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  1. Hi, thank you for asking, idA is "still" alive but slowly, for the performance course Herc or rA is much better than idA
  2. Great... Will wait the job sprite xD
  3. Amazing... Especially for sharing it... Thanks~ I just wondering.. how big is the Teleport Stone NPC in game.. because of the screen shot told me, it was huge..
  4. @BrothesKeeper it's not, have you try it? The emblem bg bug still exist.. I guess, Ind didn't try before he committed his fix
  5. is it correct if monster's ATK2 is lower than ATK1? ex: MobID 1002 will show in mobinfo "ATK: 8~1" instead of "ATK: 8~9" sprintf(atcmd_output, msg_txt(1244), // ATK:%d~%d Range:%d~%d~%d Size:%s Race: %s Element: %s (Lv:%d) monster->status.rhw.atk, monster->status.rhw.atk2, monster->status.rhw.range, monster->range2 , monster->range3, msize[monster->status.size], mrace[monster->status.race], melement[monster->status.def_ele], monster->status.ele_lv); clif->message(fd, atcmd_output);
  6. Dastgir Pojee can you check [2013-08-07Ragexe]msgstringtable, it seems some texts were over added... thanks~
  7. Using 2012-04-10aRagexeRE, packet_obfuscation : 2 uncheck skip_packet_obfuscation WPE still usable to me.. anyone can figure this out?
  8. what exactly you dont get? how to make a normal account can open other six premium slots, if GM make her account character_slot limit to 3
  9. Uhmm, so, how to mark the premium empty slots become Not Available ? (If it possible) And how to make an account id can open the premium slot (premium service)? Thanks for supporting this feature~
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