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  1. prontera,146,189,3 script PvP Room 469,{ mes "[^ff0000PvP Room^000000]"; mes "Ok, Choose One!"; mes "^FF0000PVP Free for All^000000: Enable all equipment and items"; mes "^FF0000Champ vs Champ^000000: Weapon and Acc only."; mes "^FF0000SinX vs SinX^000000: Sinx Maniac!"; mes "^FF0000Solo Mode^000000: Disable Party."; mes "^FF0000GVG Map^000000: Guild only map with WoE system and mechanics."; next; menu "^008000- ^000000 PVP Free for all ^FF0000["+ (getmapusers("06guild_08.gat"))+ "]^000000",MM, "^008000- ^000000 Champ vs Champ ^FF0000["+ (getmapusers("pvp_n_6-5.gat"))+ "]^000000",SS, "^008000- ^000000 SinX vs SinX ^FF0000["+ (getmapusers("pvp_n_4-5.gat"))+ "]^000000",SX, "^008000- ^000000 Solo Mode ^FF0000["+ (getmapusers("[email protected]"))+ "]^000000",SM, "^008000- ^000000 GVG Map ^FF0000["+ (getmapusers("guild_vs3.gat"))+ "]^000000",DM; SM: [email protected]_id = getcharid(1); if ([email protected]_id < 1) { mes "^ff0000You have party! please remove your party!.^000000"; close; } mes "[^ff0000PvP Room^000000]"; mes "Here we go!"; if (getgroupid()<6) { announce strcharinfo(0)+" Has Entered The Pvp [Solo Mode]",bc_all,0xcccccc; } warp "[email protected]", 0,0; close; MM: warp "06guild_08",0,0; announce ""+ strcharinfo(0) +" Has Entered The Pvp room.",bc_all,0xcccccc; end; DM: mes "[^ff0000PvP Room^000000]"; if (getcharid(2) == 0){ next; mes "You don't have guild"; close; } mes "Here we go!"; warp "guild_vs3",0,0; if (getgroupid()<6) { announce strcharinfo(0)+" Has Entered The GVG Map",bc_all,0xcccccc; } close; SX: if ( class == 4013) { warp "pvp_n_4-5",0,0; announce strcharinfo(0)+" Has Entered The PVP [Sinx VS Sinx]",bc_all,0x00FFFF; end; } mes "[^ff0000PvP Room^000000]"; mes "Only Sinx can enter this room"; close; SS: if (class == 4016) { warp "pvp_n_6-5",0,0; announce strcharinfo(0)+" Has Entered The PVP [Champ VS Champ]",bc_all,0x00FFFF; end; } mes "[^ff0000PvP Room^000000]"; mes "This is Room Champ Only!!"; end; L_No: mes "[^ff0000PvP Room^000000]"; mes "Ok Right !"; close; end; OnInit: waitingroom "[PvP Room]",0; end; } // custom [email protected] mapflag nowarpto [email protected] mapflag nowarp [email protected] mapflag noreturn guild_vs2 mapflag nowarpto guild_vs2 mapflag nowarp guild_vs2 mapflag noreturn guild_vs3 mapflag nowarpto guild_vs3 mapflag nowarp guild_vs3 mapflag noreturn pvp_n_6-5 mapflag nowarpto pvp_n_6-5 mapflag nowarp pvp_n_6-5 mapflag noreturn guild_vs3 mapflag restricted 3 pvp_n_6-5 mapflag restricted 3 guild_vs2 mapflag restricted 3 pvp_n_6-5 mapflag nobranch guild_vs2 mapflag nobranch [email protected] mapflag nobranch guild_vs3 mapflag nocommand 5 pvp_n_6-5 mapflag nocommand 5 [email protected] mapflag nocommand 5 [email protected] mapflag pvp [email protected] mapflag nosave [email protected] mapflag noteleport [email protected] mapflag pvp_noguild 06guild_08 mapflag nosave 06guild_08 mapflag nowarpto 06guild_08 mapflag nowarp 06guild_08 mapflag noreturn 06guild_08 mapflag nobranch 06guild_08 mapflag nocommand 5 06guild_08 mapflag pvp 06guild_08 mapflag noteleport 06guild_08 mapflag pvp_noguild pvp_n_4-5 mapflag nosave pvp_n_4-5 mapflag nowarpto pvp_n_4-5 mapflag nowarp pvp_n_4-5 mapflag noreturn pvp_n_4-5 mapflag nobranch pvp_n_4-5 mapflag nocommand 5 pvp_n_4-5 mapflag pvp pvp_n_4-5 mapflag noteleport pvp_n_4-5 mapflag pvp_noguild
  2. on msgstringtable.txt u can find on you grf
  3. Delete via SQL and Searching the item_ID ( mjolnir) , cek on table Cart, invent, storage. make sure u do on Maintenance mode
  4. patch with nemo on 20191224Ragexe
  5. Version 1.0.0


    I just learn how to make it sprite Headgear Enjoy!
  6. View File My First Sprite Pet Headgear I just learn how to make it sprite Headgear Enjoy! Submitter IndieRO Submitted 01/08/22 Category Sprites & Palettes  
  7. I just share my guild storage for Hercules
  8. HI, I just try to convert Punching Bag rathena to Hercules with param Setting Enjoy note : maybe someone can improve the part getunitdata
  9. just make new file on npc/custom/bindcommand.txt register the new file on npc/script_custom.conf
  10. any new to update the full version work?
  11. get any error on console? i was try and working fine
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