* receives @price (total cost) and @points (the secondary input field for cash windows) */ OnPayFunds: dispbottom "Hi: price="[email protected]+" and points="[email protected]; if( countitem(Orange_Potion) < @points || countitem(Red_Potion) < @[email protected] ) end; delitem Orange_Potion,@points; delitem Red_Potion,@price-[email protected]; purchaseok(); end; }
  9. I think you must diff your client like this guide. I have not tested, but try this: http://herc.ws/board/topic/1974-release-custom-job-custom-shield-patches/
  10. Thanks it work! example: mes "Message text <ITEMLINK>Butterfly Wing<INFO>602</INFO></ITEMLINK> text.";
  11. hello did not quite understand what u want ... Was like this: <ITEM>Butterfly Wing<INFO>602</INFO></ITEM>";
  12. Help to find the script command to display information about the item. The link is written in the NPC dialogue. In the dialogue box to display the text "Display Name" and clicking on it open the description with the image of things. Was like this: <ITEM>Display Name<INFO>Item id</INFO></ITEM>"; Sorry for bad English.
  13. I`ll just find how to fix it. You must change name "ws2_pp.dll" to => "ws2_32.dll" in Hex Editor. in your exe* (sorry for my english)
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