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  1. wow that's cool bro.. thanks for sharing this great work..
  2. hi @Smoke is it possible to request an additional configuration in your demo script like this.. just an idea to improve the Item Option System Demo NPC.. Purpose of Max Item Option Limit is to avoid getting packet errors by editing the mmo.c and 4144 also said that the client is set to only exact 5 Options.. i hope you can give it a try when you have some extra time.. thank you in advance Configuration Max Item Option Limit ( can be set to 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5) .Max_Item_Option_Limit = 3; Requirements and Required amount for a try.( Can be set to either Zeny or cashpoints or PvPPoints or ItemID) .zeny_requirement = 100; ( Can be set to 0 ) .cashpoints_requirement = 1000; ( Can be set to 0 ) .pvppoints_requirement = 100; ( Can be set to 0 ) .Item_requirement = 503; ( this is set 503 as Red Potion )
  3. @Dastgir @4144 yes i did try change it in the mmo.c and the map server restarts on it's own, but anyway is it possible to request a help in this Item Option Script to add the max item option in configuration and also can change the requirement Zeny into some variable like cash points/pvppoints?.. something like this.. Configuration Max Item Option Limit ( can be set to 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5) .Max_Item_Option_Limit = 3; Required amount of zeny for a try.( Can be set to either Zeny or cashpoints or PvPPoints ) .zeny_requirement = 100; .cashpoints_requirement = 1000; .pvppoints_requirement = 100;
  4. hi guys, anyone know how change the max item option i'd like to change it into 3 option instead of 5, because 5 is too many option..
  5. ok sir dastgir.. i hope this feature will implement
  6. when option master failed to upgrade i get this error failed assertion.. Failed Assertion EDIT: i didn't change any part of the script.. Item Option Script
  7. im getting a map server crash when i try to add this features Configuration for disabling/enabling Achievement System Screenshot
  8. i think removing those 3rd job skill in skill_db and skill_tree would answer your problem?..
  9. go to /Hercules/blob/stable/conf/groups.conf
  10. sir @Dastgir the box still open and drop berries on the ground.. Screenshot
  11. i'd like to prevent player from opening this box when they are 50% or 70% overweight.. please help me correct this script.. { Id: 22910 AegisName: "Empty_Bottle_Box_100" Name: "Empty Bottle Box 100" Type: "IT_USABLE" Buy: 20 Weight: 10 Trade: { nodrop: true notrade: true noselltonpc: true nogstorage: true nomail: true noauction: true } Script: <" if (!checkweight(Knife, 1) || MaxWeight - Weight < 1000) { mes "- You're over weight or you dont have enough space in your inventory -"; close; } getitem 22910, 100; "> },
  12. try using one this client.. 2018-05-02bRagexeRE 2018-05-02dRagexeRE 2018-05-16cRagexeRE 2018-05-23aRagexeRE 2018-05-30bRagexeRE 2018-06-05bRagexeRE 2018-06-12aRagexeRE 2018-06-12bRagexeRE 2018-06-20dRagexeRE 2018-06-20eRagexeRE 2018-06-21aRagexeRE 2018-07-04aRagexeRE 2018-07-11aRagexeRE 2018-07-18bRagexeRE 2018-07-18cRagexeRE 2018-08-01cRagexeRE 2018-08-08bRagexeRE
  13. thank you for your action and making a PR on this issue sir @Dastgir.. i'll be doing more test to see if there's any bug or error to be fix..
  14. i think it will give syntax error i comment the achievement_db file.. the system will read achievement_db as blank.. but i'll give it a try hehe .. i'll be waiting to your PR, it's a good feature to have a configuration about disabling and enabling our achievement system looking forward to it..
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