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  1. but what is the last 10 digit of an infinite sequence of numbers?
  2. You are the best Ind Thank you very much making Hercules happen.
  3. I have that script and I actually know the original author. I also made an enhanced version of it, but it is not for sale.
  4. Transfer scope variable to character variable then call character variable. C_Last_Mission = [email protected]; mes ""+ C_Last_Mission;
  5. I received my requested sprite and act within 24 hours from placing my order. Go for this guy if you want fast and reliable service.
  6. That is true. Anyway, Linode has a 3 ddos rule, they will cancel your account once you have been ddos attack 3 times. Correct me if I am wrong.
  7. You guys are mean! Don't worry jaBote, you got me on your side. I will laugh on this one.
  8. add a semi-colon at the end of .News$[0] array e.g. setarray .News$[0], "MSG1", "MSG2", "MSG3", "MSG4";
  9. Something like this: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/technotes/guides/language/strings-switch.html
  10. Poison


    Thank you for your response. One purpose is able to support multi-server. Instead of disabling npcs at conf file, you can have a seperate txt file with disablenpc functions. Some npc or function text files have more than 1 npc, thus disabling a file will disable everything In conclusion, this can be a convenient method of manipulating npcs.
  11. The answer is in front of you, no its on the 2nd post.
  12. Awesome! another future proof implementation
  13. Poison


    *getserverinfo(<type>) 0 - Server Name. 1 - Character Maintenance. 2 - Starting Point Map. //Other stuffs to consider: IP Address Server Peak (Max Online Players) Add more here Sample Script: Just my thought, what do you think guys?
  14. Poison

    MAC IP Address

    Awesome, thanks Ryuuzaki!
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