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  1. Khonsu

    Old Client

    OKay, thanks for all your help @4144. It looks like I might as well move on to a different client altogether then. Just about everything I have tried just doesn't work. Since I can't figure out if its the packetver or what, I will move on to a different client and learn how to use all the new hercules stuff thats been implemented. Thanks again
  2. Khonsu

    Old Client

    Enabling sakray via mmo.h causes it to not compile and it gives off some errors. I've tried older packetver's and when testing I would get sent wrong packet data disconnecting. Something else to know even though 12 character slots wasn't supported till the 2010 clients, this client supported it. I checked my old server files from way back when, im not entirely sure what I was using if it was 3CeAM or just straight up eA but it works with no issue in this server. How ever I want to move on to a much better and more updated source. Something else I notice in packet.h, 20090922 doesn't have any packet data listed. I have some from the old server but I don't know how to translate them or what they even do. //2009-09-22aRagexeRE 0x07e5,8 //0x07e6,8 0x07e7,32 0x07e8,-1 0x07e9,5 maybe this will be of some help? im not sure.
  3. Khonsu

    Old Client

    [Error]: Sent packet 0x007C with size 42, but must be size 44 [Error]: --- failed assertion -------------------------------------------- [Error]: ..\src\common\socket.c:2135: '0' in function `unknown' [Error]: --- end failed assertion ---------------------------------------- [Error]: Sent packet 0x007C with size 42, but must be size 44 [Error]: --- failed assertion -------------------------------------------- [Error]: ..\src\common\socket.c:2135: '0' in function `unknown' [Error]: --- end failed assertion ---------------------------------------- [Error]: Sent packet 0x007C with size 42, but must be size 44 [Error]: --- failed assertion -------------------------------------------- [Error]: ..\src\common\socket.c:2135: '0' in function `unknown' [Error]: --- end failed assertion ---------------------------------------- [Error]: Sent packet 0x007C with size 42, but must be size 44 [Error]: --- failed assertion -------------------------------------------- [Error]: ..\src\common\socket.c:2135: '0' in function `unknown' [Error]: --- end failed assertion ---------------------------------------- Currently this is the error im getting now when ever im on a WoE map, or for example in thor_v03. I've tried switching the packetver to 20090922 but still getting no where, tried to enable ragRE with the same error popping up. I tried enabling sak but it wouldn't compile.
  4. Khonsu

    Old Client

    Hey guys, so I managed to find a old client to use. How ever now im experincing a issue. if im on a WoE map or in any thor_vxx maps, every so often I will get a shop menu that just pops up. Im using a old xray client and its version is 20091013. I tried using packetver 20090922 as I did back in the days of eAthena but that isn't working. I also tried uncommenting //#define ENABLE_PACKETVER_RE to see if this fixed the issue but it hasn't. Any help would be greatful. Thanks everyone
  5. Alright thanks. Now to find a client/data folder. Off to search function I go.
  6. hello everyone, I have searched all over the forums about this, I have found posts reguarding this but no one has any solutions or posted any to it. I was wondering if its possible to use the old character creation in client version 20150513a? I found at lease two posts that say its possible but no info on how. Hopefully someone knows or can point me in the right direction. Thanks
  7. Hello everyone, I've searched the forums and I can't find the english setup.exe file anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction or provide me a link to a working one? Thank you!
  8. Hey everyone, I'm currently having a issue while after rebirthing once you get to your second job for example Sniper, players are no longer able to learn any skills what so ever. I have attached a screenshot to show you what I mean. I should be able to learn Beast Bane but can't. I would of thought it had something to do with the skillinfoz folder so I replaced the files in there with no luck.
  9. Hi everyone, im working on some custom stuff for my server, and was wondering if it was alright to rename .lub files to .lua that is from the translation project git? I don't wanna screw something up.
  10. Hello everyone, I don't have this issue on windows but I am having it on linux. I don't know what it could be. I checked and made sure the IP's and such matched up in the files. I also made sure everything in network was set correctly as well. I still can't get the character server and map server to talk to each other.
  11. So I have just a basic question, has anyone ran a renewal server with third jobs in a super high rate setting? I.E much higher stats which means higher damage etc. Is it not balanced enough or just not recommended at all?