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  1. No, I don't want to use job sprites ... I want to know if can make items like costume (the sprite of a custom item replaces the body sprite) ... but.... nothing related to the classes.
  2. guys, I created a custom item and set it as a COSTUME item. Is possible this custome item to replace the body sprite? Or does it just overlap the player sprite? (I thought a custome item could be used to create new clothes and costumes, and by equipping it it would replace the player's body sprite.)
  3. when i use pc-> jobchange () it finishes some SC_ (sc originals) and my sc_ custom it doesn't finish ... The idea is that he will stop finishing all SCs the two original sc_ he is finalizing ... I can not understand why he finalizes these two, and my custom not I looked at the whole pc->jobchange() function And I found this condition that from status_change_end, I left commented // // if ((job & MAPID_UPPERMASK) != (sd->job & MAPID_UPPERMASK)) { //Things to remove when changing class tree. // const int class_idx = pc->class2idx(sd->status.class); // short id; // for (i = 0; i < MAX_SKILL_TREE && (id = pc->skill_tree[class_idx][i].id) > 0; i++) { //Remove status specific to your current tree skills. // enum sc_type sc = status->skill2sc(id); // if (sc > SC_COMMON_MAX && sd->sc.data[sc]){ // status_change_end(&sd->bl, sc, INVALID_TIMER); // } // } // } but it did not work the strange thing is that it finish (sc_end) only the original sc in sc_config they are set the same with these flags Flags: { NoDeathReset: true NoDispelReset: true NoClearanceReset: true NoMadoReset: true } @EDIT SOLVED!
  4. Tio Akima

    GID Error

    oh ok... nice... thanks o/ @EDIT: @Cretino if I'm not mistaken there is no return from the basic attack on the list (batak) UDT_ATKMIN and UDT_ATKMAX are for weapons e UDT_MATKMIN and UDT_MATKMAX for magic attack LOL @EDIT2: I looked at source and added the basic attack manually .. thanks! Solved script_pushint(st, sd->battle_status.batk); o/
  5. Tio Akima

    GID Error

    I'm trying to return the player matak using getunitdata, but it's giving error .. where am I going wrong? [email protected] = getunitdata(getcharid(CHAR_ID_ACCOUNT), UDT_MATKMAX); but I have an error [Error]: buildin_getunitdata: Unknown object! I tried to get gid with CHAR_ID_CHAR but it didn't work either
  6. Tio Akima

    get npc name

    gys, what is the function that returns the name of npc through its id I looked in sript_comands and did not find it. (I am creating a duplicate of npc and removing it in another file, but to remove (duplicateremove) I need the name of npc.)
  7. Thanks for sharing, helped me and will help many other people. thanks. solved
  8. Guys Does anyone know if WeeThumbnail works on current windows10? I installed here and it is not working.
  9. wow! nice getunit ... worked perfectly meko ... Thanks! topic solved ❤️
  10. guys, I got the coordinate (xy) and ID of a target in my script I used getunits () to get the ID of this target and put it inside an array. [email protected] = getunits((BL_MOB | BL_PC), [email protected], 1, [email protected]$,[email protected] ,[email protected] ,[email protected] ,[email protected] ); Now I'm trying to get the ID of the surrounding mobs that are 3 or 4 cells away. Does anyone know an automated way to do this? Is there a script function that makes this check circle around the target? I know that in source it is possible to do this using foreach in script I don't know maybe a special for () to check the cells as in the image: the idea is to place the found targets in the array image: https://imgur.com/JAm43aV
  11. yes, I have the updated GRF (ragexe and ragexeRE) ... and yet the crash client what version of client are you using? and how is your mapinfo name in the system folder?
  12. hey man, did you get to use it? Which client are you using? I am trying to use with a 2019 ++ client but upon entering a map he crash ... which client could you use? Do you have any special settings you need to do?
  13. Oh yes ... I know this list. But she doesn't help me much. It's like I said, if I use specialeffect, I can't remove the effect anytime I want. ~sad @EDIT - I got it using removespecialeffect() ! ty
  14. Hi, does anyone know if there is any SI_ (or sc) that changes the size of the sprite? Already tested several SI_ (look status.h) to try to use the effect 423, which makes sprite from player "big". I don't want to use the direct effect (clif-> specialeffect (bl, 423, AREA)) Using this, the effect disappears when there is some refresh on the screen .... I would like to use through an SI / SC .... because you have the freedom to turn the effect on / off whenever you want. For this I am looking for the effect 423 (state.size = SZ_BIG) associated with some SI_ there are many associated effects on SI_ IDs so maybe it has the sprite effect "big" thanks
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