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  1. Hi there! It's been a while since i last set up Hercules. Already read and followed some of the existing Guides. (but it's obsolete) Anyone, can you walk me through the CONF files Set up? i'm kind of stuck in the "inter-server.conf" and the MySQL set up. By the way, i'm using Visual Studio 2017, Can i Build any of the Hercules-11,12,14.sln (solution) files using it? Thank you for checking my post!
  2. By the way, i just have to Patch it up to get to the Latest Updates of kRO Client, right? Thank you for the share @melv0
  3. Good day people! How are you all? I just want to ask for a Site, Download Link, etc. for me to have the Latest Full kRO Client? and please Feel free to recommend something better / alternative Client. Thanks and Best regards!
  4. Good day Sir! I just want to say Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, i'll look forward to these guide/sources that you've shared. I hope this won't be the last and may you have a great day!
  5. by the way, how long have you been doing this Spriting? if you don't mind, can i ask some help? can you guide me on where should I start, because I also wanted to make my own Sprite. Thank you very much.
  6. Wow! that's so cute! Thank you for sharing.
  7. WOW!! NICE UPDATE HERC!! :smile:

  8. Wow, this is nice. but I think you must take fxfreitas advise.
  9. Hey there @@fxfreitas Thank you.
  10. Hey there @@fxfreitas May I ask what ACT Editor would you recommend? Okay so pixel art tutorials, I will look forward to it. Thanks a lot!
  11. Hey there.. I want to learn Spriting and create Custom mob Sprite. I'm a starter on this and I'm not sure where do I start. Can you guide me on the things that I need like what Guide Tutorial or recommended Softwares should I use in creating or modifying .SPR & .ACT files? Thanks a lot. I hope I can contribute something here.
  12. @@fxfreitas do you still have a Link to it Sir? searching to brAthena is slightly difficult because of language barrier. @@Garr and @@evilpuncker I tried to make it work but I could not. . . No NPC would show up. . Can you try to Test it too Sir? because maybe it might be on me. . By the way Thank you so much for the help Guys. . I do hope we could make it work.
  13. Oh Thanks to this @@True Zeal. . i'll try it then Sir. . and yes it's a walking creature.. hehe. By the way Is it even possible to create a monster that instead it kills a player what it will do is to Heal and Buffs it? ​I planning to scatter it on my towns and some places of my server.
  14. Hi guys I was in a server before for quite long time ago that has this walking and talking Angeling that Heals & Buffs people in Town. . I don't know if it's a Monster or NPC. I wonder how to do and have that on my server.. So I ask here if you guys have an idea. A Big Thanks & a + to all.
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