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  1. kindly specify what error you're getting?
  2. ShogS

    Guild Package

    Have you tried using the IP add instead of Mac addresses?
  3. @judas sometimes it will fall to success but the client side can't connect to the server
  4. On what revision does Harmony support?
  5. Hi can anybody help me with this one? I am using an Updated Hercules SVN when I start installing harmony to the SVN this will show Now I decide to manually patch it and this was the error upon compiling the server
  6. DONE... I've solve it my self
  7. does any one of you experience this? all of my maps does not show the effect of the lights on each map even tho I enable or disable /lightmap still its the problem LIGHTS of the maps could not be seen. I used Alexandria's data folder 4.0 from rA
  8. Your welcome Vote this post up if you find this helpful / useful to you by clicking the
  9. just Disable the Extend Chat Box
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