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  1. Hi, does anyone know if there is any SI_ (or sc) that changes the size of the sprite? Already tested several SI_ (look status.h) to try to use the effect 423, which makes sprite from player "big". I don't want to use the direct effect (clif-> specialeffect (bl, 423, AREA)) Using this, the effect disappears when there is some refresh on the screen .... I would like to use through an SI / SC .... because you have the freedom to turn the effect on / off whenever you want. For this I am looking for the effect 423 (state.size = SZ_BIG) associated with some SI_ there are many associated effects on SI_ IDs so maybe it has the sprite effect "big" thanks
  2. Hi guys, I realized that when reloging the char, the client reloads the skills, including the status_change_end function ... Does anyone know which function is responsible for this? (for reloading the skills tree when reloading the char) note: ( I created a passive skill ( SC_ANGEL from INFINITE_DURATION )... And i turn this SC_ANGEL off when it is in Condown and I turn on SC_ANGEL_CD .... When the cooldown time is over (cowndown) I enable SC_ANGEL again in status_change_end .... But if I unplug the char during SC_ANGEL_CD (cowndown), when i relog, automatically enable SC_ANGEL because some function reloads the skill tree including the status_change_end function. I tried to check if the SC_ANGEL_CD is on (using if )... but there is a lack of sync, and SC_ is not recognized on or found .. it's like it's off. )
  3. Tio Akima

    sc custom

    guys from which ID is recommended to create custom SC (status change) ? do you have a limit id?
  4. hy guis Does anyone know if the Token of Siegfried rebirth function is coded on the client side only? I mean the setting (code) to trigger the autorevive button
  5. Tio Akima

    mob death

    hi guys Where can I find in src, a function that checks if the mob dies with basic attacks ... In skill.c has the skill_counter_additional_effect with an IF () that checks if the mob died with a skill ... what I'm looking for is just the opposite ... death by basic attack. I searched battle.c and didn't find I searched for all status->damage() calls and didn't find it either.
  6. Using SC_POISON and poisoning time hi guys, i made an skill to poison the enemy after short / long range attacks It's a passive skill. When you attack an enemy, you have the possibility of poisoning it I use SC_POISON to poison. (I put the check into battle.c) but.... It poisons the enemy correctly (witch the correct duration), but if I try to poison the same enemy again, then the duration becomes bugged and disappears within 1 second. Does anyone have any idea why this error? my check in battle.c : (with a 10% chance of poisoning) if(sd){ // Checks whether the player has the skill or not if(skill_lv = pc->checkskill(sd,ALL_POISON_PUNCH)>0){ printf("have the skill"); if( rnd()%100 < ( 1000 * skill_lv / 100 ) ) { printf("came in "); sc_start(src,target,SC_POISON,100,skill_lv,100000); } } } Does anyone know why I can't poison the same enemy again? (the poisoning time is bugged in the second poisoning)
  7. Nice, I will look at the "siegried token" to understand how it works. Thanks for the idea kirie.
  8. Hi guys, I am trying to do a passive skill, similar to the passive of armor "Guardian Angel" (from league of legends) Btw I don't know if it's possible The idea is: (when the player dies) the ALL_RESURRECTION skill on the player would be used (the skill would have a 5 minute of cowdown). If the player dies while the ability is in cowdown, the skill to revive is not used. But I don't know if it's possible - as for example, is it possible to cast the ability when the player is dead? - Is it possible to put cowndown (delay) on a passive skill? Does anyone have any idea how I can do this?
  9. thanks oh cool man, nice, i love RE for PS1... i love chrono trg and cross too! (for ps1) thanks for comment ❤️
  10. oh cool, thanks Luciar! _0/
  11. Hi ... I've finished a series of maps recently, inspired by a horror story theme. The main map is a modern city, freely inspired by Raccon City (RE) with classic places such as the famous Mansion of RE1 and also the raccon city police station. A map made for RO, but the idea was to remove all the medieval elements, to maintain a modern aesthetic, to approach our present world. The second map is MANSION (freely inspired) This map has 4 floors (two extremely large 2 floors (150x150), 1 small floor and basement. The maps are well detailed and with the possibility to compose a series of quest's and events. There are many possibilities. It can be used as an instance, as main city, map for events (such as zombie invazion, undead, savior, vips events, hunter), quests, etc. just be creative. Tell me your opinion, maybe you can help me improve. Thank you. ps: The police department is not ready yet.***** (Some images to better illustrate) THE CITY Now some images of the Mansion with 4 floors I like it when the maps are well filled, with no empty spaces, and with many details, something that suggests that there is life there, with dirt and trash on the floor, etc ... 01F and 02F 03F and basement
  12. Oh I see. Thanks for the explanation Annie It's really sad. It would be a very interesting mechanic. interesting o/ um very interesting I will follow your tips and try to make a letter with this passive effect LOL
  13. Hello guys, I'm trying to make a card that adds ATK when the player is low on life (low hp) Is there any such letter with this theme for me to follow as an example? Do you think this is possible?
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