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  1. How to make add this for fluxcp any advice for this?
  2. i need this please help me for this my case
  3. source or plugin thank your for sharing this file
  4. When Linked. Lord Knight: Parrying can also be used with One Hand Swords with a block chance of 3*SkillLV%. All skills have their after delay reduced by 50%. Spear Boomerang does an additional 200% ATK damage (i.e. 550% at level 5). Whitesmith: Parrying can also be used with Axe/Mace with a block chance of 3*SkillLV% Star Glad: Parrying can also be used with Book with a block chance of 3*SkillLV%, level 10 Lord of vermilion skill Sage The Sage's HP will also increase by BaseLvl * 100 HP and his/her Vit will increase by 35. Wizard: increase by BaseLvl * 200 HP and his/her Vit will increase by Int/5 (For example, 255 Int will give you an additional bonus of 255/5 = 51 Vit). Priest: boosting the power of Holy Light by +400% but also increasing its SP Cost by +400% for the skills duration. Stalker: can divest through Full Protection by consuming one Glistening Coat for each attempt (only when the target has Full Protection activated). 3% chance Sinx: boosting the damage from Throw Venom Knife by 100%. Paladin: It will also increase the damage of Shield Chain by 200% and add a HIT bonus of 50. Thank You For Advance.
  5. ayun salamat na sagot na rin kasama na ba data.grf neto ragexe lang?
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