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  1. Payment Options - UPDATED - Paypal ( I no longer accept payments from PayPal with amount higher than 20$USD ) - Western Union - Local Bank Transfer/Deposit (Philippines) - Wire Transfer
  2. Error on make plugins on latest emulator.
  3. Thanks! Its working. I forgot the npc.
  4. Hi, I just tried to add this security plugin but, I have no luck. Maybe, anyone can correct me If I have wrong step I made or missed. Added security.c on src/plugins/ Added and activated it on conf/plugins.conf plugins_list: [ /* Enable HPMHooking when plugins in use rely on Hooking */ "HPMHooking", //"db2sql", //"sample", //"other", "security", ] Added security on src/plugins/ MYPLUGINS = security run command make plugins Server stop and start No errors but, in the game @security unknown command
  5. The 3rd premade finally released! All fluxcp premades are compatible with eAthena, rAthena and Hercules it comes with SQL scripts and in-game scripts to make add-ons working. New Release Premade v3 Website & Patcher New Premade v2 Patcher