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  1. i think no.. its long time ago and i forgot about that sorry
  2. green aura its client side i guess
  3. which stable client for ro zero i want to try thanks in advance
  4. What is HERCULES SUPORT database for ROZERO? like monster database etc? or just support client?
  5. as always stunning!! Good job!
  6. yeah i know this script command but how to make repeat this function? A > B > C > D > E Back to A
  7. hi, bro how did u do with that npc random walking? that is npc right?
  8. if you wanna build renewal use rathena but if you wanna build pre renewal prefer use Hercules or 3ceam
  9. Hi, @Jman how about if im use nginx??
  10. try this defpattern 1,"([^:]+):.*"[email protected]+".*", "OnRight";
  11. hi, @4144 can u tell me whats different client with themida or without themida?? and can wee protect the client with themida byself?
  12. melv0

    NPC Help

    in folder system find Towninfo.lub
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