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  1. Was riding home from my studio this evening and sighted this license plate, and was immediately compelled to pop in and say, “Hello!” 👍🏽
  2. I'll be back ... eventually. Maybe? I don't know yet. I miss RO and I graduate Sunday with two Masters degrees. Who knows?

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      atleast update your @go Text links their dead and we need them lol

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    New life for RO

    I'll gladly become a patron of this project once a public release is available!
  4. Do a check for the job ID in the NPC script itself. If the class ID = summoner, set a limit in the NPC script itself.
  5. Literally amazing. I can't wait for the next update!
  6. Goddamn right you're following me now. Nnnnfffffff.

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      Yer gosh darn right!

  7. I mean, there's this: https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE That's the best I could find this morning when I was looking for the client translation project.
  8. Happy Birthday!! :)

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    New life for RO

    Wishing you all the best with this project!
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    Back from the Dead

    Hey, Z3R0! Good to see another familiar face.
  11. Howdy, everyone! I can't remember the last time I was on here or looked at RO-related content. Someone asked me to update an old script of mine about a week ago, then I just saw Ziu's livefeed leveling a professor, and I decided to pop my head in here to see what was new, say howdy to old friends, and generally reminisce. I definitely miss RO and especially this community. I miss the fun I had creating content, even if I or my staff were the only people to actually enjoy it. (Lol.) If anyone out there reading remembers me, what have you been up to the past few years? I'm finishing up two Masters degrees, teach, and perform a bit. I never anticipated RO to play such a huge role in my life for literally a decade, but I'm grateful for the game, grateful for this emulator -- including the developers, staff, and many supporters it has/has had since its creation. I am totally out of the loop with regard to how this project is going these days, but I wish it only the best. If you're an oldbie from Herc, the other project, one of my servers, or simply remember me, I'd love to hear from you. Shoot me a message sometime. Thank you, Ind, Jman, and all the countless others who helped me along the way. Until soon, jTynne/Justin
  12. Working on two master's degrees. If you see me online, I'm just poking my head in for a bit. I do not intend on returning to RO.

  13. Absolutely stunning creations. Will keep you in mind.
  14. jTynne, on 06 Jan 2014 - 22:20, said: Tools/Things You Will Need Photoshop CS4 or above (I use CS6 in this tutorial) SprConview GRF Tool WeeThumbnail Viewer (instructions on how to install below) 800mb-1.5gb Available HDD space Optional: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 or GIMP (not included in toolpack.zip below; not necessary) Preface/Getting Started First and foremost, download my tool package here: http://justintfields.com/guides/SpriteRecolorTutorial.zip This tool pack contains SprConview, GRF Tool, and other essential programs I use when working on the server (Browedit, various patchers for different official RO servers, etc) Extract the entire tool pack to a location on your computer that you can easily find/return to. Guide 1. Navigate to your GRF Tool program from the tool pack contents. Open it, click "Open", and find your data.grf (located in your CasualRO install folder): http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/1.png 2. Let's make sure we have our GRF Tool configured properly. Click on "Settings" and make sure the first option is selected. 2.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/2.png 3. Now, we're going to extract ALL of the .spr files from the GRF. Search for .spr and hit enter, or click the button on the right to search. (GO TO STEP 5 TO LEARN HOW TO EXTRACT) 3.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/3.png 4. (You will return to do the same as step 3, but after you do the extraction process in step 5) 4.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/4.png 5. When you've found all the .spr or .act files, click "Extract", make a new folder, and name it something you'll remember in a location you can easily return to. Then click OK to begin the extraction process. 5.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/5.png 6. After you've extracted both .spr and .act files, navigate to where you extracted them. Once you get to the /data/sprite/ folder, you'll see a ton of folders and other files. Refer to the image below to find the drop sprite folder and the headgear folder. These are the only two we will use for this tutorial. I've made note of where monsters and robes are located in case you want to take a gander in them. 6.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/6.png 7. Let's dive into the headgears folder. 7.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/7.png 8. As you can see above, I can see previews of sprites in my folders. This is important because NOTHING is named in English besides a few of the newer class sprites, so you will also want to be able to visibly see a preview of what each sprite file is of. That said, navigate to you extracted the toolpack.zip, and go into the WeeThumbnail folder, and then into the folder noted in the screencapture below. Double click "Install". Head back into your sprites folder. If you can't see previews still, reboot your computer. Then return to the headgears folder in step 7. 8.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/8.png 9. I always work with the female headgear sprites as my bases for recolors because a lot of the female sprites have an extra frame in their .spr file, that the male sprites for whatever reason lack. If you work with male headgear sprites as bases, you'll encounter crashes in-game due to the missing frame, so let's go into the female headgear sprite folder as noted in step 7. 9.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/9.png 10. For this tutorial, I've opted to make a recolor of the Racoon Doll Hat. You will want to copy both the .act and .spr file with the same filename. 10.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/10.png 11. Now, let's move these into a safe location and set up our folder hierarchy. Create a folder on your desktop named "data" Inside of this folder, create two folders, "sprite" and "texture" Go into the "sprite" folder Once inside the sprite folder, create a folder with the following name: ¾ÆÀÌÅÛ While still inside the sprite folder, create another folder with this name: ¾Ç¼¼»ç¸® Go inside of the folder named ¾Ç¼¼»ç¸® and create two folders; one named ¿© and the other named ³² Navigate backwards into the "data" folder again, and enter the "texture" folder Inside the texture folder, create a folder called À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º Go into the folder called À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º and create two folders named "item" and "collection" At the end of this hierarchy creation, you should have the following hierarchy created: data ------- sprite ------- ------- ¾ÆÀÌÅÛ ------- ------- ¾Ç¼¼»ç¸® ------- ------- ------- ¿© ------- ------- ------- ³² ------- texture ------- ------- À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º ------- ------- ------- item ------- ------- ------- collection Remember when I told you to copy the .act and .spr in step 10? Locate where you copied those files to, and I recommend placing them within data/sprite/¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®/ for the time being as seen below. 11.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/11.png 12. Now, when you double-click .spr files, by default, Windows usually has NO idea what to do with them. So let's assign the default program to open .spr files to be SprConview from the toolpack.zip archive. Right-click the .spr file, go to "Open With", and "Choose default program..." 12.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/12.png 13. Chances are high that SprConview won't be in your Recommended Programs list, so if it's not, click "Browse", locate where you extracted the toolpack.zip contents, and locate SprConview inside of that folder. Once you've found it, make sure you check the box on the left so .spr files always open with Sprconview. Then click OK. 13.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/13.png 14. Once you've assigned SprConview to open the .spr files, double click the sprite to open it! 14.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/14.png 15. Now, let's extract the frames from the sprite file by converting each frame into a .bmp image. Click "Convert" and select "Spr to Bmp" 15.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/15.png 16. A new box will appear. Under "Sprite" click the Browse button to the right of the blank field. Select the sprite (use the preview window to confirm it's the file you want) and click "Open". 16.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/16.png 17. Next, enter a name in the BMP directory field (no need to click browse; just write a name for a new folder to be created where you're currently located). Click "Convert" to extract the frames. 17.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/17.png 18. Navigate into the folder the frames were extracted into. 18.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/18.png 19. It's time to open CS4 or above! 19.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/19.png 20. Open just the very first file (far left side, usually numbered 001 at the end of the file name) in Photoshop. Once open, go to "Image" -> "Adjustments" -> "Replace Color" 20.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/20.png 21. Replace the colors until you achieve a coloration you like! I've opted to make this head all gray (like a real racoon!), but you can easily make it any color(s) you want by playing with the Hue/Saturation/Lightness sliders. 21.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/21.png 22. Once you're satisfied with your coloration, save the file. 22.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/22.png 23. This is just an aside really, but you only have to edit the first frame of each sprite in order to achieve the recolor effect throughout the entire sprite. This is because later when we convert the bmp back into a .spr, SprConview uses only the first frame to create the palette for the sprite file. Super handy and saves time! I used to edit every single frame, but it's not necessary to do. 24. Once you've saved the file, you should see the preview image update with your changes in the folder. 24.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/24.png 25. It's time to repack these .bmp images into a sprite file! Back in SprConview, click "Convert", and this time select the second option "Bmp to Spr". 25.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/25.png 26. A new window will appear. Click "Add" and another box will open. Left click the first image (the one you recolored) then hold down shift and left-click the very last image at the bottom. This will select all of the frames in the correct order. Then click "Open". 26.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/26.png 27. Now enter the filename you wish to assign to your recolored sprite. Make sure you include the .spr file extension at the end of the name. I've chosen "racoon_head_recolor.spr" for this demonstration. Uncheck the "Encode" box. We no longer use this option in the clients and leaving it checked will cause your sprite to display incorrectly once in-game. Once you've done the preceeding instructions, click "Convert". 27.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/27.png 28. Your newly created sprite will appear in the same folder the .bmp frames are found, so jump back in there if you were elsewhere. 28.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/28.png 29. Admire your work! No, actually, make sure all of the frames are there, and that you can't see the background color from the .bmp files. It should include all of the frames you originally extracted from the original sprite. Below, I've opened the sprite in five different windows to see all angles. It's not necessary to do, but helps to see an overview of your work. 29.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/29.png 30. Copy and paste your newly recolored sprite up one directory where you pasted the original .spr and .act files. Now, let's tidy things up a bit.. If you have any extra files besides the original .spr and .act, delete those. Keep the female and male folders, AND the default .act as we still need that. 30.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/30.png 31. Make a copy of the .act file. 31.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/31.png 32. Rename it, and keep the female prefix. 32.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/32.png 33. Select the male folder as if to rename it, but just copy the filename into your clipboard (Ctrl+C) 33.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/33.png 34. Rename the other .act file, this time with a male prefix. 34.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/34.png 35. Make a copy of your recolored .spr file. 35.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/35.png 36. Rename the original and the copy to have the same names as the .act files (one male, one female) 36.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/36.png 37. Move the male sprites to the male folder.. 37.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/37.png 38. And move the female sprites to the female folder.. 38.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/38.png 39. Go into the female folder and copy the .spr file to your clip board. Next, go up two directories so you can get into the drop sprite folder. 39.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/39.png 40. Paste the .spr from your clip board inside of the drop sprite folder. It still needs a .act, so let's go grab it! 40.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/40.png 41. Navigate to where you extracted files from the GRF in steps 4 and 5. 41.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/41.png 42. Find the .act file associated with the headgear you chose to recolor. (Technically any .act in this folder will work fine, but for the sake of consistency in this tutorial, just humor me and do it.) 42.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/42.png 43. Paste the .act file into where you have YOUR recolored sprite in your drop sprite folder. 43.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/43.png 44. And rename it. Note: Take off any prefix (female or male) your files may have. 44.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/44.png 45. Next, go up two directories into the "data" folder. If you've already made a texture folder, ignore this step. 45.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/45.png 46. And inside this folder named texture, create the "collection" and "item" folders if you haven't already. (If you've followed this tutorial step by step, then disregard this step as you should have already created them.) We will, however, need to get back into the GRF and pull out the collection and item images belonging to the original sprite. 46.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/46.png 47. So, let's re-open GRF Tool and open data.grf back up if you've closed it already. 47.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/47.png 48. Search for "item" and then click "Extract", and extract the files to whatever folder you extracted the .spr and .act files to. 48.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/48.png 49. Search for "collection" and then click "Extract", and extract the files to whatever folder you extracted the .spr and .act files to. 49.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/49.png 50. Navigate to the folder you just extracted all of the item/collection images to (data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/). Inside you will see two folders; collection and image 50.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/50.png 51. Inside of the collection folder, find the image associated with your headgear you recolored, copy/paste it into your own collection image folder, and load the copied version into Photoshop. 51.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/51.png 52. Inside of the item folder, find the image associated with your headgear you recolored, copy/paste it into your own item image folder, and load the copied version into Photoshop. 52.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/52.png 53. Just to clarify, 53.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/53.png 54. Now, rename the files to what you named your recolored sprite, 54.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/54.png 55. Now, in Photoshop, let's play with Replace color once again! 55.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/55.png 56. Replace the colors you need to, and save the image. 56.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/56.png 57. Repeat with the second image, 57.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/57.png 58. Go to /data/texture/ and if your "item" and "collection" folders aren't already inside of the long filename folder, À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/, then move them into it. 58.png http://justintfields.com/guides/recolors/58.png 59. At the end, you should have the following (assuming you did the same recolor as shown above, with the same filenames) files / file heirarchy: data ------- sprite ------- ------- ¾ÆÀÌÅÛ ------- ------- ------- racoon_head_recolor.spr ------- ------- ------- racoon_head_recolor.act ------- ------- ¾Ç¼¼»ç¸® ------- ------- ------- ¿© ------- ------- ------- ------- ¿©_racoon_head_recolor.spr ------- ------- ------- ------- ¿©_racoon_head_recolor.act ------- ------- ------- ³² ------- ------- ------- ------- ³²_racoon_head_recolor.spr ------- ------- ------- ------- ³²_racoon_head_recolor.act ------- texture ------- ------- À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º ------- ------- ------- item ------- ------- ------- ------- racoon_head_recolor.bmp ------- ------- ------- collection ------- ------- ------- ------- racoon_head_recolor.bmp Additional Notes This tutorial only covers creating the sprites. There are still additional steps to get them in-game: Creating the sprites is the most time-consuming part of the entire process, however. You may NOT copy/reproduce this guide without providing a link back to a location I've posted this guide to, and you must give me full credit. Thank you! A copy of this tutorial's contents can be found at the following address: http://justintfields.com/gu...or Tutorial.zip It includes the toolpack.zip, and all of the .png images, as well, the files and folders used in the tutorial for recoloring the Racoon hat. Addendum: Please do not bother asking me for support in this thread, as I will not be very active for the next several months due to university. I tried to "dummy proof" this guide as much as possible so that even the most novice of people could understand what's going on here. If you found this tutorial useful, PLEASE +1 this thread, rate me five stars, and consider sending me enough money to buy some Starbucks via Paypal: [email protected] -- Thank you and good luck! For whatever reason, the board is NOT allowing me to edit the original post, so I've moved the /guides/ directory and posted a response. Click the links (for now) to view the steps image by image. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The URL for the zip with the toolpack and all of the images in the guide is located here: http://justintfields.com/guides/SpriteRecolorTutorial.zip
  15. D'aww, thanks for the credit! Your script is absolutely brilliant. Far better than my own. I will definitely recommend it in the future!
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    [WIP] dDelays

    My body is ready.
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    [WIP] dDelays

    Very much interested in this.
  18. @Neo; Thank you for the addition of the increase NPC ID patch! Unfortunately, I'm crashing while attempting to use an ID within the custom range I've defined. Is the patch unfinished at this time?
  19. Thank you for this, Rytech!
  20. I've run a few through Google Translate's translator; I think this would be an excellent start, at least for dialogue text. It may not be "official text," but it would certainly aid in rolling these out faster. The friends I've asked so far looked at the file size and have all had the same response, "Wow.. this will take a while." XD If I manage to get any of these finished, I'll post them here.
  21. You're fabulous for sharing these. You're very kind. I'll ask around my friend circle to see if anyone can help with translating some of the texts. Thank you for your generous contribution to the community!
  22. Any monster, I can be the same level as the monster, and it will still award me half of what's displayed in the @mi window for base experience. Again, Job EXP is working properly. Update: It has.. randomly started working correctly. This makes absolutely no sense. I haven't changed anything with experience for a few days. Odd. Marking this as solved.