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  1. Recent works... Coding Works for s1 Lykos Designs Website: www.s1lykosdesigns.com FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/s1LykosDesigns Discord: https://discord.gg/4wGfrg7Q8d
  2. Really great job! Would love to have this drop effect. In Zero and kRO, equipment with options will produce a pillar of light when dropped on the ground. The colour of the light changes depending on how many options are on the equipment.
  3. If you are a totally newbie and plan to open a server with that population, please reconsider. Your players will get disappointed with your knowledge. As a starter you may practice on your own offline server , when you are confident enough on your knowledge, publish a server for your friends and it will help you to gain experience. Later you can publish a small server to gain management experience. Eventually you may try to open a server for big population which requires enormous money, knowledge, experience, passion and dedication.
  4. This is good idea. Would be great to have it on hercules.
  5. if (countitem(apple) > 0 || countitem(meat) > 0 || countitem(orange) > 0){ // } else { // }
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