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  1. Here you can just implement this https://github.com/coookie1010/Server-Patches/blob/main/Herc-Pvp-map-system.patch This is for herc patch
  2. if still need i have this and created for herc.
  3. Hi sir 4144 he is using a rA mod. so that's why the variables are shown as like that.
  4. http://db.irowiki.org/classic/ here it might help's you.
  5. Thank you for everything since 2012 you are my question and answer sensei. You are really hard working on this SvN i really had fun on this 3ceam i am supporting this svn until now it been 9 years already. It been a lot of memories about 3ceam developments also with 15peaces this man also dedicated on reworking on it. Again thank you for everything you have done on the community we really appriciate your contribution on it.
  6. Could you elaborate did your server hang or your client?
  7. Open it on your custom grf or on your data folder.
  8. data/luafiles514/lua files/datainfo/tb_cashshop_banner.lub look on here.
  9. It is not a delay thing and it is not change map problem. it was on calling the sprite to load. ^^
  10. change permission on folder. or put index.php
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