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  1. hi @Dastgir how/where can I contact you sir? :D  Please send pm sir. thanks

  2. Yes its true but it should return the dispbottom message if used by novice. The problem after 2nd try (still novice) it display .... Any work in progress (NPC dialog.... and need to relog to use again.
  3. { Id: 12221 AegisName: "Megaphone_" Name: "Megaphone" Type: "IT_DELAYCONSUME" Buy: 2 Weight: 10 Trade: { nodrop: true notrade: true noselltonpc: true nocart: true nogstorage: true nomail: true noauction: true } Script: <" callfunc "F_Megaphone"; "> }, function script F_Megaphone { if (Class == 0) { dispbottom "Sorry, you can't use the channel while still a Novice"; end; } if (strcharinfo(PC_MAP) == "sec_pri" ) { dispbottom "Sorry, you can't use the channel in jail."; end; } input @megaphone$; loudhailer(@megaphone$); end; } 1. Using novice use megaphone = "Sorry, you can't use the channel while still a Novice 2 try again = Any work in progress (NPC dialog.... any idea where i messed it up?
  4. I was trying to make my slave monster to not attack and make skills. It should just follow me. Any help on my existing script? Thanks guys for the help. @monster = monster(strnpcinfo(NPC_MAP), 0, 0, "Happy "+getmonsterinfo( getd("."+getarg(0)+"[3]"),MOB_NAME), getd("."+getarg(0)+"[3]"), 1); [email protected] = getcharid(CHAR_ID_ACCOUNT); setunitdata(@monster, UDT_MASTERAID, [email protected]); setunitdata(@monster, UDT_MODE,getunitdata(@monster,UDT_MODE) &~ (128|8|4|2) );
  5. it looks like multiple login server is running. 1. stop everything. ./athena-start stop 2. list running process to verify using ps -e find login-server, map-server, char-server if still exist in the process then kill the process. 3. run again the server.
  6. Refer to this https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/4991d6905ca999a74824181f1677429d2de409e3/doc/sample/npc_trader_sample.txt#L18
  7. IP's are recycled upon termination of machine rental or services. maybe previous user moved/migrated to new ip but there are clients is still trying to send packets to old ip. i dont know.
  8. it must be the database credentials try mysql -u root CREATE USER 's1'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'p1'; GRANT ALL ON `your_game_database`.* TO 's1'@'localhost'; GRANT ALL ON `your_log_database`.* TO 's1'@'localhost'; FLUSH PRIVILEGES;
  9. this happens when you try to login? or start the server?
  10. firewall-cmd --zone=public --permanent --add-port=6900/tcp firewall-cmd --zone=public --permanent --add-port=6121/tcp firewall-cmd --zone=public --permanent --add-port=5121/tcp firewall-cmd --reload try maybe firewall is preventing it.
  11. its pretty but still have problem somewhere those Admin Menu can't view properly using mobile view. thanks for sharing
  12. its broken, i don't know why dev don't correct the issue on the latest build. https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/issues/2964 You can manually reverse this commit to fix that: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/2942
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