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  1. I made a breakthrough. I looked at the code for left and right hand mastery and found that they increase damage for nonskill attacks. if(sd->status.weapon == W_KATAR && !skill_id) { //Katars (offhand damage only applies to normal attacks, tested on Aegis 10.2) temp = pc->checkskill(sd,TF_DOUBLE); wd.damage2 = wd.damage * (1 + (temp * 2))/100; This part in bold makes it so that damage is increased when using a Katar or when not a skill. In Battle.C there is this area of code around critical hit damage bonuses. I dropped the bold text inside of it and it gave a global double damage bonus to players who are using basic attacks. Interestingly, it does affect Double Attack but not Sacrifice. Theoretically it should be possible to make this into an item bonus or have it be part of a skill as a passive giving x% damage bonus per level. if(sd) { if (!skill_id) ATK_ADDRATE(100); #ifndef RENEWAL if (sd->bonus.atk_rate) ATK_ADDRATE(sd->bonus.atk_rate); #endif if(flag.cri && sd->bonus.crit_atk_rate) ATK_ADDRATE(sd->bonus.crit_atk_rate); if(flag.cri && sc && sc->data[SC_MTF_CRIDAMAGE]) ATK_ADDRATE(25);// temporary it should be 'bonus.crit_atk_rate' #ifndef RENEWAL if(sd->status.party_id && (temp=pc->checkskill(sd,TK_POWER)) > 0){ if( (i = party->foreachsamemap(party->sub_count, sd, 0)) > 1 ) // exclude the player himself [Inkfish] ATK_ADDRATE(2*temp*i); } #endif } break; } //End default case } //End switch(skill_id)
  2. Wowwee. That's a pretty serious side effect. Imagine at higher ASPD. How would a copy of Sacrifice that scales off ATK instead of HP with a buff timer instead of number of hits do? I could probably attach it to the player with sc_start in itemdb.
  3. Could the bonus to damage scale with the skill level of the buff? However your gonna lose your weapon sounds and itll just sound like a skill cast and your character swinging its weapon...not sure if i can delete the text bubble either Can you explain this a little more? Do you mean what when the skill for the buff it cast weapon sounds won't work properly for the duration of it and the text will be floating there?
  4. An item bonus or a skill passive would work. Basically something that I can give to a character that makes non-skill attacks do more damage(no Sacrifice). Ranged or melee.
  5. Does anyone know of a way to do this? Currently I'm having to give huge critical hit damage bonuses to things I want to be focused on basic attacks. Maybe editing a mastery skill? I have unused ones since I don't use 3rd job on my server.
  6. I was wondering how I can have an item check the player's ASPD. I want to make it so that if the player's ASPD is less than 195 the item will apply a bonus.
  7. I'm using Happy's script here: The script is great but the only problem is that it doesn't record deaths. I'd like it to display Kills and deaths but I have no idea how to do it. Can someone help me please?
  8. I already know how to make skills ignore Reflect Shield. I should have been more specific. What I meant was ignoring ALL reflect, including reflect granted by items like Valkyrie Manteau not Reflect Shield only.
  9. I know that Cart Termination ignores Reflect Shield but I was wondering how to make some skills ignore reflect. I also wanted to make critical hits do the same or maybe ignore only Reflect Shild.
  10. I'll try digging around in mob.c and homunculus.c some more to see if I can find anything interesting related to what you said. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know if this is possible? I want to make it so that FAW Silver Snipers and Magic Decoys will target the same thing as their master. Preferably in the form of the master using a skill say, Provoke or another skill, on the target and the summons will make that their new target. The closest things I can think of are Homuns and those elemental summons Sorcers get where the master can give them a target but that isn't done through a skill.
  12. Thanks a lot! It's working perfectly. Also thanks for the heads up. Good to keep in mind though I can't see myself giving out Kyrie/Assump through script.
  13. Level 11 Kyrie and higher is possible with a certain build on my server. However, I wait to make it so that if a player casts Assumptio on a player that has Kyrie that is less than level 11, it will dispel it. I have the opposite working where if Kyrie level is less than level 11 it will cancel Assumptio. Getting the status level and canceling it is is my problem however. I tried this in status.c case SC_ASSUMPTIO: if (sc->data[sC_KYRIE] && sc->data[sC_KYRIE]->val1 < 11) status_change_end(bl, SC_KYRIE, INVALID_TIMER); break; . Also tried this in skill.c: case HP_ASSUMPTIO: if( sd && dstmd ) clif->skill_fail(sd,skill_id,USESKILL_FAIL_LEVEL,0); else clif->skill_nodamage(src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv, sc_start(src,bl,type,100,skill_lv,skill->get_time(skill_id,skill_lv))); if( tsc && tsc->data[sC_KYRIE] && tsc->data[sC_KYRIE]->val1 < 11 ) { status_change_end(bl, SC_KYRIE, INVALID_TIMER); } break; I've tried changing the val1 from 1-4 and the 11 to various numbers as well as reversing the > and <. but no luck getting what I want. Code for canceling Assumptio for reference: case PR_KYRIE: //case SL_KAAHI: case MER_KYRIE: clif->skill_nodamage(bl, bl, skill_id, -1, sc_start(src, bl, type, 100, skill_lv, skill->get_time(skill_id, skill_lv))); if( skill_lv < 11 ) { status_change_end(bl, SC_ASSUMPTIO, INVALID_TIMER); } break;
  14. Is it possible to reduce the power of Heal with map zone db? If so, how can I make it where players heal less when using AL_HEAL ?