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  1. hey do you know how to fix my sprite being cut off giphy.gif

  2. Sent an e-mail and a DM, couldn't recall that the PayPal e-mail wasn't yours. Hoping to figure that out together with you.
  3. Thread resurrected. Everything reedited and updated.
  4. @True Zeal Trying dude. Thread being revamped.
  5. Wait for the new update of Corrected Third Classes. Never pay before see your work done it is a dumb decision, for any spriter (even if myself decide to accept any work I'll ask to wait before pay, because the deliever isn't 100% granted). Crousti is just a example. I have nothing against Haziel he is a awesome spriter but, just like me, Haziel have many things to care and this is more a hobby than a job, so if, at any time, I decide to stop the work I'll, Just like now. Said issue was from July and was already solved between me and the said customer, I saw no point on you bringing it up again. By the way, I usually request first half before, and that's my profession, I'm not only a RO spriter, I also work for Indie Games, and such. Thank you for defending me on said occasions by the way. Regards, Haziel
  6. Sorry to hear that you haven't been doing so hot. I hope you feel better soon. D: -Hugs-

    1. Haziel


      Thank you for your kindness.

      Hopefully I'll be 100% soon. :)

  7. Greetings, Hercules. I've been ill due a chronical desease I have on my ocular globes, I was trying to keep up working on the last months, but, my weakness found me last week and I had to be taken to the hospital and, now, I'm home again, I'm still a bit weak, but, I'll be able to proceed with requests. I'm sorry being absent, but I was with no health enough to fully keep up. I'm still recovering but I'm able to help, so, Corrected Jobs released! I hope you enjoy those, the Warlock, specially the mounted one was really time-consuming on fixing. You can find them here or here. Regards, Haziel
  8. I'm back. Fixed sprite on the way.
  9. @@vBrenth Thank you, bro! Added: Custom Items Custom Monsters Custom Weapons
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