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  1. hi, i made a skill to send the clone generated by the player to attack a target. (order to attack a target). I did a custom function, where I return the clone ID on the map. And so, give him an order. But, I do not know if it is correct to go this way, or if there is any other necessary procedure case CLONE_ATTACK: { int c = 0; int clone_id = 0; int maxcount = 1; map->foreachinmap(skill->check_condition_clone, sd->bl.m, BL_MOB, sd->bl.id, &c , &clone_id ); // clone search on the map //ShowWarning("clone_id: %d\n", clone_id); //debug if( c < maxcount ) { //if no clones are found clif->skill_fail(sd, skill_id, USESKILL_FAIL_CONDITION, 0, 0); map->freeblock_unlock(); return 0; } struct block_list* mbl = map->id2bl(clone_id); //takes the clone id and converts it to a bl struct unit_data *ud = unit->bl2ud(mbl); //take the bl and convert it to a unit //nullpo_ret(mbl); //nullpo_ret(ud); if(ud){ unit->set_target(ud, bl->id); //set a target unit->attack(mbl, bl->id, ud->state.attack_continue); // Execute normal attack } } suggestions? @EDIT: Solved
  2. View File Darkmoon - Sprite NPC DarkMoon Hi... I did this NPC some time ago Now I'm posting to the community FREE TioAkima Submitter Tio Akima Submitted 03/07/21 Category Sprites & Palettes  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    DarkMoon Hi... I did this NPC some time ago Now I'm posting to the community FREE TioAkima
  4. Hi You may face some mistakes by switching a class's sprite to a monster's sprite. In a class sprite there are positions that a monster does not have, sitting position for example, 2 or 3 types of attacks, etc ... So, maybe you face some mistakes in that sense. A monster has 4 layouts if I'm not mistaken, a class already has between 8 or 9 ... I don't remember for sure. So it is necessary to pay attention to that Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm thinking about all the functions that a class sprite has oh, there is the option for you to use the disguise command, isn't it interesting for you? you can turn the player into the monster you want perhaps it is a good option for your goal.
  5. the heart of cards hahahahahaha it reminds me of my whole childhood i love Pikachu haha :3 ty ridley ❤️
  6. Pokemon League Map Hi, I'm doing some duel maps. pokemon league map, can be used as a duel map or map for any event, depending on your creativity. Did you see the dueling map of the yugi-oh? Haven't seen it yet? can also be used for dueling, or for any event that is map print: Yugi-oh duel map
  7. Has anyone changed edited the daily compensations to get the awards for accounts and not for char? it would be nice if you had that alternative in the settings. Has anyone thought of this alternative? I think it is safer and more correct that the daily rewards are for accounts and not char. Thus, it avoids the player creating different characters to get the rewards.
  8. View File Medieval Tavern - [FREE MAP] Hi. I am Tio Akima. This is one of my works in creating maps / graphs. Available to the community. (free) Medieval Tavern Map Map made in Browedit (Thanks Borf) 3d models made in 3D Max Any error / bug let me know so I can fix it. Submitter Tio Akima Submitted 05/18/20 Category Maps & Textures  
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Hi. I am Tio Akima. This is one of my works in creating maps / graphs. Available to the community. (free) Medieval Tavern Map Map made in Browedit (Thanks Borf) 3d models made in 3D Max Any error / bug let me know so I can fix it.
  10. guys, i'm using the barter shop, and even putting -1 (to sell unlimited items) he is acting like it's 1 ... and he doesn't let the player buy the item. Does anyone know why he is behaving this way? the value being -1 was for him to exchange unlimited items and not block the player from exchanging (says he doesn't have enough items to exchange)
  11. hy guys I'm creating an instance, and I have some doubts I created the instance setup: // instance create ================================================================= if ( FYC_deny + .deny > gettimetick(2) ) { mes "["+ strnpcinfo(1) +"]"; mes "Você não pode tentar imediatamente... Precisa de uma pausa antes de enfrenta-lo novamente."; mes "Tem que esperar "+ callfunc( "timeleft__", FYC_deny + .deny - gettimetick(2) ) +"."; close2; cutin "", 255; end; } [email protected]_name$ = "Piccolo Training"; //nome da instancia [email protected]_name$ = "[email protected]"; // nome do mapa if ( has_instance2("[email protected]") >= 0 ) instance_destroy has_instance2("[email protected]"); [email protected] = instance_create( [email protected]_name$, getcharid( 3 ), IOT_CHAR); if( [email protected] < 0 ) { dispbottom "Ixe! A Instancia Falhou!"; end; } dispbottom "^0000ff" + [email protected]_name$ + "^000000- Criando Instancia..."; if( instance_attachmap([email protected]_name$,[email protected]) == "" ) { instance_destroy( [email protected] ); dispbottom "Houve uma falha ao criar a Instancia..."; close2; cutin "", 255; end; } instance_set_timeout 600, 1, [email protected]; // 10 minutos para matar, 1 segundos para destruir instance_init [email protected]; percentheal 100,100; FYC_deny = gettimetick(2); //warp has_instance("[email protected]"), 104,84; warp instance_mapname("[email protected]",[email protected]),104,84; Now, I don’t know how I can check to see if the player died, or if quit ... Because if that happens, you have to get the player out of there, and destroy the instance, right? how to do this? ps* oh .. and also need to check for when time is up?
  12. Hi guys, found this npc on some topics here on the forum it's a battle between groups, but I noticed some errors, if anyone can look ... If I'm not mistaken, this npc was edited by AnnieRuru and is called Team Wars (7vs7) group battle * after the groups register, the npc says a message and if the player doesn't close the message, the battle will never start, that is ... the player can troll a lot doing this! * after the battle is over, the winning group is stuck on the map. I'm not sure, but somehow the event doesn't end. * Does anyone have the sql table? I did not find. * The reset option in the admin menu does not work https://upaste.me/01845160002a5577f
  13. oh ... got it ... yes, that's probably it. You still have the strength to carry many things, but there is no space in the inventory .... it makes sense. ty
  14. which path does your hexed take first? * read data folder first * read first grf when you use your data folder, the client may actually be reading the kro data.grf first to avoid causing problems ... well, try to change the sprite of this mob that is giving problems ... Alias, enter the mobs folder, and check that the monster is there and that the file is not damaged.
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