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  1. nope its already fixed the only error is on my clientinfo.xml the rest is right,
  2. yups i have but still get the problem nvm problem fixed, wrong with my clientinfo.xml
  3. i have set all the mmo.h and clientinfo.xml to suit this client, but why its stil Failed to Authenticate (5011)? please need your help guys ASAP.
  4. thanks do you have the data for Dragon breath water, my user did not crash when another player use Dragon breath water with out hitting anything, but if it hit something and the blue fire cames out, he got crash, any grf file you can tell me? thanks
  5. helooo i need help my player got dc when i use full throtle but he wont download latest Kro, so anybody here know where is the sprite location of full throtle? and if you dont mind, would you give me the the files? pleasee
  6. owh ok thanks i solved it XD by recompile it and remove the renewal drop
  7. ok thanks guy i am trying to use 2013-08-07 but it giving me error, failed to authentication 5011 i was compile it also, but still got the error. any help?
  8. awh ok thanks guys, so if i want to set the BOSS or Normal Monster drop rate to 100% what to change? because i only can reach maximum of 50%
  9. thanks sir, btw how to set the equipment mvp to 80%?
  10. BOSS equip=80% all BOSS Card=1% Normal Monster drop = all 100% and the card is 10% how to edit this? i cant calculate my self tq [*]0 [*]Quote [*]MultiQuote [*]Edit [*] [*]
  11. sir can you re-ad the aspd and critical? because i wanted it XD owh i see your problem. you cant find the fatal thing and delayafter attack right? XD hope hercules will add it later :3
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