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  1. try follow this tutorial and make sure at the end you edit do quadtree and then save
  2. IndieRO

    New char Box's

    show us your script? when click the box
  3. conf/map/battle/feature.conf search refine
  4. you missing 1 step register the robe id at luafiles/transparentItem/transparentItem.lub
  5. Hi, I need Script Instance Faceworm Devils Tower GMT PM me if you can and give me the price
  6. IndieRO

    can you help me

    do you mean make player must do rebirth than bypass the rebirth process? if Yes try to disable this part if( [email protected]_possible ) { // Third Job change (displayed below rebirth) Require_Level(.Req_Third[0], .Req_Third[1]); Job_Options([email protected]_opt, roclass([email protected]|EAJL_THIRD)); }
  7. check your item database and make sure u have the right location for thats costume
  8. what your goal ? why don't you just add the item do you want to mob_db.conf?
  9. prontera,0,0,0,0 monster Poring 1002,50,0,0,"poringprize::OnMobDead" - script poringprize -1,{ OnMobDead: getitem 969,1; poring_kill = poring_kill + 1; if ( poring_kill == 10 ) { poring_kill = 0; } end; }
  10. how about your accname.lub [ACCESSORY_IDs.ACCESSORY_Nut_Cracker] = "_Nut_Cracker", its should be like this
  11. Hi, i want to try use Zero Client and want to know which stable client date for live server?
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