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  1. namecheap it is good tho. you can rent to them like 2$ per month.
  2. make screen for each login/char/map then gdb map-server
  3. eh you can setup it on herc. but there is a good one emulator from @15peaces you can build classic. https://github.com/15peaces/15-3athena.
  4. Yes this is should best practices. Ok sure just contact me.
  5. Ovh. Digital Ocean at vultr pwedeng pwede mag host. If need mo pa info ng mga low budget pero maganda for 100players to 400 players. marami ako alam na possible din pag lagyan.
  6. Yes this md5 is broken since then if the password contain of 255 length and then it will converted to a high data computation that make stress of server cpu. For example you have a 512MB ram and you enable password md5. I remember the flux panel enable to change 100k LENGTH of character that converter to MD5.
  7. Hello it is not a bug tho it is a feature.
  8. callfunc "func", "param1","param2"; like this also have a sample callfunc("OddFunc",[email protected]) the source link is https://herc.ws/wiki/Callfunc
  9. yes it should be different. webhosting and your server to less stress for the load of process. if you having a hard time to fix it you can contact me thru supports.
  10. eh those ragnarok hosting some of them are scammers
  11. You need to host it on your website no need to pay for another host.
  12. i still use this the only problem here is the View: to ViewSprite: if i remember.
  13. in live server it should not do @reloadscript everytime as proper practice.
  14. Hello this is killing all monster in map lol. better to disable monster in monster respawn for example in thor_v03 in npc\pre-re\mobs\dungeons\thor_v.txt <--- find the mob_boss and comment it like this. //thor_v03,0,0,0,0 boss_monster Ifrit 1832,1,39600000,600000,0 Just do this much better. to completely disabled. boss_monster is mvp you can find it on mobs folder each txt.