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  1. Hi @JABOTE, could you tell me how to use getvariableofnpc()?
  2. Hello. Can someone help me duplicated ROTD for information purposes? I want to put ROTD in every town, but the problem is, when I try to duplicated the whole ROTD Script, it makes another ROTD on my server, not a duplicated from the first one, so 2 RUNNING ROTD Scripts. I want it to only duplicate the ROTD Information, not the whole script. I want the duplicate NPC to show the ROTD Information only, no GM Menu. I tried this script: prontera,151,95,6 script ROTD#test 436,{switch(select("^4EEE94ROTD Information^000000: Close")){ case 1: mes "^FF0000ROTD^000000 refer to ^0000FFRace of the Day^000000"; mes "In another word, it mean that the ^FF0000Monster's Race^000000 that you killed by day will grant you ^FF0000Bonus EXP^000000."; next; mes "[ ^FF0000Today's ROTD^000000 ]"; mes "^0000FF"+.rotd$[.today_rotd]+"^000000 Race"; break; default: close; }end;OnInit:waitingroom "[ Race of the Day ]",0;end;} But doesnt display the ROTD Race. HELP PLEASE!
  3. Is there anyway to revert the old character creation? The Polygon Stats. I am using 2012-04-10 Client.
  4. I did. And its already 0. But there's CD Effect on SKILL ICON still.
  5. Hello sir. I dont want to remove the Skill Cooldown. What I wanted to remove is the Cooldown on SKill Icon. How to remove it?
  6. I want to remove that effect. Anyone know how? NOTE: Only the effect, not the skill cooldown.
  7. Thank you so much malufett! Btw, this only works for Hercules emulator?
  8. Anyone have a script that allows you to broadcast on NPC when you are looking for a Party or a Guild?
  9. Is there any guide on SSO Client, Packet Login, etc? To prevent botting.
  10. Any ideas on preventing Bots(Openkore) on your server?
  11. What does that mean? Where can i find their texture folder?
  12. Anyone got latest costum data files? from ID 19500 - 20211.
  13. Availability: Available (Feel free to message me or comment below) Name: Funtwocrasher Contact details: Skype: funtwocrasher.ro Email: [email protected] FB: https://www.facebook...untwocrasher.ro Age: 22 Short Background: I found myself very interested in developing a game, sooner or later I will develop a game of my own BUT for now, I will stay helping RO Community. Languages: Portuguese, English, Filipino Position: • RO Developer Server Side ( eAmod / rAmod / eAthena / 3ceAm / rAthena / Hercules ) • Client Side • Web developer ( Flux CP / Ceres CP / CSS website / html website) • Scripter • Designer (Thor Patcher / Loading Screens / Login Screens) Experience: • RO Developer Client/Server side (6 years) Previous Work: Sienna Infinity RO (Down) Primitive RO (Down) NeonRO (Down) BoomRO (Down) PHRO (Down) NaziRO (Down) IndonesianRO (Down) TwinkleRO (Down) bRO (Down) AztecRO (Down) AtecRO (Down) NoobRO (Down) MixRO (Down) NeuRO (Down) TemplarRO (Down) DarkRO (Up) VanhildRO (Down) FlawlessRo (Down) NeoRO (Down) Hobbies: Coding stuff (C++/Visual Basic), Modifying scripts, Making own scripts, Testing and applying some RO modifications, Playing Games (Dota2)
  14. Hello! I am thinking of making again a big Ragnarok Online Server. I am a RO Developer for almost 6 years now. I have all the files needed to make a server (I have the Client side, Server side, Forum files, even the Coded Website and Patcher). The problem that I have now is that I dont have money to pay for the host and other stuffs. I am looking for a willing donor or could be my partner in this business. We are talking business, so yes, we could split the income. Here are the initial stuff of my RO Project. -Trans Server 99/70 -50x Base and Job EXP -25x Drop Rate -1% Drop rate for Normal Cards -0.1% Drop rate for Boss Cards -Headgear and Equipment Quest -Zeny oriented server (This is the main currency, not Mithril Coins or whatsoever) -No custom items/maps -FE/SE WoE -Disabled some boss cards in SE WoE -Monthly Guild War / PvP -many more to come If you feel like working with me or sponsoring me. Please feel free to PM me here or through my facebook fanpage here (https://www.facebook.com/funtwocrasher.ro)
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