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  1. Make sure you have the SQL tables in your database
  2. Try removing the lines with bg_monster
  3. are you running your item_db with sql or .txt? Make sure that if you are running renewal/pre-renewal that you uploaded the correct item_db from the sql files
  4. Great plugin, I always used query sql to do it before, nice to see a command now
  5. Add it to your resnametable.txt, that is where you can put in the duplicate map. Add the map names to your map_index.txt and maps_athena.txt and then update it with weemapcache and upload it back to your server
  6. Great it works, thanks!! Problem though that even when i empty my cart and relog, it still regocnized the item in the cart... Is there any solution for that? It is stuck in the RO memory itself and has not updated yet, hence sometimes when you close a server abruptly, people get duplicate items, lose their items etc.
  7. Linode VPS does not have VNC but by far the best lag-free and stable host I have ever used to host my servers. 0 Downtime and it only costs $20. I used to use Staminus, godaddy, frantech, jaguar hosting, ubiquity, these are all terrible and always have lag spikes.
  8. There is also a body relocation delay before you can asura which is source code related
  9. Max ATK1/ATK2 is 65534 for monsters right now. I believe it is the same for player ATK as well. Anybody know or can point me in the right direction on how to increase this cap? For mobs if you are suggesting me to change the smallint6 for the structure of the field, I have already tried and set it above 65534, but it still caps in game. If anyone can provide some light on this, that would be great, thanks.
  10. Does not work on SVN 13717 here is the stack dump Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.0x00000000 in ?? ()(gdb) bt full#0 0x00000000 in ?? ()No symbol table info available.#1 0x081dd4d8 in skill_castend_nodamage_id (src=0x9acd4c8, bl=0x9acd4c8, skill_id=41, skill_lv=10, tick=1506333589, flag=0) at skill.c:6313 sd = 0x9acd4c8 dstsd = 0x9acd4c8 md = 0x0 dstmd = 0x0 hd = 0x0 mer = 0x0 sstatus = 0x9acd788 tstatus = 0x9acd788 tsc = 0x9acd7d8 tsce = 0x0 element = 162321608 type = SC_NONE scs = {SC_QUAGMIRE, SC_PROVOKE, SC_ROKISWEIL, SC_GRAVITATION, SC_NJ_SUITON, SC_NOEQUIPWEAPON, SC_NOEQUIPSHIELD, SC_NOEQUIPARMOR, SC_NOEQUIPHELM, SC_BLADESTOP} spellarray = {14, 19, 20} mask = {{0, -1}, {1, -1}, {1, 0}, {1, 1}, {0, 1}, {-1, 1}, {-1, 0}, { -1, -1}} per = {{20, 50}, {50, 60}, {25, 75}, {60, 64}, {34, 67}} The code that is causing the map crash server is here + { + if ( !pc->can_give_items(sd) ) //Prevent vending of GMs with unnecessary Level to trade/drop. [Skotlex]+ clif->skill_fail(sd,MC_VENDING,USESKILL_FAIL_LEVEL,0);+ else { // Extended Vending system [Lilith]+ if(battle_config.extended_vending){+ struct item_data *item;+ char output[1024];+ int c = 0, i, d = 0;+ + sd->vend_lvl = (int)skill_lv;+ if(battle_config.item_zeny)+ d++;+ if(battle_config.item_cash)+ d++;+ for( c = d, i = 0; i < ARRAYLENGTH(item_vend); i ++ ) {+ if((item = itemdb->exists(item_vend[i].itemid)) != NULL && + item->nameid != ITEMID_ZENY && item->nameid != ITEMID_CASH)+ c++;+ }+ + if(c > 1){+ clif->vend(sd,sd->vend_lvl);+ }+ else { + sd->state.prevend = 1;+ if(c) {+ item = itemdb->exists(battle_config.item_zeny?battle_config.item_zeny:battle_config.item_cash?battle_config.item_cash:item_vend[0].itemid);+ sd->vend_loot = item->nameid;+ sprintf(output,"Current Currency: %s",itemdb_jname(sd->vend_loot));+ clif->vendmessage(sd,output,VEND_COLOR);+ clif->openvendingreq(sd,2+sd->vend_lvl);+ } else {+ sd->vend_loot = 0;+ clif->openvendingreq(sd,2+sd->vend_lvl);+ }+ }+ } else {+ sd->vend_loot = 0;+ sd->state.prevend = 1;+ clif->openvendingreq(sd,2+skill_lv);+ }
  11. Jasc

    MAC IP Address

    so i need the diff and the script and the sql code for this? Apply the diff, add the sql code to your database, and then use the npc script. It works great, tested and confirmed.
  12. Try defining everything as a pre-renewal first to determine if its a source error
  13. To help you out, start looking at battle.c and skill.c and search for the skill name as defined in skill_db.txt It should be SL_ASSASSIN if i am not mistaken. You will see the original values that you can edit there. Remember to recompile
  14. If Hercules SVN was imported correctly and you are a GM level 99, you should have those commands by default. If not, that is a serous installation problem or edit that was made. Read the atcommand.conf documentation on how it works, and look at how groups.conf works. You will see the correlation between those two documents and how they work with each other.
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