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  1. any other ragnarok client active protection aside from harmony?
  2. how to add auto summon monster from this script?
  3. just wanna ask what if the player forget the password? if he lock he's account?
  4. Is this also work on rathena?
  5. Ok thx i'll try that script as of now using mobile phone
  6. thnx but is there also script for Battleground that the recuitter is always broadcast from all maps to get players that will play in the battleground
  7. When you kill monster in a specific place you may customize the monster item drops example : when you kill poring from prontera this monster will drop gold
  8. example if I used the xantara's cp is this secured from the brute force?
  9. Anyone Know's How to do IG? (Internalguard) I'm Stock with this error Access violation at address 006609AF in module 'InternalGuard.exe' Read of address 0000000C